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HI TARAS, Theme is looking awesome. But there is just the option for one MENU right? I hope i’m doing something wrong. Your Demo shows Home, Archive, About, Contacts…..But I cant add that….Please let me know what I can do.

Hello, Thanks for purchasing my theme. This theme comes with documentation and I wrote how to add a menu. Check the documentation. If you still will have questions then send me an email and I will help you to set up your menu.

Oh sorry…I didnt found the documentation yet. Have to search for that. but thanks already for your reply:-)

please let me know if you will have further questions :)

Any plans to add retina support in future updates?

It should work fine on retina screens. Also there is a plugin: ( http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-retina-2x/ ) that can prepare images for retina. Did you test theme’s demo on a retina display?

Hi, I purchased your theme and I need to know how to set up the gallery found here. The only gallery set up I see in the documentation is for a standard WP gallery?


Hello, Thanks for purchasing my theme.

Oops I forgot the link to the gallery I want to know how to set up. http://demo.tasko.us/tdfuture/2013/03/22/a-great-photograph/

Create a post. Then Upload your pictures (Add Media) and select Gallery Post Format (Under A Publish Pane). Then Publish your post.

If you are going for the flat design, you are wasting a lots of space on top. I rather have the menu on top like google with transparent white color and small logo. We have enough traditional BIG logo theme. Remove the comment, author on first page. Make it clean.

Thanks for suggestions.

Hello – Great design, nice and comfortable on the eye. I like this a lot!

I’ve a couple of pre-purchase questions:

1. Is it possible to select if you want the author section on the posts (i.e. chose it turn it on/off)?

2. Is the area to the left of the post a normal side bar? Is it possible to place an appropriate sized image or some small amount of text in there?

If I purchase could you please let me know what code in the css or php I need to amend in order to reduce the depth/size of the header area – I’d like it a bit smaller, I’d also like to change the colour of that area too – I feel it’s a little too dark at the moment

Many thanks

Hello, Thanks :)

1. No. But it’s a great idea. I will add that option by Wednesday. 2. It’s not a sidebar. This area just contains a date, category links and tags. But you can add your text or images manually through child theme.

Yes, I will help you. Just email me :)

Great – thanks! I also agree with Sai2 (above) about having the menu at the very top as Google do – it would make a brilliant theme just that bit more clean and not wasting so much space at the top.

I updated a theme and added an option to turn off an Author Section. Also, I added to my ‘to-do’ list header’s suggestions. I will build few header’s layouts and I will add an option that will allow to select a layout for a header.

Just purchased this, fantastic theme!! HOwever looking forward to being able to change text logo header with a custom image to name a few things. Looking forward to upgrades!

Hello. Thanks for purchasing my theme, I truly appreciate it! I will definitely add that feature in my next update. Thanks for suggestion.


SvP Purchased

Are you adding translation soon?

Hello, Thanks for purchasing my theme. Yes, I am planning to do that in my next update.


SvP Purchased

Great, received the update. Not all translations work tho, the search text and the “1 comment” text on a post aren’t transleted (see it at http://hetdikkedak.nl/wp/ )

Excellent minor updates on 1.2. Im missing something here. I would like the menu to be in the middle so in the CSS im doing:

.main-navigation .nav-bar li { text-align:center; float: center; position: relative; } The menu is then in the middle however on top of each other. How can i get them centered but next to each other. Thanks?

Hello, if you have any questions that are beyond the scope of the help file, please contact me ( http://themeforest.net/user/taras_d ) and I will help you to solve this problem. Thanks.


SvP Purchased

Is it possible to make the search text dissappear when someone clicks to enter their own search words?

I also second timtimtim’s compliments as well as his suggestion making the header background replaceable by an image.

I am sorry, I missed a letter “t” in my first comment :) You are right about a search box. I will fix that too. Thanks.

Hello SvP, I updated a theme and a new version should fix those translation issues. Thanks.

awesome, thanks taras_d, great support.

Looking into buying this! The two column layout is perfect for what I need – but one question.

Is only one photo per post (featured image) displayed? or can the whole post be displayed (or whereever I set the cutoff point).

So if there are multiple images in one post, can that whole post be displayed on the home page, along with other posts (similar and also shown with all media inside)..

Thank you, I hope the question is not too confusing.

Yes, it’s possible. The previous screenshot was made from home page. Here is another screenshot of home page: http://d.pr/i/uNDw

Beautiful – exactly what is needed. The colors are customizable? and how about the padding between posts and such? Going for a slightly lower profile setup.

The theme is perfect however, just need a few tweaks – simple, clean and stress free. Thank you also for the quick response! (on a sunday no less)

Right now this theme has 9 Color Schemes: Alizarin, Dark Blue, Red, Pink, Green, Orange, Purple, Gray. This theme uses Bootstrap framework and has a default padding. But you can add your own customized style by creating a child theme.


Beautiful theme and it works fantastic. I am wondering how I can add a paragraph space in the author Bio. I need to have a bilingual Bio in English and Spanish in 2 separate paragraphs but right now they just flow into one really long paragraph. Any suggestions? Thanks!

It was updated at the same day when you posted your first comment :) Do you have the latest version?

The original file I downloaded was 1.2.2 and I just downloaded the file with the same name but the issue is not fixed. Do I need to place code to separate it?

I have a personnal blog that was running with TwentyTwelve. And it was good enough.

However, one day I was browsing the themes and I saw this one. Let me say it is absolutely beautiful. Simple, clean. Not overloaded with options, just the minimum, and it is far enough.

I didn’t need sidebars on my blog and wanted to focus on content (text and images). This theme is perfect for that matter. Honestly one of my best purchase on TF.

So, if you’re considering buying this theme, stop thinking and buy it!

Congrats for the superb work and good luck for the future.

Hello, Thank You! :) I truly appreciate it!

Hi, I was use a documentation, but on my home page i don`t see move forum youtube. I copy code iframe from youtube. There is only black place. http://damianb.pl/ How to fix it?

Hello, Thanks for purchasing my theme. Please email me @ http://themeforest.net/user/taras_d

Hi taras_d, i have ran into a few problems: 1: i created a child theme and now the admin bar is gone, can’t get it back seems so.. 2: the facebook icon below the articles is gone..

Hi, I’ve just bought your template. Nice one. How can I switch language for polish?

Hello, Thanks for purchasing my theme. This theme has .mo/.po files. You should use some software to translate to your language. See more here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Translating_WordPress#Translating_With_Poedit

Hmm… but it doesn’t support language changing for “comment” search” etc?


Is it compatible with Wordpress 3.6? Should I update my blog from previous version (3.5)?



Yes, it should work fine with 3.6. You can check here: http://demo.tasko.us/tdfuture/


It worked! Many thanks. Congrats!

Hello! This is a great theme, but I was wondering how I can turn off the delay in scrolling? It seems to crash with some plugins.

Hello, Thank You for purchasing my theme. Could you email me @ http://themeforest.net/user/taras_d Thanks :)

Hello, Amazing theme for blogging! How can we remove the “TDFUTURE THEME BY TDTHEMES” in the footer please if we can. Thanks, Regards, Thierry.

So, if i can make a suggestion, since there is no sidebar, it could be nice to have a sticky menu, isn’t it?

Thank You for purchasing my theme. Could you email me @ http://themeforest.net/user/taras_d Thanks

Great theme and impressive support. 5 stars out of 5.

Thanks Soufian!