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[pre-purchase questions] Hi, I am not a html, css or php specialist so I customizing Your theme would be easier with some help:
  • 1. comments integrated with Facebook – I would like to disable default wordpress comments and insert FB coemments – but f.e. in the widget sidebar I would like to present most commented post
  • 2. Authors – in the sidebar there is a widget presenting authors. Is there any logical process that shows only authors with biggest number of posts. If ‘no’ do You suggest any plug-in?
  • 3. Newsletter- is there any possibility when signing in to newsletter to integrate it with f.e Mail Chimp?
  • 4. Are they any shortcodes for tables f.e. 3-columns – inserting standard tables does not show correct in responsive view?

Thanks in advance for Your answears.


Hello Cuba,

1. You will need to use a plugin that has those features (facebook comments and facebook comment widget ).

2. Authors widget can display: – authors with biggest number of posts – recent registered authors – ordered by name

I do not really know any Author Plugins but you can check here: http://wordpress.org/plugins/

3. Theme demo uses mailchimp newsletter form. Theme documentation has a section that describes how to insert your newsletter form to the theme.

4. Theme does not have any shorcodes ( it’s a bad practice to include shorcodes in themes. ). Shortcodes belong in a plugin.

You can check this plugin: http://wordpress.org/plugins/shortcodes-ultimate/


Taras, thank You very much for Your answear. I have purchased theme :)

Hi Cuba, Thank You for purchasing my theme!


I’ve bought the tdMagazine today and because I liked the homepage of this theme very much! After installing the theme, I was disappointed because I didn’t succeed in setuping up a similar homepage as in the demo.

The “news slider” at the top of the theme was not included and I also could not use the different articles styles like in the demo. There a different categories with one big and 4 small images in the demo’s homepage. How can I use this in tdMagazine theme?

Many Thanks for your support, Manuel

Hello Manuel, Thank You for purchasing my theme. Could you email me @ http://themeforest.net/user/taras_d and I will help you to setup the theme.

Hello taras_d

thank you so much for your prompt and great support! Now everything works fine and my homepage looks like in the demo site. :-)

Thanks Manuel

Taras, thank you very much for your help! Great Support.

Thanks Sandro

Great theme! I have question about possibility of change number of full width posts on home page (section just under slider). I suppose it can be done by some php modification). Or, even better: To include page content in this place. Thanks for answer)

Hello, Thank You for purchasing my theme. Could you email me @ http://themeforest.net/user/taras_d . Thanks.

The banner(top and bottom) hides when we see theme in mobile.

How can we show banner in mobile as well so that we don’t miss the revenue?

Secondly can we put the banner next to logo instead of above the logo?

Thirdly how easy it is to change the colors in theme?


1.if your banner ad can be responsive then it can be fixed by adding 1-2 lines of custom css.

2.It’s not possible by default. If you want to achieve it then you will do some customization to header.php file using a child theme.

3. Theme has 7 Color Schemes (see demo). Other colors you can change by adding your custom css.


Hi, I’m thinking about to buy this template, but my most important question is: Is it possible to use chinese characters on the site, and translate all the menus, etc. to this language? Thank you in advance.

Hello, Yes, it should work fine with chinese characters. Also, this theme is translation ready (includes the .po file). Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks.

I have the smae issue as mwunderli.

Can you give detailed instructions on setting up the hmepage in the exact same way as the demo please?

Hello, Thank You for purchasing my theme. Did you check Theme Documentation? If you will have any questions email me @ http://themeforest.net/user/taras_d . Thanks.

First Happy New Year, and thanks for a great theme.

I wonder, when you are not busy, if you can take a quick look at http://matchdaymemories.com and tell me why the “Breaking News” has stopped showing. The has been a few WP updates recently so it might be that the theme needs a tweek. To be honest I never noticed till today.


Hello, Thank You! Could you email me @ http://themeforest.net/user/taras_d . Thanks.

thanks for responding on New Years Day – I’m sorry I wasted your time as you found it was a plugin error and nothing to do with this great theme of yours.

Great theme.

Thanks :)

Would it be possible to change the advertise depending on what the post is about? For an example, if i write about company a i choose ad a, and if i write about company b i choose ad b?


No. It shows the general ad that you added in the Theme Options.

Hi Taras, share buttons in the post disapear – I’ve got only normal link to Twitter. Is there any problem with this? Ohh I’ve updated the theme.

H There, great theme, could you let me know how can I remove the top search function?

Many thanks

Hello, Thank You for purchasing my theme. Could you email me @ http://themeforest.net/user/taras_d . Thanks.

Hi Taras, Could you let me know how can I install Silder and Display Categories like template image ?

Hello, Thank You for purchasing my theme. Could you email me @ http://themeforest.net/user/taras_d and I will help you :) . Thanks.

love this but doesnt quite fit my requirements- how can i also have portfolios of pictures ( picture galleries) also added?


This theme does not have “Portfolio” feature but you can have a default WordPress gallery. See example: http://demo.tdwp.us/magazine/carefully-curated-alluring/

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


Hi Taras,
While changing the page template on fullwidth the sidebar is still visible. Any ideas?
Second thing: on the demo version when you ‘click’ on the search field (top-right corner), this text ‘To search type and hit enter’ dissapear. On my site it is still vissible and I have to delate it manually to search anything.
Please let me know how too fix it.

Hello, Could you email me @ http://themeforest.net/user/taras_d Thanks.

Hi Taras, one more question :) How can I exclude one author from the Authors Widget? I don’t want to show the admin as an author. Thanks in advance.


Hello Kuba, Currently, it is not possible but I am going to add this option. Thanks.

Hi Taras, is the exclude functionality working? I would like to hide admin as an author in the widget.

Hi Jakub, I’ve sent you an email. Thanks!


Any plan to add a review system ?

Do you have a forum for support ?



Currently we do not have any plans to add a review system to the theme. We provide one-on-one support via ThemeForest contact form @ themeforest.net/user/taras_d Theme Support is available to all customers who have purchased the theme.

You can easily remove a featured image in single views by adding a custom css. If you do not know how to do it then you can email me, and I will provide that css for you :)



Do you have a ready-to-use french translation of the back and front ends ?

Is there a way to test the back-end ?



By default, theme includes only English translation, and we do not have a demo site for testing the back-end. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Thank you, Taras

Hello taras_d,

I really like your theme. But I have one question: Does it work with the latest Wordpress Version 4.4.2?

I´m thinking about using your theme for my next website.


Hello, I appreciate your interest to use tdMagazine theme for your next website.

Yes, theme works with the latest WordPress version. You can preview it @ http://demo.tdwp.us/magazine/

Thanks, Taras