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Hi guys,

Just wondering where I can disable the floating header in the backend? Can’t find the setting anywhere!


Hi Jon,

For the menu, the Tavern theme has 2 options for you to use (theme options -> menu): static or floating. If you choose “Floating”, the menu is hidden and it shows only after page scrolling. If you choose “Static”, the menu will be displayed from the start.

Best regards!

Hello guys,

On my website made with this theme The dropdown menu in the upper right corner is not working properly with every mobile device. It does not work on the first page but when i go to another page it works. Can you help me out?

Best regards!

Hello, could you let us know on what device you’re testing? Thanks.

On iPhone 6 and 6s and Samsung Galaxy S5

Please open a ticket at https://highgrade.ticksy.com/ and we’ll continue there. Thank you!

Hi. I tried installing the zip file but for some reason its not getting accepted and I am getting the message “please try again”. I tried to upload traven.zip file and followed the steps as mentioned in the documentation file. Please suggest.

Hi, most likely it’s an uplod limit from the server. Please try using FTP instead, it should work. If you still have issues, please open a support ticket and we’ll assist.

Hello. I bought your theme 2 days ago and I have some problem. I wrote on your support forum but my question was open by status “support expired” Please advice, what should I do to get some help with the theme installation?

Hi there,

We’re answering to ALL of our tickets at this point.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Ok. Thanks. I am waiting

hi guys,

i have problem in uploading and installing the theme.

so i put it manually but the error is:

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Name Description tavern Stylesheet is missing.

can you help out.

thank you.

now there is a new error

Warning: require_once(/homepages/41/d612349317/htdocs/WP/wp-content/themes/tavern/highgrade/plugins/class-tgm-plugin-activation.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /homepages/41/d612349317/htdocs/WP/wp-content/themes/tavern/functions.php on line 155

Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required ’/homepages/41/d612349317/htdocs/WP/wp-content/themes/tavern/highgrade/plugins/class-tgm-plugin-activation.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php7.0’) in /homepages/41/d612349317/htdocs/WP/wp-content/themes/tavern/functions.php on line 155

when i upload the zip and press install the error is Are You Sure You Want to Do This? why this is happening i did like u said :)

thank you

Hi, most likely this is a server issue. Please open a support ticket and send your login details, we’ll take a look: https://highgrade.ticksy.com


how to use the same theme and pictures and everything in it ? im newin wordpress.

thank you

Hi, you can import the demo content and use the theme as it is. About the images, unfortunately, you need to purchase licenses for them. All images are for preview purposes only. Thank you!

Hi, I bought this theme and it works great! Now the plugin WPBakery Visual Composer needs an update but I’ve no licencekey. The purchase code doesn’t work. May you help me? THX

Hello, yes we replied 11 days ago to your email (silke@s**1.de). Please check and let us know if you received it. Thanks.

No, sorry, didn’t receive it. Last email from you was 13 days ago, when you asked me for login details…

Just wanna thank you for updating the visual composer on our site and the theme update, everything is working fine know. Regards

Hi, Beautiful Theme that can also work on my ipod.

We are interested in buying the Tavern Theme. We would like to use the vegan-raw demo because the “our goodies” can show 8 pictures of food item which suits our restaurant menu. However, in the mobile phone format, after we click the “our goodies”, only 3 pictures of the food items are shown instead of 8. We desperately want to show all the 8 pictures of the food item on the mobile phone. We would like each picture connect to different section of our restaurant menu. Is it possible to show all the 8 pictures on the mobile phone format after we click the“ our goodies”?

In addition, is Tavern theme work on iphone?



Hello Ann, thank you for reaching out. The number of items shown on mobile is easily changeable via the theme backend. We left it to “3 rows” on mobile so you don’t have to scroll that much. Also, the images can be linked to different pages throughout the theme. About the iPhone compatibility, yes, the theme is fully responsive and was tested on some iOs and Android devices, including iPhones.

Hi, thank you for responding fast. I am very grateful that my most concerned questions can be answered clearly before I purchase Tavern. I am happy that I found this beautiful theme and I am confident about the future helps I’m going to get from HighGrade ! Sincerely, Ann

Hi, folks!

I’ve installed the Tavern WP theme on my domain (blackcrow.com.br) and it looks like a blog with a frame on the right.

I was expecting it to look like this: http://themeforest.net/item/tavern-pub-restaurant-brewery/full_screen_preview/11172316?

?Could you help me on that?

I tried to open a support ticket but it says my purchase code is not valid (even though I copied it from the license certificate).


Hi, the first thing you should see after installing the theme is indeed, a blog page (default wordpress setup). You need to install the demo content to make it the same as in the preview (the documentation covers all the steps needed for the demo content install).

However, if you need assistance with the import, you’ll need to open a support ticket (only works with a valid license code). The purchase confirmation doesn’t appear on your profile either, so maybe you used a different account for the purchase? If not, please contact Envato support and ask for the purchase code: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us

We would help you with this issue gladly, but unfortunately only Envato has access to buyer data, so only they can help. Thanks for your understanding.

