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Pretty much awesome! Good luck :)


Very nice work! Good luck to you ;)

Thank you:)

awesome! was waiting for theme like this. i will buy this in few days for sure :)

Thank you:)

I have no idea what a “site template is” or how I would install it… or work it with wordpress… and all of these “site templates” are pretty dam vague as far as install and how you use them… I wish some one could give me a heads up… if you look up “site template install” its so dam vague … that even google doesnt know what the heck you are talking about… Any way … your template looks really good… thought I would let you know.

<Hi, first of all thank you:)

This template and each other in category Admin Templates is for web-developers. To use this template you should know HTML,CSS,JS languages. This templates is somethink like UI Kit for backand web app.

Could You add in next update Files Manager template and AJAX loading modal and widgets content?

Hi, yes. I will include file manager and ajax loading modal in next update. “widgets content”? what you mean?

I mean something like this:
You click image and content is loaded using AJAX on diffrent widget for example :)

Looks like file manager:)

Hi, that’s an awesome theme you’ve created. thumbs up! can you please add a white theme as part of the theme color settings? lots of people like white backgrounds too. can you also in a webcam plugin? saw it in the hagal admin theme and was great to use.



I’m working on white background support. This feature will be include in next update. Almost all components will be able to use on white background. Also i will include new plugins a new layout. Stay tuned ;)

Hello Aqvatarius,

I am bit confused about the license model you have written. Does it mean if anyone wants to purchase for one product that they would be selling it to their clients (multiple), then correct license is to purchase “Extended License” ? Also in this aspect, as part of their product they need to bundle the web pages, stylesheets, icons, images etc. So, in this case “Extended License” is the right one ?


Hi satyaidm,

Yes, you are right. If you will distribute template(create project based on Taurus and sell, or even if it free), you should buy “Extended License”. If you will use this template only for own project you can use “Regular License”. This is conditions of Envato company…

Thanks for the clarification.


I purchased this template however the site settings (change layout, color etc.) button is missing in the download whereas in the online demo this button is there. Can you provide the updated file ?



You should upload it on server. jQuery $.get function doesnt work on local machine.

Or if you can’t do this, just open assets/setting.html get HTML code and include it in bottom of all html pages.

Thanks for purchase.

Yes it worked. Thanks so much.

One more question I have with Taurus template - 1. After I logged in, if I change my Theme, how can I preserve the option that I chose ? for that browser session.

2. Also, what is the setting / parameter that we need to set, so that when the page is accessed in new browser, it will load with the Theme we are setting.


Hi, check documentation: “How to use themes?”. Also u can save this parameters via js or php,java etc. If you need help with it, contact me with email. Thanks

Sure. Thanks.

A must buy theme!

I don’t mind! :)

why is there a file called virus.exe in the zip file I just downloaded?

Hi, it’s not a “virus”. It’s just a sample name for file with .exe type.

great. Thanks. I love the theme and will enjoy working with it in ColdFusion

Thanks and stay tuned. Also if you have some suggestions please send it to my email.

Hello Could You add colorpicker in next update? :)

Hi, yes. I will include it. Thanks for purchase.

Started my project with Your template :)
I have problem with LINE CHART.
How can i instert on it my data and how to generate it on div?
I tried using example You provided with but it only works on component_charts.html.
When i try to export it into my project no chart is showing :(
Thanks for any help.


You should include this scripts on your page:

<script type='text/javascript' src='js/plugins/flot/jquery.flot.js'></script>
<script type='text/javascript' src='js/plugins/flot/jquery.flot.pie.js'></script>    
<script type='text/javascript' src='js/plugins/flot/jquery.flot.resize.js'></script>

Example of init line chart you can find in js/charts.js

Check plugins site for more information. Also you can contact me with email, and i will do my best to help you. Thanks for purchase, and dont forget to rate my template. If you like it of course ;)

Rated 5 stars :)

Thank you very much!)

I have few suggestons what can be added on next update :)
First css classes like: hide on mobile, hide on tablet, hide on desktop (eg. widget with class hide on mobile should be only showed on tablet or desktop) You know what i mean?
Next very usefull feature will be css column classes like: class=”col-md-6 col-md-12-mobile col-md-8-tablet”. This will help resizing content to look best on diffrent devices ;)
Next what will be usefull is Shopping Cart and product page :)
Hope You can add these features on update or for payment.

This all features you can use in bootstrap. Check Grid options and Responsive utilites

thanks for help :)

Its me again!
Is there any option to load modal on page load?
I need to load modal with 2 buttons inside.
Thanks in advance for help :)

Didnt helped :(
dont have any idea what is wrong with this

Do You have any other idea how to fix it?

It’s working… you forgot to add:

<script type='text/javascript' src='js/plugins/mcustomscrollbar/jquery.mCustomScrollbar.min.js'></script>

And you have an error onload, couse you use layout with scroll.

I am using a form modal (not ajax) with a date field and a few other fields. When I put my cursor in the date field the calendar displays behind the modal. Any suggestions?


Change line 747 in stylesheet.css to:

.ui-datepicker{padding: 0px; z-index: 1100 !important;}

thanks. works like a charm.


While im working with your template, which is great,
but I got stuck on something because my skills with javascript are not that high,
the problem is that i just can’t find out when and what javascript code is runned,
for example, when I hit the button, Loading status, which is the Status bar with loading,
I need to know where the javascript code is located that responds on that button,
I searched all files that I thought it could be in by searching with the following ; statusbar_2,
but I didnt found anything, can you please tell me how I can find this out next time.
Isn’t there something like a javascript debugger,
that just shows me the code that get used inside the browser (realtime). Or another way to find it out maybe?


To call status bar you should use somethink like this:

<a href="#StatusBarID" class="stbar">Button</a>

So, in href attribute you set id of your status bar block, in class attribute you should add event listener class .stbar. Js code you can find in actions.js:141, it’s call function on line 251. It’s simple. Than you should add code of your statusbar:

<div class="statusbar" id="StatusBarID">
   <div class="statusbar-text">Some your text</div>
   <div class="statusbar-close icon-remove" />

Contact me with email if you need more information. Thanks


I bought your template, very nice work. Thank you so much.. But ? have some problems. I tried to explain in pictures. Can you help me?


Send this images to email(, and i will do my best to solve problem.

Please let me know if the html code that I receive after purchasing will all be in one line (view source)? Its hard to work with the code like that for my projects.


Of course not. On preview project pages all source code was compressed. In downloaded package you will get clean code with comments.

Thanks for your interest


How do I have youtube lightbox?

Hi, this is a nice theme. I have a problem although.

At the mail page (Pages -> Mail), if I scroll down the messages and click on a checkbox, it scrolls up and the checkbox is not ticked. Is this a bug?

Thank you


It’s not a bug, it’s one of the options in customscrollbar. To fix this issue update plugins.js:

if($(".scroll").length > 0) $(".scroll").mCustomScrollbar();
if($(".scroll").length > 0) $(".scroll").mCustomScrollbar({advanced: {autoScrollOnFocus: false}});
$(".scroll-mail").height($(window).height() - 185).mCustomScrollbar();
$(".scroll-mail").height($(window).height() - 185).mCustomScrollbar({advanced: {autoScrollOnFocus: false}});

Thank you for your reply :)

Dont forget to rate my template with 5 stars) if you like it of course. It’s very important for me.