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Great product! I was wondering if this has any built-in support for normal dialog boxes, so that I can interact with other elements while the box is open.

If not, that’s fine.

Dialog boxes based on bootstrap modal(it has layer), unfortunately no, you cant. In next updates i will include jQuery dialog.

Do you haves less files to download aswell?

Hi, unfortunately no. Maybe on next updates i will include it.

Hi, Will you be converting this in to a wordpress template?

Hello, unfortunately no:) Because i even don’t understand how it can work on wordpress )

Hello. How do i remove the theme customization widget from certain pages? For example, i don’t want it on the login page but do want it once a user is logged in.


Hi, if you need to remove this widget just remove this from page:

<script type='text/javascript' src='js/settings.js'></script>

If you want to show it once, better do this using backend language such as php or java…

yep, that seemed to work.

do you have nested list component??

-data 1 —data 1.1 —data 1.2 -data 2 —data 1.2

Hi, no. In next update i will include nestale list plugin

thank you, I’ll wait for it..nested like

if you could, it would be great if you could make nested table too so we could make treegrid..

Yes, i will include it in next update! Stay tuned

hi before i purchase you template i have 2 quoin if i can set up pop3 or imap email clients? is there a option to for rtl ? Thanks

Hi. This is html/css/js template, so if you have pop3 client and you know basics of this languages you can use it. No there no rtl version, but i dont think that this is big problem, couse there lots of customizable element. Thanks for interest


This is a really magnificent theme. Exceptional. It is something a little different and very slick.

I think it will work very nicely for my business enterprise application.

I look forward to considering purchasing. Thanks.

Hi, thanks)

Hi. When I view on an ipod touch, the menu disappears when I add: <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width; initial-scale=1.0; maximum-scale=1.0;”>

when I remove it the menu shows up, but it’s not scaled to a mobile.

How would I configure the menu to display on a mobile? I’m using a horizontal menu at the top

Will there be long time before the next version comes out? I will buy it then.


No, i will update it soon. Now i’m working on new template. After i finish it, i will update Taurus. Thanks

Hi, I purchased the templates updated version. I love the template but for some reason the downloaded version works in all browsers except for IE10 for me. When I view the version in themeforest using IE10, everything is fine. Could there be something missing in the download or am I the only one having this issue?

Hi, contact me with email and discribe your problem. Thanks

Hi, thanks for the quick replay. For me in IE10, the stylesheets do not completely load so the pages do not have an ordered layout but all other browsers show the pages correctly.

The checkall-function seems not to work. Clicking individualy works, but checkall does not send the checked checkboxes to the next page. Visually it works, but not in the back. You know what to do ?


Open actions.js and change table .checkall(line: ~120) eventlistener to:

/* table checkall */
    $("table .checkall").click(function(){           
        var iC = $(this).parents('th').index();
        var tB = $(this).parents('table').find('tbody');

                var cb = $(this).find('td:eq('+iC+') input:checkbox');                

                var cb = $(this).find('td:eq('+iC+') input:checkbox');
    /* eof table checkall */

Dont forget to rate my template with 5 stars, if you like it of course ;)

Hello When next update? :)

Hi. Coming soon, thanks for your interest.

can anyone please send me in a direction on how i can learn to edit this kind off templates for my self i want to buy it but i havent a clue how to edit this i a functional admin template for my website

i know its not for wordpress gladly left that behind a couple off years ago i ca write html/css in a front end development but want to use this as well ! many thanks for your honesty

Well anyone ? Can someone please point me in a direction were i can learn more about HTML/CSS/JS back end development ?

I dont know if this is still actual, but i recomend to start from

Hey there, I was wondering how easily I can implement this on an existing website. I haven’t bought it yet but I want to know how easily you could handle sessions/logins on another website maybe adding a tab of this admin dashboard on the existing webpage. Something like this: then after login it would show the username and session would be stored.

Thanks a lot in advance,

Hi. Taurus is a html/css/js template. Authentication usually based on backend languages. So, unfortunately no…

Hey, Can you update bootstrap to last version?

Hello, yes of course. I will update it soon. Stay tuned

First of all, I really like this template, so thanks for that.
But i got a problem.
For some reason when I load my website with your template, it gives me errors in chrome, it wants to load the example_150×115.jpg image for some reason, I get this error:
Not allowed to load local resource: MYPATH/Taurus/HTML/img/example/example_150x115.jpg
Kind of wierd since the website is not located in this path anymore, same as all includes…
Where can I find this line that is loading the example image?

Hi. There only 4 pages where this image included, and all good for me(check template preview). Any changes before upload to server? Can you send link to my email, i will check it(

Hey, thanks for your fast reply, but it was my own fault, kind of a epicfail… Those image where inside the news timeline, which content was loaded from my database, that explains why I couldn’t find it with the chrome debugger… Anyway it’s fixed, again thanks for your fast reply.

Thank for purchase. Let me know if you have questions or suggestions. Also dont forget to rate my template with 5 stars, if you like it of course ;)

I have rated your template with 5 stars, just because I love it.
But I have a issue at firefox.
Each time I click somewhere at the page, I get the following error;
Empty string passed to getElementById(). at jquery.min.js:4
I have not modified the jquery.min.js file, so im not sure how to fix it?

Hi. I will check it asap. Thank you.

Unfortunately I have not found error. Send link to a page with an error(

Hello, Great template!

In your demo you are able to change the theme, backgrounds, etc. by using the setting pop-out on the top-right. But when I checked the index.html file I didn’t see that capability.

Is this something that is available in the template, or only by coding it ourselves?

Hello. It’s also available in your package. All you need is upload template to web server. This pop-up window loads via AJAX . Thank you for purchase.

Oh ok great. So I didn’t see it since I haven’t uploaded it yet. Thanks for such a quick reply.

Any update soon?
Will it include any new features? :)

Hello. Yes, of course. I will include new features(pages, plugins), and plugin updates(such as bootstrap, etc.). Stay tuned


Using mozilla Firefox (mine ver 27.01), the function CHECKALL radio button not working.

Please Fix it.


Hello, hotfix is ready. Thank you for your report. Contact me with email to get it( I will include this fix in next update.