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I go to your theme settings section of slidir I can

I go to your theme settings section of the blog I can

but as hard as I added to my homepage I wrote the article does not

I am afraid I cannot understand what you meant in your comment. Can you please elaborate?

Hello i’m working with this template and i’m using recipes with the grid view and it isn’t responsive … how can i solve that problem?? thank you

Can you please write the link of your site (specific page) where I can see the issue for you before I advise the solution?

Sure, the link is http://www.aunclickcolombia.net/porcinare/?page_id=12 and http://www.aunclickcolombia.net/porcinare/?page_id=30 ... also the recipe menu on that grid doesnt work.

Also i want to change the read more when i am over a recipe to spanish, any advice?

Thank you very much.

Please create a ticket at http://www.chimpgroup.com/support and provide your login details and url. The issue will be looked into and resolved.


I am trying to install the theme as demo, and i see this: Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /home/asiangar/public_html/wp-content/themes/tasty_crunch/header.php on line 245

what does this mean, and how should i fix it?


Please create a ticket at http://www.chimpgroup.com/support and provide url, wordpress login details and ftp details. issue will be seen and fixed.

hi, do you know when this, and your other food/recipe themes will be made into proper responsive themes? there are so many elements that dont work/or not so great, on mobiles

I cannot deny your statement, but there is specific issue with our themes. If there is any by unfortunate, we resolve that for our clients on support.

Hai Chimpstudio,

I have a problem with this theme for my website www.royalsnackbox.com the slider didnt show. need your help for fix this problem.


Create a support ticket, we will try to resolve your issues. But down grading the wordpress version and waiting for the update of theme are most advised actions for now.

Oke, thanks for your advise. Will try to down grade the wordpress version before create ticket to support team

That will be greatest thing you will do. Thank you for your cooperation.


Can you advise how to change the slider size?


For home page slider, you need to change the slider height in page_slider.php file code. Here you can find slider height variable. However, for page element slider, there is an option for each slider to set its height and width.


how want put the slider? i already put in the “manage slider” and setting on theme option still cannot.

Please create a ticket at Chimp Support and provide your url and login details. Issue will be seen and sorted there.


How to disable/ hide “price” feature on the recipe pages?


You do not need to open new ticket. You can open the same ticket and write your question and queries in the same old ticket. It will be replied by support team.

Hi, I have resubmitted the ticket, can you please reply

It has been replied, please check it.

I put in a request over a month ago (10/10/14) about this problem: Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /home/redarrow55/red.mcc-bot.com/wp-content/themes/tastycrunch/header.php on line 324 I provided everything to support and they never fixed it. Now I go to there support site and it is not even loading… :sick: and my post is taken down – real nice support FYI my ticket number #575924, It would really be nice if you can fi it.

We are working on the update and it will be available for download in 48 hours. Please be patient a little more and all your issues will be fixed. New version is compatible with latest version of wordpress as well.

All knows wordpress released New version 4.1, if anyone facing issue for page builder drag & drop Following Changes Can Make it work.

File Name : include/cs_meta_box.php
Find following code
$(this) .removeClass(‘ui-draggable’);

Replace with
$(this) .removeClass(‘ui-draggable ui-draggable-handle’);

we are working on Updates and it will be Up on ThemeForest in next 24-48 hours.We will be glad to help you with any question that might arise regarding Page Builder just create a ticket at Chimp Support provide your url and login details. Your issue will be seen and sorted there.

Hello, I update WordPress with the 4.1.1 version and some of your theme options don’t work ! My homepage slider is empty even if I set all the options. I try to create another sliders but they don’t work too, they are always empty, no image appears… Before the update, everything was OK ! Is there a bug ? Can you help me ? Sorry for my english !!! Thanks for your answer

Hello @ zupaflo. The theme is not yet compatible with latest wordpress version. You need to roll back to the previous version for the best experience.

Thanks for your work / Thanks for your quick answer / Thanks for your help / All the options are back :)

You are welcome. I am always pleased to see my clients happy. cheers :)

Im having an issue with the slider on the main page. Whenever I add media to the slider, the image will appear as a preview but when I update the slider, they disappear. The site is www.frankspizzawb.com

Please advise…

Nevermind. I read through the previous replies and saw about downgrading WP to fix the slider. Do you know when the theme will be updated next. I don’t like the idea of running an OLD version of WP for security reasons. Thanks!

Glade to see site working for you. As soon as compatibility of latest version would be given, you would be notified via email.

Images not showen in gallaries or sliders at all

Please create a ticket at Chimp Support and provide your url and login details. Issue will be seen and sorted there.

Please update this themes.

Your request has been noted and will be acted as soon as possible. Thank you :)

Hello, I am about to buy this theme but I can see that it does not support the most recent version of WP, so, before to proceed, will this template update it to be ran into the new Version of WP shortly? Thank you

Our developers are working on latest theme updates, you can see our portfolio, we often update our themes.

we are using version 1.0, when I save the images in the slider then I see broken images and it seems the slider does not save the images locations (path). before press on save I can see the images and the thumbnails.

Hi @ error404html , Can you please message here with your purchased account where i can assist you in a better way.

Hope you understand!