Thanks for the reply.

Actually, I haven’t got the documentation along with the install files. When I expanded the main .ZIP file, there were two license TXT files plus another three .ZIP files: tavern.zip [which I uploaded via WordPress in order to get the theme up and running] and two others titled: tavern-doc.zip and tavern-child.zip.

Should I upload any of those two to WP? If so, wouldn’t it overwrite the actual template?

Hi, we flagged your comment to hide the purchase code (comments are public). Please send us a message via our profile so we can help you via email. Thank you!

Hi, I sent about 4 tickets yesterday because only 1 ticket got a private number. Does that mean the other 3 tickets didn’t go to your email?

in my account, I can only see 1 ticket which is the 3rd ticket I sent yesterday. ( Private Ticket #714731)

Hi, it might be possible that the support system had a small downtime yesterday so the tickets were not registered. Can you please follow up with the previous tickets in the one that already got registered? Thank you!

Hi there, been trying to sort out the google map on the contact page – used the longditude and lattitude correctly – do i need to create anything on google as a unique map name ??

Hi, what exactly seems to be the problem? The location is not shown correctly?


The theme does not work for me – It doesn’t import the complete Traven website with layout and images as you advertised.

The visual composer doesn’t work on the front end also – its give me a blank work space when I click to work from the front end.

Is there a way to fix, I’ve checked permission etc – I’m a web developer so know what I’m doing.

Can you send me the exact theme you demo – with the plugin and images please.


Hi James, please open a support ticket here: https://highgrade.ticksy.com and send us your login details. We’ll help you with the issues asap. Thanks!

Hi – I’ve submitted a ticket as requested.

Can I get an update ASAP please – I’m having to do things manually instead of using the front-end editor.

I’ve got a deadline for Thursday for my project.


Hello James, your ticket has been taken care of. Thank you!

The visual composer plugin is no longer working, is this a license issue, it said the plugin was included, help!

Hi, plugins are included and should work lifetime. Please open a support ticket here: https://highgrade.ticksy.com and we’ll take a look asap.

Trying to submit a ticket… but your ticksy is telling me my “related URL” which I am assuming means my site URL is not valid for some reason.

Hi, don’t worry about the related url, just send your website in the ticket message. Thank you!

Since WP 4.5 the “back-to-top”-button is invisible!

We’re working on the update and we’ll release it soon, but until then, you can submit a ticket at https://highgrade.ticksy.com and we’ll fix the issue really quick. Thank you!

Hi, is it possible to set up more than one menu page using your template. For example to have one for a lunch menu, and one for evening menus? In fact could you have 4 or 5 different menus if you wanted? Thanks

Hello, yes, you can duplicate the menu page as many times as you need. Editing the content is really simple too, so you should be able to create all the menu pages in no time.

Im loving this theme al lot and everything was working fine for months but now HGR Extensions Blog Post ist not working on child pages anymore. If I open the child page alone everythings fine, but under the parent page it’s not working.

Be aware of this problem.

best regards, hage

Hello, thanks for reply. I wont open a ticket, because my support period has expired…just in time… ;-) But I can send the login data if you’d provide an email-adress for me. office@unconsolutions.com

site is webergut.at

regards, hage

Hello Hage, sorry for the late answer. We celebrated Easter as you probably read on our support forum so we took some days off to spend time with our families. Even though your support is expired, please go ahead and open the support ticket, we will take care of it. Thank you!

Hello, Everythings fine again. Don’t know how or why, but it’s working like a charm now. Thanks for your nice support! Hage

Hello I was wondering how I can achieve the same effect for my personal logo and text like here -> http://www.highgradelab.com/tavern/ instead of having testimonials like on the sample data.

Hey, there is no need to reset your install. Most likely, if you’re seeing some code on your pages instead of VC Editor, it means the plugin was not activated. So please try the following:

1. Go to Plugins and make sure Visual Composer is activated.

2. If it’s activated, go to Visual Composer – Role Manager and for post types select custom. Check Pages (and other post types if needed) and click Save: http://d.pr/i/1dHT6

Please update on your progress. Thank you!

Okay I reset it already because I thought I may not receive an answer so soon. I uploaded and installed the theme plus the plugins. However, I do not seem to be able to upload the demo files now. Any suggestions?

Can’t really tell what’s wrong but please open a support ticket and send your wp-login details here: https://highgrade.ticksy.com We’ll take a look asap.

Howdy – since updating Wordpress my VC doesn’t work. Its normally a case of deleting the plugin and it downloads again fine, but this time no. It’s saying 4.5.3 is the latest and im stuck without being able to manage anything on my site. HELP! thanks

Hi there,

Please open a ticket at https://highgrade.ticksy.com/ and our support team will help you in this matter.

Warm regards!

Hi, is the theme integrated with an event plugin;

Hi, unfortunately there is no event plugin included.