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clean work. keep it up :)

Very cool work. HTML /WP version? Good luck

Hello, we will have HTML version quite soon. Thank you for your interest.

Thank you for letting me know I look forward to it

Hi, this is a great looking template. How are you doing with the html and/or wordpress version? Will you have a release soon? (please specify a month if you can). – Thanks in advance, and looking forward to more designs.

Hello JonasOnJapan,

we will be first releasing html and then wp version, hopefully both will be done within 2 months.

Best regards!

Hi.. Great work, Waiting for the html version..


thank you. You will not wait for long as it is uploaded and awaiting approwal. If all goes well it should be on Envato tomorrow :).

Wonderful, I will purchase immediately. Keep up the good work

Hello, i have just buy Your theme, but is doesnt work properly in IE 8 , can You make some fix for it ?

Hello, webmar!

We’ve included ie8 version in a separate subfolder. Files are being reviewed now and hopefully will be accepted by envato staff soon.

I would like to note that ie8 version does not include html5 semantics (because ie8 does not support it) thus resulting in a pooier search engine optimisation. Thus i would advise you to use not-ie8 version if possible.

Regards, Prospekt.

If I buy this version, Am I able to add more than 5 menu? I bought wordpress version but since wordpress version can only put 5 menu entries only that was useless for me. waste of time and money. if I buy this version, would I able to make more than 5 entries and looks same as wordpress version? I’m going to use this html version link in wordpress if menu works more than 5 entries thanks.

EDIT: I think I posted this in wrong version, I was going to buy HTML version. please let me know.

Hello Sangdogg,

please don’t buy HTML version since it won’t help you. I have checked with the head of development team and after some negotiating he agreed that we will add that functionality even it wasn’t planned(adding more then 5 menues) in next update of Taste of Japan WP theme. It is scheduled to go live by the end of next week.

I hope this will help you.

Best regards, ProspektDesign.

PS. In case you wanna have new version ASAP (not waiting till Envato staff aproves it) contact us via mail support and we will send you files as soon as they are ready.