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Hello I need some help setting up my site I am new to this and it is very challenging. I would like it to look exactly like it did on the theme preview!

Hi there,

As I said to you on Twitter, all support is answered on the support forum. I have now addressed your issue over there, go take a look. :)

Ok i have more issues.

i need a refund this is not working out.

Hi there,

Sorry you feel that way, but simply stating “this” is not working doesn’t really describe your problem. What is not working? The theme is definitely “working”, since hundreds of users have bought it and had no problem with it. Based on your forum post you are very new to WordPress, which is why you are probably struggling with the theme. If you don’t know what shortcodes are as you state on the forum, you probably should hire someone to set the theme up for you.

If you do want a refund you will have to contact Envato since they deal with all transactions, but you are unlikely to receive one as the theme is clearly working, which Envato will investigate this.

Preview theme broken or?? Is it because of the new WP update or??

Hi there,

The server was down a few hours ago, but everything should be working now. Does the theme still appear broken to you?

I updated to this version from like 1.0.2 or something, and now my Menu items don’t show

Any ideas?

email me back @

Hi there,

You have now said you have resolved this issue yourself on the support forums. :)

Really good theme. Easy install and all the help you would ever need to get it all running within a few minutes.

Highly recommend this seller to anyone.

Thanks :D

Hi, live preview is down…thinking your site’s down…

Hi there,

The server that my website is hosted on is currently down. My web host is working on fixing this issue as I speak so hopefully things will be up and running shortly.

I’m having a problem with the video player on the home screen. I’ve had this problem before with one of the event pluggins, but i deactivated both of them and now it is still not playing. do you happen to know what could be causing this. The video works on avant browser and on explorer but not on google chrome.

Hi there,

All support questions should be posted on my support forum. The reason for this is that the comments section is not easily searchable by other users. Visit where we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Sorry for the inconvenience but we do point this out in the help file, item page and your theme options page.

after updating to the new version of the theme, my slideshow categories don’t work. They show all images instead of just the ones for the category I’m calling. I tried to use shortcode like this: [fade_slider name=”fade-slider-1” cats=”fade-slider-1” slides=”-1” width=”951” height=”454” align=”aligncenter” timeout=”5” nav=”1” /] and also tried using the category number too. I’m trying to use the slider in the ‘top content’ area.

Also – my pages have no left margin any more. All content is pushed up right to the left side of the content area on all pages and posts.

Hi there,

I’ll be happy to answer your questions over at the support forum where I offer all my support. The reason for this is that the comments section is not easily searchable by other users. Visit where we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Sorry for the inconvenience but we do point this out in the help file, item page and your theme options page.

Hi there! I’m going to buy this theme for my video-portfolio. Just a simple question – I will also use it in Czech language. Does all the fonts used in the theme support characters such as: ? š ? ? ž ý á í é ? ? ?

Thank you and keep your good work up!

Hi there,

It’s likely all of the cufon fonts with the theme will not support these characters by default. You can either install cufon fonts with those characters (explained in the help file) or disable the cufon option.

posted on support forum yesterday, really need help with stacking images using the fade slider.

Hi there,

I’ve now replied to your topic and awaiting your response. :)

replied back and awaiting you! thanks.

Hi, I saw in the preview that you can make an image gallery within the portfolio page. Like, you have a page full of thumbnails, however, if you click on one and the js window appears, the thumbnails are different from whats one the page (like a second gallery within the modal box)

My question is, does your documentation specify how to do this?

Hi there,

Yes, you can see the instructions for this feature here:


is this a html5 css3 Temp. ?


Hi – Is there a way to have optional playlists with the audio/video players? Thanks.

Hi there,

This theme uses the JW Player which supports playlists, however for more advanced features you will need to look into yourself. Check out this site for more info:

Mahalo !!! Awesome Theme, great work! and you saw the problem i had right away.. The server was still running on PHP 4 .. So Changed it to PHP 5 and all is running well.. Thank you! Awesome Theme!! Much Love & Alles Liebe von Hawaii to Oesterrreich :) Astrid

Thanks for the comments Dan. :)

Just wanted to say, gorgeous theme – very creative, good eye!


In the fade slider, the video is auto played. Can that be disabled ?


Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I have had no internet access until now.

Yes this can be disabled. :)

I wanted to know if the home page slider supports videos in addition to pictures? If it does support videos can the user press play right from the home page or does it link them to a page/post with the video?

Hi there,

Yes the slider supports videos which can be played within the slider. An example is already provide in the slider on the demo page. :)