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Congratulations, you have some great work! :)

Thank you :D

Hi there, just a quick pre sale question. On your demo home page you have 2 images slider going down when down arrow clicked. Is it limited to 2 images only or we can add more than 2 or unlimted slider images.


hi, you can add unlimited slider images :)

Hi, good job with this theme,

What’s the best way of changing the background images of new pages? Also how can I set the logo to be linked to the homepage?

Thank you

Hi,thank you

-Simply add featured images to your pages :)

-There isn’t a link option for the logo. There is already a “Back to Home” link in additional pages like blog page…

thank you for your reply, I have managed to change the background images, but what if I want the logo to be the link to the home anyway? is there a way of doing it? maybe adding something to the code?

Also, I can’t find the way of editing the portfolio for each individual artist.

Thanks for your support.

1)Go to Appearance->Editor, open header.php file, find the following code;

if (!empty($headerimage)) { echo '<img src="' . $headerimage . '" alt="" />'; } else { echo '<h1>' . $headertext . '</h1>'; } 

change it with;

if (!empty($headerimage)) { echo '<a href="' . get_site_url() . '"><img src="' . $headerimage . '" alt="" /></a>'; } else { echo '<h1>' . $headertext . '</h1>'; }

2)Please read the help documentation first. Its link is at the theme settings page.

Hi! How to enabled the function of the basement footer see the link on Copyright

why no capacity this function of demand ?

Because there isn’t any requirement like this for a Wordpress theme and there isn’t any suitable place for it in the design. If you want you can hire a web developer to do these kinds of changes for you…

I myself versed in css and so on. thank you

I am viewing the theme demo in my android galaxy s2 and I cant get pages to scroll up to view the entire page.

Please advise. I would love to buy the theme but I need it to work properly in mobile devices.

Richard Wing 623-505-6302 skype – richardwing

It is tested on s4,ipad,android tablet and iphone and it is working properly. I can’t test it on all mobile devices in the world ok? This theme is heavily javascript based and If your phone doesn’t provide enough javascript support it may not work. It doesn’t mean that my theme is not working on “all mobile devices”...

Do I need to make a video on Jing to prove to you its not working on the samsung galaxy s2?

I didn’t say “you are lying”. I said “This theme is heavily javascript based and If your phone doesn’t provide enough javascript support it may not work.”.

Maybe there is a javascript problem on your phone;

Anyway I don’t have any chance to test it on a “s2” ok? So… what do you want from me?

Can the main home page images slide automatically? Also up to how many can be displayed on the home page?


Yes, autoplay option is available.

There isn’t any limit. You can add as many images as you want.

I download the themes here ThemeForest weekly. Was familiar with themes that support its countless possibilities basic wordpress. This time, I learned to ask support before buying. Because unfortunately this theme is very limited. I can only take what you already have and develop the rest. The stand up was attentive but does not seem that there is no solution to my problem. Did not have bought this theme. Hugs!

Ok send me your admin panel username and password via email. Only in this way I can help you…


waiting you answer to fix the button view more…


Is there a way to:

1. Add a footer. This is very important for legal reasons.


2. Add thumbnails to the slide show so users can navigate?

Thanks, Amanda


Sorry but there isn’t any footer or thumbnail feature in the theme but it is possible to add them to the theme with adding some custom code.

You can hire a designer to do these changes;

This is a pre-sale question: I’m more interested in featuring videos. Can i embed a video where you have placed photographs? The design looks good. Though the Portfolio page(s) look a little lost without the navigation and logo – and it’s not obvious that you have to activatr the X out button to get out.

Hi, I asked this question 3 days ago – can I replace video where there are photographs? It’s a simple question and I’m waiting for an answer before I purchase your template. Not sure why you’re not answering me. Hello?


No,if you don’t want to use photo gallery, you can remove it but you can’t change it with a video gallery.

thanks for answering – that’s too bad (for me) I’m loooking to showcase videos as projects for my multimedia business website. I hope you’ll take video into consideration in your next template.

Hello dude, I really need it, help me please. I created the custom posts type and compared all the files with what you did, compared with that you corrected the button “view more” and nothing worked, the files are equal. You changed something in the database? Is there some other file I should modify to view more button work again? I just need this, man, please help me.

I didn’t changed anything in the database. Did you edit custom.js file? Look at the older emails, I told you what I did in custom.js file before…

And you should attach images to the artist posts. If you don’t attach any images, “view more” button doesn’t appear…

Hi there,

Firstly i would like to thank you for a great theme!

