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I am really digging it but there is a bug with the navigation. The bullets are showing up as broken characters in all my browsers on windows7.

Hello, it depends on browser. IE8 and Opera (several symbols) do not recognize html entities.

This is Firefox 7 and IE9 on Windows 7 Just thought you should know because thats a big chunk of the market. Your theme is great too.

...and it is buggy in chrome…just want you to know so you can correct and it doesn’t hurt sales. I think your designs are fantasticly creative…love, love them!

fantastic! very beautiful – but yes, a little bit sluggish under chrome~ good luck with sales, well deserved

Hello nook_themes, thatgirljenn, jon_b, I am sorry and thank you for kind words and pointing out the problem!

I was sure that webkit and Firefox behave in Windows exactly like in Mac, it was my mistake (I tested only IE8 in Parallels).

Now html symbol is replaced with trivial image. Tanya

Nice template, and I would buy it immediately, ... IF:

it should work on iPad.

Please try this on iPad and you will see, what i mean. Here in Safari on iMac the preview works fine! But if you remove the black top frame at themeforest in the preview, it makes the whole site so small, you can’t read anything and the pics are also no more there. If you click then on another menu (micro-)item, the background comes up in the right size but the text not.

Hope you can fix this to get good sales. And I would be the next to buy this.

Hello, just sent you email with a screenshot, sorry for delay with response. Thank you! Tanya

A new great and creative work by Virtuti! That unusual UX make this work being something special. Yours are one of most creative/different works at Themeforest.

I must to say, CONGRATS one more time!


Thank you so much!

There was a discussion here a few days ago about the form part of the template did you remove because of fix?

Hello, thank you!

About the form? I do not remember such discussion, do you mean contact form? Let me know please, I probably did not understand your question.

Best! Tanya

Thank you dear Ana, I shall drop you a line to email. Tanya

Ah Im sorry perhaps it was another product.

Whow… such a refreshing design! Not the default mainstream things I get to see everywhere nova-days! Very beautiful.

Thank you so much!

I totally second what VanKarWai said above: “your templates are some of the most creative/different works at Themeforest. I must to say, CONGRATS one more time !”

One question Tanya: do you also work as a freelancer to create websites ?

Oh, thank you so much! I am always feel embarrassed:))), merci!

To be honest, I try not to work with “difficult” clients, those, you know, who tell me colours must be red-green-yellow and ”I want home page identical to LinkedIn website” but with intelligent people who have good taste, sense of harmony and who are ready to accept something less standard I work with big pleasure.


I understand perfectly what you mean Tanya.

I’ll contact you soon to see if a project I have inspire you.


Thank you very much, I shall await.

It is just a beautifull theme. The only problem is that is absolutely not working on a i-pad. Also in IE9 the text boxes under the numbers 1,2 and 3 are not opening correctly. I think it is a css bug that it is not working on a I-Pad.

Can you solve these issues?

Hello, thank you very much!

All is possible, list of systems and browsers (desktops) where the template had been tested (and normal work is guaranteed) I placed right into description. CSS is correct for all above mentioned browsers. Perfect work for the rest of systems and browsers I did not guarantee as I have neither iPad nor IE9 , sorry.

Hello, virtuti.

Stunning theme, and I hope to use it. I see the demo shows a “Pink” theme. Does the template come with any other color options? Is this something which could be easily changed via the CSS ?

Thank you.


Thank you very much for the interest and kind words! Yes, sure, links colours, buttons background colours you change via CSS and all the rest (quotes pic, logo, 3 pink side buttons, custom check in form and more) you can change in Photoshop–all elements are included into downloadable folder as layered PSDs, so you can simply choose a requirable layer and 3 simple steps: open–layer style–color overlay–save.

By the way, love your avatar, just forgot what was detective’s name, I watched these series so long ago:)))

Thank you, virtuti, for such a quick and thorough response. Just purchased it and look forward to using it. Totally unique.

The detective is Columbo (Peter Falk). One of my favorites.

Thanks a lot! If you will have questions write me via comment box or via profile.

Ah, exactly, Colombo!

Wish you great week-end, Tanya

I just bought this beautiful template! But there is a bug on the Index Page. Please click on the Button 1, 2 or 3 on the left side which links to Company, etc. Once clicked, an aqua box appears in the place of the image with a message “Open, Close, Container.” How can we get ride of that? It is on your preview template also.

Hello, thank you! It is not a bug. It is a part of functionality and proper work of the script. And aqua box allows you to open closed container. If you get rid of it, closed container cannot be open again. Just to refresh the page or enter it once again. And what for to do that if you have a function to open a closed container once it closed?

Another thing: if it were a bug would I spend time on styling it, giving it proper dimensions, colours and fonts??? I never heard that somebody worked on making a bug beautiful and fitting design style!

Anyway, if you want to delete it, go to the script file and take it off, but beforehand think how an user will deal with closed container(s), how he/she will open it(them), you will not want to make your user to close the whole website and enter it once again, right?

Thank you once again!

Thank you for your thoughtful reply. I see now the intention of the box. You are to be congratulated on the this template. The more I am working on it, the more I appreciate your attention to detail. This is one of the finest templates I have used!

Shalom Tanya, This template is brilliant and just what I am looking for to use for my friends site. I would like to purchase but I need the news page to be a blog. Is this possible? I am ok with html and css but never created an internal blog before and my friend really needs it on her site. Thank you kindly for your time.

Shalom uvrachah! Thank you very much for your interest and kind words. In order to convert news page to blog some external CMS is required, you know. I think the easiest way is just to delete the whole news page and link “news” in navigation to external blog. Once upon a time, in period of practising and studying I styled Blogger blog according general style of HTML template and actually it was not a bad way out at all. If you wish I can send you an example how it looks all together–static html website + blog in Blogger. (Blogger is xml based and it is pretty easy to style it). But if you think to create a blog in Wordpress or Joomla–here I am helpless, I do not know how to do that. And as far as I understand, it is better to obtain full WP template rather than to combine static website with WP blog (no sense actually). That what I can said, not too much of help, but it is all I am able to:))).

Is there some way to change the location reference for the 1, 2, 3 on the left? I moved the elements folder into another directory and the icons now don’t show up, where do I need to update that in order for the png files show show?

You should move them back to the folder or move all files related to the opening windows to separate folder and read help file.