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I have installed the theme and LOVE IT but have one problem. I have 2 artists what was imported I changed them and added more but the new ones will not show the portfolio button, also how to I place them photos to the artist?


Hi, if you don’t attach images to the artist, portfolio button doesn’t appear. Please look at the help documentation to see how to attach images to the artists. Help documentation link is on theme settings page.

Great Thank you I was looking for the manual too. I got it working!

I just purchased this template and having some issues with the Contacts template. In the help document it says “You should add a new page and select Contact page as its page template to use these fields.”. I added a new page and selected Contact page as template. I don’t see any fields to modify to change the location, e-mail, etc. Am I missing something?

Update: Disregard. I am an idiot. It is in the Theme Settings! I was looking for it on the Page itself.

Great little theme, any chance of getting the ‘back’ button fixed so that you actually go back to the section before as ‘you would expect’

For example:- On the home page, if you on the about us section then move to the artists section pressing the back button you would expect it to return to the about us section.

Another: If you are on the artists section, click the portfolio and then click back when viewing the images and it takes you to the shortcodes page.

If these issues can be fixed then that would be great and I can purchase :)

This is a single page website and there isn’t any way to use browsers back button like a menu item… You can see the same thing on all single page websites…


Sorry that is simply not true, many one page themes provide support for the browser back button. It can be coded correctly whether multipage or single page.

This is not an ajax theme. Tattoo Studio has a unique one page structure. Anyway I’m not here to argue with you…

Not arguing, just asking a question, we will leave it there rather than continuing as I have my answer though a simple sorry I can’t correct that in this theme would have been fine from the outset.

Anyway, wish you luck with sales

There is nothing to do here. I used ascensor plugin on my theme. It is working like a slider. Each section (about us, artists etc.) is actually a slide. You can’t go to previous slide on a slider with clicking on your browsers back button right? It is impossible. If it was an ajax theme there are some javascript techniques to do that but as I said this is not an ajax theme. I hope that it is clear enough now…

Hi I purchased this theme a few months ago and everything was working great but now all of a sudden when I go to preview the site I keep getting the loading wheel and it will not load the front page. Is this something I did or is this a server issue?

Hi, Deactivate all your plugins and try again. If problem still persists please send me your website link.

Hey egemenerd,

I bought the team the only thing i cant fiigure out is how to get the background of the blogpage working.

I linked it to a 1600×100 image and it shows up… untill i point post to the newspage in settings. then suddenly the background does not load.

Do you have a fix for this issue ? And another one how do i get a blog to be in t main menu on say a large page template?

Thanx a bunch


1) Go to Appearance->Theme Settings->Background Images. You can add background images to the static Wordpress pages here (blog,archive,category etc.)

2) Sorry but you can’t. I built blog page as an additional page. You know this is actually a single page website and adding blog page as an additional page is a better idea for a better site performance..

Thanx man. Fixed it ;)

I am having an issue with the Artist Portfolio section. On the theme demo there are next and previous arrows on the right side and the X to close on the left. When on my Artist Portfolios I am not seeing these icons, although I can click where they would be and it functions. I juts need them to appear. Thoughts?

Here is my test link:


This is a server issue. Please contact your hosting provider;

That did the trick. Thank you, really dig the theme.

I kinda feel like an ass but I just uploaded the theme and I can’t get something to work. The only thing that happens after any change I make is it goes to the blog page like it’s the default home page. The only thing on the page is a sample blog post and the “back to home” slider. I can navigate to the other pages via the menu but they all say “back to home” under the main menu. Even if I click it I can’t seem to ever get back to the home page.

Would love some help. Even if to point out I’m an idiot.

There isn’t any background shape on logo field. That rectangle black box is my sample logo. You can make a circle (or another shape) logo with transparent background (.png) ;)

got it. but no matter the size it still has to be constrained to the 240 × 164 size box? (i just uploaded a circle .png and was asked to crop it to those proportions.)

Yes, logo size should be 240×164 px (because of the responsive design). Just create a transparent 240×164px transparent image with a Photoshop or any other similar software and paste your circle logo into it (it may be 164×164 px). You can get the best result in this way..

Has anyone tried to add the WooCommerce plugin to this theme? Is it even possible to integrate any shopping cart plugin? Thanks.

Sorry but no, this theme is not compatible with Woocommerce plugin or any other shopping cart plugin.

Hello! Link that appears after the purchase in September, I can now download the latest version?

Hi, of course you can download latest versions any time you want.. :)

I just had one question before I buy the template. Is this template compatible for any type of e-commerce plug in?

No, sorry :)

Hello. Can I increase the speed of sliding between pages?

Perfect! Thanks.

You’re welcome :)

Hello I purchased your theme a couple of weeks ago and everything was working fine up until a day or two ago. Now when I attempt to visit the website I get a continuous loading screen. I read through the comments and I deactivated the plugins as you suggested and it still did not work how can I resolve.

Hi, send me a link please…

Hello my friend, okay?

My website is with some error. I believe that may be related to CSS or JS.

When loaded it appears all mangled.

Poderi check what is happening?

User and password were sent via inbox

Bad you suggest me to do what for example?

I believe it may be the super cache plugin wp I exclude.

Even with all plugins disabled the problem persists.

Would have any suggestions to fix this bug?

I sent you an email. Please use comment field or email, not both of them… :)

Ok, I have Backup will try to resolve it. Anyway thanks for letting the possible Bugs.

How can i add instagram to icon page

How can i add instagram to contact page, is there a way to add links to artist personal instagrams as well?

As I said you can add instagram or any other icon to the icon shortcode;

You can find icons from;

You can add social icon list to any post or page with [social] shortcode.

If you are asking for artists boxes, no you can’t add this shortcode into these boxes…

As an alternative solution, you can use a custom button on artist boxes. So instead of adding images to the artist portfolios, you can add your instagram page link to the artist box. Please look at the following article;

Hello, Can I change somehow the name of homepage in main menu? (“home”)

There is a language file in the theme folder. You can use these files to translate Wordpress themes;

If you want to change only home text on the homepage, go to Appearance->Editor and open homepage.php file. Find the following code and change only Home text;

<a class="ascensorLink ascensorLink0"><?php echo __( 'Home', 'ttstudio' ); ?></a>

I having a hard time figuring out how to create separate galleries for two about us pages. Obviously if I change the settings in the “about us” section it controls the main about us page but I added a second one and that gallery just points to the original one.

I read the help .docs and couldn’t find anything. I just need a way to create a separate gallery for a new about us page while still having the other gallery and other about us page untouched.

that did it!

Last question, Is there (or whats the best way) to add somewhere on the site for people to sign up for a newsletter? Or if not, is there anyway to add some text right below “contact us”?

Thanks for being a huge help!

In the end I just need to add a “form” to the site somehow. hopefully.

Or, is there a way to link to a external page from the menu? Like have “Newsletter” on the main menu and then have it be a link to the form of site?

There isn’t any newsletter form in the theme. You can search for a plugin or hire a web developer;

You can create a sub menu like on the demo (Black Menu). You can add any link to that menu (For example “Buy now” link on my demo).

For more information please look at the help documentation (First Steps->Create a menu)

A couple of questions I’m having issues with.

(After searching the knowledge base and comments)

How do you set a picture on the About Us page for the photo and video gallery? It just stays as the default for mine.

Also is there a way to reorder the FAQs?

Thanks in advance


1-You can change them at Appearance->Theme Settings->About Us;

2-You can change the publish dates of the posts;