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Hi friend! Okay? I bought your theme and I am very happy with it. But I need your help to install all the slideshow Would you like to send me a well explained tutorial on setting up photos, videos and links to the slides. I look forward to. Thank you! May God bless you! André Queiroz

Hi there,

All support questions should be posted on my support forum at, where we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Heya, I love your theme. I was wondering would it be possible for me to only use it as my blog? So the blog is the homepage… If so, could I then remove the top tool bar?


One question before I purchase the template. Can I remove the background stripe? The colored one on the background.

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Yes. It’s an easy CSS change that has been answer on the support forum.

How can I get the ad in the header as it is on the demo page? Thanks

Hi there,

All support questions should be posted on my support forum at, where we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

hello Dude! how can I put cufon with accents (or just the accents? ) in theme?

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This is explained in the FAQs section of the help file.

All support questions should be posted on my support forum at, where we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Can/Does this theme allow you to use the video in a post as the thumbnail or do you always need to upload a photo?

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You don’t need to provide an image/thumbnail to insert videos into posts.

The theme comes with a shortcode button so you can auto insert shortcodes.

You will need to use a social plugin such as ShareIt for post sharing features.

How are the shortcodes inserted? Are there buttons in the post admin to insert the shortcode or do you have to do it manually? Are there social icons for posts (digg, submit, twiitter, fb) or is that done by plugin?

Thanks. What I meant was, if you make a post that is video only, will it use that video for the thumbnail or will it make a post without a thumbnail?

Thought of a few more questions before I buy. (I’ve bought Dilapidated before by the way, so I’m very happy to find another of your themes to try out. Your style is the best on here in my opinion). 1) Do you have to insert a shortcode to link the content in the slider back to the posts? 2) From the live preview, the posts all have thumbnails but when you go to the posts there are no images. Is that an optional setting or the way you’ve made this theme? (I usually post lots of images within each post so I want to be sure I will be able to do that) 3) Is it possible to add “next” and “back” buttons to navigate through posts or do you have to click back in the browser to return to the lists of posts before continuing to the next?

Last question, I promise. I don’t see any mention of SEO . Is this theme optimized for search engines or do you put that responsibility more on plugins and how the user organizes their blog?

Thanks for your time. I’m excited to get started with this one!

No the video will not be used as the thumbnail.

1) No.

2) The thumbnail is not displayed at the top of the post when you view it, but this can be edited with a small code change. You can add images inside your posts of course though.

3) Again a small code change can add those links – I can show you what to do over at the support forum if you decide to purchase the theme.

4) The theme allows you to add meta keyword data and the page title was structured with SEO in mind, but otherwise I would recommend using the All in One SEO pack plugin.

Right on. Thanks man. Purchased!

Hello! Firstly congratulations on the great work on this template.

On the homepage there is a rotating banner, and from what I gather, he showing the last posts placed. It works just as well (linked to posts) or I can put the images and texts that I want it?

Hi there,

The slider displays custom slide posts which are separate from normal posts, therefore you can specify your own slider images, text and links.


What is the file to edit the main player on the home page. I want o add links to captions of the videos.

Thanks in advance!

Hi there,

All support questions should be posted on my support forum at, where we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Your link is broken so ill post here i uploaded this theme to the content but wordpress panel does not give me the option to install a theme can you help

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What link are you referring to? The link to the support forum – ThemeForest probably added a comma after the URL ? Try the one below.

All support questions should be posted on my support forum at where we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.


I would like to buy this theme but I wonder if it any possibillity to make this multilingual and easy to provide.

I will be gratefull for the information.

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Hi there,

The theme is not multilingual, but you can use WordPress plugins to achieve this. Please see:

love it :) thx

Is there any paypal support for this theme? More specifically if there’s no particular support for it, would the 3rd party paypal plugin work without issue? This would be my deciding factor to purchase this theme.


Hi there,

This theme does not come with PayPal support, so you will need to use a plugin. There are many PayPal plugins, none of which have been tested with the theme so I cannot say for sure that they will work, but it is likely they will.

Hey, thanks for this awesome theme trying it out now using the theme demo as a start off point because that’s WHY I bought it :)

Hi, I can’t find the content.xml file for some reason?

Sorry, I just realized that I forgot to mention that I can’t register into the support page because I purchased the theme with a friends account back in march and he’s away for a bit.

Otherwise I’d post the question there; I’ve looked inside every single file but can’t find the content.xml file :(

Hi there,

Unless you post from the account that purchased the theme I have no way of knowing if you’ve bought the theme and won’t be able to offer support until you do that unfortunately.

Hey Ghostpool, I tried messaging you about this on twitter as well. I know I don’t have the account but how else would I have got this theme other than from themeforest? Each account has to be activated manually doesn’t it?

Sadly, ThemeForest theme’s are downloaded illegally from other websites all the time and people then come here and still try to get support. I don’t even know if you have the theme as you have not provided me any website link. I simply cannot make any exceptions, if I provide support for you, then anyone can come here and claim they’ve bought the theme and get support. You are always expected to provide proof of purchase with any item you buy in the world – this site is no different.