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Can you turn off the effect shown on the demo when you hover over the image it turns yellow and starts to zoom?


Yes, you can disable it via theme’s options: https://cloudup.com/cokyAKK_7uy

Best, Taras

Hi Taras,

We just installed the thema on our blog www.hetkanwel.nl and are very happy with it! However I do have some remarks/questions that I hope you can help me with.

1. Even though almost all of the text can be translated, some of it seems to be hardcoded in English like ‘One comment’ aka the titel above the comment section. We like to translate this into Dutch but don;t seem to be able to do so. How do we fix this?

2. We’re using the carroussel as the header image on our HP but find the dark overlay to be a bit too, well, dark. Can we make this slightly lighter?

3. The template now shows a short bio of the author underneath each blog. Can we turn this off? If so, how? We do like the fact that you can link through to the author’s page by clicking on their name directly underneath the blog but do not want to show the author bio under every blog.

Hope you can help me out & thanks for the great template!

Hello, Thank you for using tdMinimal theme!

Could you please email me @ http://themeforest.net/user/taras_d

Thank you, Taras