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What needs to happen in order for the buttons to control the slideshow to work? I have it all set up but I cannot get the buttons to move to the next picture.

Hello, thank you for reposting. To be honest, I do not know. Template is converted to WP, code is totally messed and does not look too much like mine. But anyway, how many images did you place? More than 3? If more than 3, it should move like on my template. Otherwise a person who converted it to WP must find and fix the problem, it seems something was messed up during the process and script does not work correctly. Best wishes!

Hi there

I would like to buy that theme but the 1, 2, 3, buttons do not work properly on safari (mac).

See print screen

Hello, thank you for your interest! I never noticed such an issue:

Large screenshot local computer

Largee screenshot live demo

Maybe some temporary minor problem with you Mac?

Hi I am liking this template very much , before buying i just want to know that whether it will work on iPAD as I am unable to view your preview on iPAD or mobile device. Any solution for this ???


Hello, thank you for your interest! This very template was designed, coded for–and tested on–desktops solely. Yes, certainly, to adapt it to mobile devices and tablets some portion of recoding is required. Tanya.

Hi thanks for your reply. How much will it cost if I ask you to do that recoding ? Or is there any possibility, if you can guide to that portion of coding.

Hello Hilton, currently difficult to say, depends on final content of your real website. I am pretty sure you will not need all elements, all blocks and may be even all pages, that is why actually, there is no need to work and re-adapt what you will never need. If you could point out exactly (or approximately) what you chose for your real site, it would be easier to estimate the amount of time spent on converting it into scalable/responsive site. Actually, there are two methods: either rewrite the code in percents (however, percentage method might not work for every used in template element–especially sliders, other js stuff) or to rewrite the code using media queries and scale the layout sizes for major devices. That is why it is pretty important to know what your real site will include. Maybe you do not need black windows with info, or sortable gallery or whatever else… or vice versa, maybe you will need each and every element and thus I could know which of two methods will work here best. Take a moment to think this over and let me know, good? You can write me via email, we can continue talking privately. Thank you! Tanya.

Hi, I like, however, this template really needs to be designed around a smartphone screen in order to appeal to and make it easy for clients to view and book taxis!

What are your plans to make responsive, if any?

Hello, thank you for your interest and kind words! I am afraid I am not planning to make it responding to small devices, but since it is ok for 1024 px resolutions (tablets) maybe it can suit anyway?

Hello, I have a problem with your template. I dont have a backround pictures and I think it is problem with css file. Will you help me with that?

Hello, main stylesheet is entitled styles.css + few extra sheets. Of course, you should not write css yourself since it is included. If you will wish to change something in styles you may modify stylesheets as you wish, but if everything suits you in sense of styling (visual look) no need even to open and touch it. Thank you!

GOT IT!! Index.html has a little mistake. Name of your stylesheet is style.css but in index.html and other files are styles.css. Now it’s working!! Merry Christmas!!

Hello, this is weird, since name of my stylesheet in index.html is styles.css (the file which you get in downloadable folder).

Cannot tell you how did it happen that you got style instead of styles, maybe you or somebody for you made changes, but well, important that all is fine now. Happy New Year to you!

Hi, I tried to upload it to Wordpress but it’s coming up with “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”

I can see there’s a file called styles.css which was mentioned in a previous comment, but any idea how to rectify this so I can get it working?

Hello, thank you! It is not a WordPress theme, see please item description.

hi there… i can’t see the 3 # icon on the left… 1 2 3 with the pop window…

i see only the one round img and the link not working…


thanks for replying/// still not working…. i did change the code line on all pages but still not working… by the way… in the demo as well it doesn’t work on chrome only on explorer

one more thing… the top QUICK CONTACT btn dosn’t work as well… the 1-2-3 btn pop windows are less importent for me then the QUICK CONTACT… thanks…

Hi, cannot be, see screenshot I made on Chrome after updating jQuery version:

If so, you also do not see moving clouds, right? Clouds, buttons, sliding panel are scripts which stop working with old version of jQuery. Refresh pages of your site.

But very surprising is that you say that scripts on demo do not work, are you sure? Try please again, maybe you had checked before I made an update to demo jQuery version? Thank you!

hi virtuti… is it an option to set the site so visitor from iphone can zoom in so they can read the text…?...

Hello, it is desktop ready template (see description). Thanks.

hi there… i find it very hard to set the contact form to work… with out the google docs//// want to set it with just php … pleaseeeeee help

Hello, you are not restricted. In no way. If you wish to replace google forms with php form you are free to do that. Best wishes!


My site using your theme no longer has working clouds (they’ve gone) or the three pink side buttons (ditto).

I suspect this is to do with the query files being out of date? If so how do I update them please?


You are welcome! Thank you! Just, I am a lady:)

Thank you Madam!!

Lovely! If you will have more questions, you are welcome to ask. Tanya


taoset Purchased

love this template. Do I need to update the jquery again to get the clouds to appear?

No script work on your site. Neither scripts are on server nor images. Look into console (inspect element). Check your file manager on hosting or through FTP. Remote again missing files. Good night!


taoset Purchased

As I indicated, I simply uploaded your site, everything I downloaded from your template and added one image to test the homepage before I began working on it. I wanted to make sure everything is functioning like the clouds, before going to work on it.