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wow! Nice! GLWS! :D

Thank you :D

Very nice theme i have intention to buy but i see a problem. After some cliks to the menu, eg: i clicked about us. And all the menu disappear, only the logo stay in the same place…. this occurred after resize the screen a few times to see the effect responsive.

Thanks for the feedback. Problem is fixed ;)

I made an update, I think it will be approved within a few hours.

Very good :-) This theme look amazing. ‘m seeing with a client and I got it this week.

Thank you, have a nice day ;)

it is a niche based theme which is made only for particular type of websites. Good luck for sales.

Thank you very much :)

Fresh and fantastic job. Good luck dude!!

*You create this theme for WP. I hope you will get a big sales.

Thanks dude :D

Congrats on this one , Egemen.

Kind Regards,

Thanks buddy :)

Hi! Pre ordering question.

Is it possible to customize the template to display galleries at the top menu shows?

Hi, No there are three options to create galleries. One of them is on the about me page. You can add your photos and videos here. Other one is adding photos to the artists portfolios. Last one is gallery shortcode. You can add this shortcode to any page (you can see it at the shortcodes page on the demo).

Very nice theme! :)

Thanks louiejie :)

Is it possible to place a custom height logo?

Also possible to give the upper menu another font color then de lower menu font color?

Logo dimensions are static because of the responsive design. You can change it with editing some code but it may cause some issues on mobile devices… You can change font colors with editing some css code. After purchasing I can help you to do this :)

YES! The Wordpress version! Can’t wait to get this. Question… it would be nice to have the browser’s navigation buttons work correctly. I LOVE ajax themes, but few work well with the browser’s navigation buttons. Any plans on making that happen? (please say yes :bigwink: ) DOPE theme!!!

Hi :) I didn’t use AJAX on this theme. All of the pages (slider,about us, artists,faq,contact) are on the same page. So there isn’t any way to use browser navigation buttons, sorry :)

I bought this theme and when viewing it from a mobile device, the menu appears twice. Red menu on top and black menu below it. How do I fix this?

There isn’t any issue here. As you can see on the demo, there are two different menu. One of them is main menu (red) (this menu is created automatically), other one is sub menu (black) (you can edit this menu from wordpress panel). So they are totally different menus with different links, none of them appears twice…:)

GRT WORK! Unique style and Very cool functionality, Solid, and even grt on mobile view!

Thank you very much :D

Ok, I have been working with this theme for hours now and it is not great to work with. Any customization done messes up the mobile view. It has 2 menus, one right below the top one which makes zero sense. I can’t get rid of the sub-menu because then only the homepage links shows up and it shows up twice. Having two menus right on top of one another makes zero sense. there should be an option to display just one menu.

Can I please get my money back?? I will not be using it.

First of all calm down ok?? I’m not your enemy…

I think you haven’t used Wordpress before… I think sub menu displays same pages with the main menu because you didn’t create a custom menu right? Please go to Appearance->Menus and create a custom menu…

There is also a demo xml file in the theme, did you see it? If you send me your website link, wordpress username and password via contact form on my profile page, I can set up your website like the demo…

First off, I really like what you’ve done with this theme. Clean, simple and to the point. However, before I purchase, I have a few concerns.

1) Is there any kind of visual gallery option for the portfolios? I see a link to the portfolio, but no actual artist page with a full gallery to view. Since a portfolio is the selling point of any tattooer, this is a huge issue. Even an Artist page with gallery changing the background would work.

2) Is the fullscreen image viewer easy to edit/disable or is the theme compatible with a lightbox effect?


1)You don’t have to use artists page template. You can create additional artist pages and you can edit these pages anyway you like. You can use gallery shortcodes on these pages for portfolios (You can see this shortcode on shortcodes page). After that you can add these pages links to your menu or to a main artists page.

2)Fullscreen image viewer is used on about us page (photo gallery,video gallery), on artists page (portfolio buttons) and on gallery shortcode. If you want you can use a lightbox plugin on other pages…

Hi Egemenerd, How to add more columns in the gallery that they were not 3 as 9

how to change photo is displayed in the preview galleries are not square, rectangular make them?

Hi musclezone,

Gallery shortcode is generated from standard Wordpress gallery shortcode but it is not the same shortcode. You can’t change column numbers because it is responsive and column numbers are changing automatically according to the screen size …

Also square thumbnails are generated automatically too. If you have enough css,php knowledge you can edit this shortcode (shortcodes.php and style.css) but if you don’t have enough knowledge I recommend you to use this shortcode as it is …

hi, how can I customise my menu? there’s one on top of the other, i would like the defualt menu to have 5 tabs and the custom menu to have 2 tabs. while the content of the custom menu should not appear at the default menu. example,


custom menu : BRAND1| BRAND2

whenever i create a page, the defualt menu is bound to have all the pages. how can i disable that option so that my tabs won’t repeat in the default menu?

Main menu is created automatically (red). It detects all your pages which are on the front page (If you don’t want to use a page on your front page, you can use “default page template” for that page).

You can edit sub menu (black). Go to Appearance->Menus and create a new custom menu. After that check the box which is on the bottom of your menu (Menu Settings->Theme Locations->Custom menu). If you don’t want to use sub menu, simply don’t check this box on any menu…

Look at the screenshot;

You mean to say that i cannot use “artists page” template for items in the sub menu?

No you can add it to your sub menu, but Sub menu is designed for external links and additional pages, if you add artists page to the sub menu, it will be shown on two menu…so I recommend you to use default page template for additional pages…

Finally ! The Wordpress version! I got some question I wan’t to make the portofolio page looks nice tell me i can edit the portfolio from the WP admin and add at least 10 product and will look great.


You can add unlimited images to the artists portfolios. You can also create additional pages and you can use gallery shortcode to create portfolios in these pages…

Afternoon, Im having a slight issue with the template. It could just be a brain fart. :p Could you possibly walk me through the steps of adding a gallery to the about page.

I have the about page hooked up to the about template. I disabled the video gallery. Gave the photo gallery a default photo. created a gallery called “portfolio”. Attached various pictures from my media to it. When i refresh the site and click on the photo gallery, or “portfolio” if you will it goes the the gallery loading circle and does nothing. :,( please help. If reference to what i am talking about makes a difference my site is


I look at your website’s source code. There isn’t any photo on your photo gallery. You should add photos from “Gallery” page. It is on the left side of your admin panel. If you used it to add photos, please send me your Wordpress username and password via contact form on my profile page, I should look at your admin panel to find the issue…

Hi there,

The theme looks cool and I feel like using it for a project I’m working on but I’m wondering if it will support audio and event manager plugins as the shortcode options you provide are very limited.

One thing you might consider (or is it available in the options) is to keep the gallery nav (prev, next, close) visible all the time. It feels more convenient for me to have easier access without clicking.

Let me know what about the plugins (or there is someone how would like to share their implementations of the theme ;) ) and I’m looking forward to buying it :)


I didn’t test it with any audio or event manager plugin. So I can’t say anything…

It is not available in theme settings but it is possible to change it easily.

Is there a way to edit the order of the Homepage Slider after I’ve uploaded them?