I have been working on this theme for a client and have had some load time issues with the home page slider. Can you advise on the best size to have these images for the home page so that the slider loads quickly?

Secondly I have used the FAQ page template for a pricing schedule page, however it is coming up as the artists page. Clearly something is wrong here. Do you have any suggestions – the only change in code outside of the theme was to create a new page to feature a colouriser – could that have caused these issues do you think? Thanks again!


I used 1600×1000 px images on the demo.

There isn’t any issue like that on the theme… So there should be a problem with your plugins, custom codes etc.

Deactivate all your plugins, remove your custom code/file and try again. If problem still persists,please send me your website’s link, username and password via contact form on my profile page…

Hello there!

I wanna change the zoom of contact map, I changed the file contact.php, I found the code “zoom”, I change the value but does not change anything in the map, how can I do this?

open up homepage.php file, you will see the same code in it

Great! Thanks man

Hello \\ Very beautiful!!!!!!!!!! I do not know if this theme for Joomla 2.5? I wanted!!!!

Can not convert your joomla??

There isn’t joomla version of this theme

Does this template support widgets that will allow you to stream social media updates? ie. Twitter and Facebook?

There isn’t any widget area on this theme. You can add Twitter, Facebook etc. codes to your pages.

What should the home page slider resolution be?

Ideal image size is; 1600px width,1000px height

How do you activate the home page as a slider? I have autoplay checked but it isn’t working.

Did you look at the help documentation file? Its link is at the theme setting page. If yes, send me your website link via contact form on my profile page please.

Eu não falo inglês, mas conversei com você pelo facebook. Sou do Brasil, e achei todos os teus trabalhos excelentes. Parabéns. Sei reconhecer um artista de longe, e você com certeza é um dos bons!


Thanks for your kind words, I’m glad that you like it :)

Abraços :)

Good afternoon Egemener. Everything is working 100% with the theme that I bought, but I am not able to change the layout of the sign. The letters on the artists follows the vertical line and gets mangled. How can I troubleshoot? Following picture for you to understand what is happening. hugs


What is your website address? “” isn’t working…

Deactivate all your plugins and be sure that you don’t add any custom code to any file and to Appearance->Theme Settings->General->Custom Script field.

If problem still persists, send me your website address, wordpress username and password via contact form on my profile page.

Hi, i found your theme very interesting and very well done. Almost everything i needed is there. Very good job – thank you. I have 2 questions if you could just point me maybe into right direction to them by myself.

1. Somebody asked for it and i know it isn’t there but maybe you could tell me where to start looking to add the thumbnail feature for the galleries. That will be very usefull for me.

2. There is propably a way to duplicate f.e. the FAQ page so i will end up with 2 FAQ alike pages on my website. Where i should look for that?

I know more or less a thing or two so any answer will be propably helpfull. Thank you in advance, Best regards, Philip


Thanks for your kind words:)

1) You can use gallery shortcode to create galleries with thumbnails. This is really a useful feature and you can add these galleries to all pages. For more information please look at the help documentation file.

2) Yes there is a way to duplicate faq page but you should have php knowledge to do this. You should create a new custom post type and a new page template like the existing one.

There is a second way. Using a plugin. I think this is more easy :) For example;

I didn’t test this plugin. If it doesn’t work, you can search for another faq or accordion plugin.

Hi again, thanks for very fast respone. As for the second question everything is clear – i know where to start.

And for the first i was actually thinking about adding those thumbnails to existing galleries but i just realized you you used the Swipebox script. I will try to find answer on github – maybe it’s already there ;)

Thanks one more time for the great theme, your time and fast respone.

Best regards, Philip

ok, you’re welcome :)

Hi there!

Such a wonderful theme! Just a quick question.. Anyway to adjust the top nav pages in an order I would like? Having trouble getting it arranged to my liking.

Thank you very much! Great theme! 5 stars!

Thank you :) You can use wordpress page order feature to adjust the top nav pages order;

I have literally purchased hundreds of themes that I wish I could return and yours is just so easy to use, so well written and designed. I love to give credit where credit is due and you are created a sick theme. Keep them coming!!

Thank you very much, you are very kind :)

Wow, I can’t believe how much better this is laid out compared to my initial peerapong keres theme. Thank you!

Nice to hear that, thank you :)