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Hello, I cannot use the visual composer, It’s asking me to purchase it.

I’m trying to figure out where to change pics etc.. also, my website is not displaying like your demo…

What can I do? Please, I’ve submitted some tickets already but is taking so long for you to answer, that’s why I decided to posted here.

Hello, we’re answering all tickets each day, however, if you didn’t get a reply, please post your ticket number here and we’ll check asap. Thank you!

Hi team Tavern,

Bought this theme a while ago, love it! This may sound weird, but is there a way to just edit the demo content? The website I want is basically just like the demo content. I purchased visual composer and everything, but I see lots of data is loaded via a JSON file right? So can’t really edit it.

Thanks in advance!

I was just reinstalling everything so I could start with an untouched website. Now when importing the demo (1) content, the pages won’t import so there’s no page visible and available for the menu.

Ok, then we need to take a look at your install and see what went wrong. Please send your wp-login and FTP details here: https://highgrade.ticksy.com We’ll get back to you asap.

Thanks a lot! I’ve submitted a ticket with al necessary information.

Hi, after the latest wordpress update the theme has really got some major issues! My support has expired, but that can’t mean that I have to always pay you guys for support if the theme doesn’t look good because of an update. I just want the background images to show in full width and with parallax in the sections. But the don’t show. The page for delikompaniet.se doesn’t work properly and there was strange demo images replaced all of a sudden. How do you in the most simple way get a small title aligned in the middle with a fully visible parallax background image covering from side to side?


Hey Danny, don’t worry about the expired support. Just send us a message via our profile page with your wp-admin details and we’ll fix the issues for you. Thank you!

Hi, the plugin WPBakery Visual Composer needs an update but I’ve no licencekey. The purchase code doesn’t work. May you help me?

Hi there,

Please open a ticket at https://highgrade.ticksy.com/ and our support team will help you in this matter.

Thank you!

padding at the top under the heading. Where do I change that to “0px”

Hello, if you are referring to inner pages, then you can adjust the padding in the page settings tab (bottom of the page editor).

Hi Highgrade,

Same as vishalgangadin, after the demo import all the demo pages are shown as they us te be but if i want to edit for example the home page, i dont see anything to edit in the visual composer. Am i doing something wrong?

Best regards

Maybe i have this conflict because wpbakery visual composer needs an update?

Hi, it shouldn’t be any conflict, since you don’t need to activate any plugin. I believe our support team already solved your issues, if not, please let me know and we’ll take care asap.

Someone is on it as we speak :)

Hi Highgrade. I wrote you a support ticket yesterday about Visual Composer not working in the Tavern theme. Any news on that?

Hello, I think our support staff answered your ticket, if not, post your ticket number here and we’ll take care asap. Thank you!

Private Ticket #783093

Noted, we’ll get in touch right away!

Hi, when I activate Highgrade Extender for Visual Composer the website bug and menu/footer don’t appear.

So i cannot start from any demo content since they all use this plugin, and I get [hgr_…] tags everywhere when I deactivate the plugin.

Please fix this or tell me how to fix. Is there anywhere I can get an older version of Highgrade Extender for Visual Composer ?? Maybe it will work because the version provided with the theme just make everything crash.

Hello, since your support is expired, please send us a message via our profile page and send your wp and FTP login details so we can fix this for you. Thank you!

Is anyone experiencing problems with Visual Composer v4.4.4 with Highgrade Extender for VC v 1.1.5 with this theme?

Hello, if you’re having issues with the theme, please open a support ticket at https://highgrade.ticksy.com and we’ll update the plugins for you. Or you can wait for our theme update to get approved (you should be notified when it goes live). Thank you!

We’ll hang on for the update if that’s coming soon, thanks!

Update is now live.

Hi. I just purchased this theme, tried to upload it to wordpress and received the following error message. “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.” Can you please assist?

Hello, please unzip the package you downloaded from ThemeForest, then upload tavern.zip to your install.

Hey there! I’m using visual composer on the Tavern theme. I started building out a page, saved it and now when I try to get back into the frontend editor of VC I’m not able to access it. I can see all of the code saved on the WP page, so I know that it’s there. Can someone help me? Thx in advance.

Hey, can you please try going to Visual Composer – Role Manager, select Custom for post types and check Pages. See if that fixes the problem.

It was set up that way already.

Ok, then please send your wp and FTP login details here: https://highgrade.ticksy.com and we’ll take a look at your install. Thank you!

Hello Lovely ppl,

Our developer migrated DB (all required files) from one server to another but after the migration we are facing problem with Visual composer plugin.

The issues are: 1. We are unable to use the Visual Composer 2. Some of the VS elements are working fine on mobile device but not on desktop/laptop (These elements are small animation sort of)

We tried deactivating and activating the VC but it didn’t work.Can you please suggest, what needs to be done.

I look forward hearing from you soon.

Thanks in advance.

Hello Mithu, please send us a message via our profile page and we’ll assist you. Thank you!

Hi Team, as suggested I sent a message via your profile page. Can someone please respond to my query. TIA

Hi Mithu,

Our support had answered to your email.

Thank you!

Hi HighGrade

I am after a very flexible template for a takeaway restaurant. However our client has some specific requirements and we wondering if your theme could be tailored for them to work.

- An order form and payment section - Comment area (possibly with a star rating) - Discount code - Sign up / Login section for returning customers. - Video capability for the home page

And lastly and probably the most specific request is a ordering section that works similar to booking train tickets. The customer can select a date and time slot for delivery. Do you offer anything like this or know if a similar system can be installed?

Thanks Lawrence

I am also encountering the VC composer problem – it´s not working in the backend. I have updated to the new version of the tavern theme (1.9) but in my download file there are no Visual Composer update files. If this is is an issue due to the expired support licence please let me know. However if this is the case you should inform customers beforehand that the functionality of the theme is based on purchasing support licences :(

Hi there,

For installing and customization issues, yes, you need to purchase additional support. For plugin updates, bugs and theme issues, we offer free lifetime support.

Since you can’t use our support forum, please send us a message through our themeforest profile and we’ll help you in this matter.

Thank you!

Hi, if I test your demo’s contact page on an iPhone device, the submit button is not displayed. I’m having the same problem on a website i’m helping develop at the moment.

Are you aware of this situation and if so, how do you work around it.


Hello, we’re still investigating the problem at the moment. It seems the issue came with a Contact form 7 update. Will let you know as soon as we have a fix. Thanks for noticing!

Thank you for the update!

Hi there,

Amazing theme. Can I get PSD or just HTML for these theme to purchase?

Thanks, S

Hi, unfortunately there is no PSD or HTML available for this theme.

Pre sales question. Is this shortcode based theme or page builder based?

Hi there,

Our theme is based on the visual composer page builder, therefore you can build your website content using it’s drag and drop editor.

Thank you!

Hey guys,

When clicking an item in the top-navigation, the page scrolls to that particular section. I love that.

Is it also possible to have a CTA-button in a section on my homepage on click, scroll down to another section?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, unfortunately the smooth scroll is only available to menu items. You can, however, add a #page-section link to your button, but it will jump straight to that section, without scrolling.

Do I have to renew support just to update the visual composer? It is in need of an update and does not work on the page in edit mode… just keeps trying to load, Please HELP!

Hi there,

Just send us a message through our profile page and we’ll provide you the necessary updates.

Thank you!

Your profile page was asking to update support, is there another way to request these updates? Thanks so much

Hello, not sure what you mean. Did you try to open a support ticket on https://highgrade.ticksy.com and it didn’t work?

Yes exactly, I mentioned that support has expired and it will not allow me to submit a ticket. We really need this update asap please

Ok, then please send us a message via our profile page here: https://themeforest.net/user/highgrade so we can assist you via email. Thank you!