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marvelous theme! GLWS :)

Thanks Olechka :)

Very, very nice theme. Congrats, guys!!!

Three questions:

1) No portfolio (with cases), no blog, no widgets, no individual pages – really?

2) AWESOME contact-field with the coolest font typing ever. Is this possible to integrate on wordpress? Haven’t seen this elsewhere.

3) Apropos Wordpress – is this theme being developed for WP as well? Would be a killer.

ad. 1) In near future. :)

ad. 2) Sure, it is possible.

ad. 3) Unfortunately, no. :/

ad. 1) Great :)

ad. 2) You know how? Would love to get that script…especially if this great theme is not being WP’ed :)

ad. 3) Noooooo….. but why? Html is so…2008.

Nice ideas, congrats :)

Very, very nice theme! Good work! :)

Hi there, love the theme, well done on the presentation it looks just amazing. One thing though, the background doesn’t appear to “stretch” to fit the screen. On a 27inch monitor there is a big white space on left hand size? But, I guess its not too much of a problem, who uses a 27inch and fills the screen up with their browser lol.

well done though!

I really love how you did the navigation easing to its fixed position. How did you create that?


Hello Kev,

Thanks for your comment, it is a simple CSS3 animation, you can look at CSS source to get this


Hi, thanks for this great template :-).

I have found one issue after purchasing: Scrollspy doesn’t allways seem to pick up the right active section (all sections folded out). If I click on features for instance (also in the demo) the purple line is shown below HOME and not below FEATURES . It’s even worse in the downloadpackage: it almost never seems to identify the active section. Any idea how I can fix this?

I will check it, and respond you as soon as possible.

Ok, let’s start with basics:

1) What is your resolution screen? 2) What is your browser? 3) Please send me a screenshot.

Wrote you three questions eight days ago. Still looking forward to your answers :)

Just did it. :)

how to make driving out on the right block of the page is loaded concealed? He is now loaded by default in expanded form.

ALLO !!!

how to make driving out on the right block of the page is loaded concealed? He is now loaded by default in expanded form.


unfortunately, I’m not so good in english so if you could paraphrase your words. :)

Hi. Ive already bought this and its great thanks. Anyway to make the hash and div thats selected appear in the url bar ? Would make tracking easier on stats package. SO if features selected it would be:



Hi, i am having the same problem as zeebeest with the detecting of the correct active section. Sometimes it works sometimes it does not work. Scrolling usually stops only few pixels above the destination section, hence, it does not detect the right section, only if you manually scroll a few pixels. Any ideas how to fix it?

It seems to be browser independent and we had it on two different screens, so also not necessarily resolution dependent..

I was trying on different resolutions and browsers and I didn’t noticed that issue. Please tell me what is your browser and resolution.

I have it with a 1920×1200 screen and a macbook at 1440×900 but also on another laptop with a smaller screen. Browser doesn’t matter, i have it with Chrome, Firefox and Safari… I even have it with the Preview here: http://sigmeo.pl/themeforest/tecato especially when scrolling up…

Anyway, I fixed it for our site with adding a “-10” when calculating the scrolling (see below). Since then I havent had any problems…

from script.js $( ‘html, body’ ).stop().animate( { scrollTop: $(that.attr( ‘href’ )).offset().top – (offset – 10)


I really don’t know why offset is calculated wrong. :/

Glad you fix it in your site. :) Meaby you can show me your site? I would be happy to see it.

hi ! this template is awesome !

I just have a question:

How do I set my labels (”#features)” to be close by default ?

because when I open it’s open and I have to click arrow to close it

thanks !

excatly how do I have to put the display :none in .box-content

is in the script.js?

Missing code:

It shoudl looks like this above. Otherwords – add “arrow-up” class.

display:none – yes, add this in CSS file.

One more thing. In CSS file, line 29 there is section tag, it should have margin-bottom: 50px, not 300px;

29 line in CSS file should looks like this:

section {margin-bottom: 50px; position: relative;}

This is probably a noob question, but what command do i have to add, that for when i click in one of the menus, it automatically shows the corresponding box-content?

i’m guessing that’s the command, but still dosn’t work, can you help me?

$( ‘ul.nav a, #brand a, .custom-nav’ ).bind( ‘click’, function( event ) { var that = $( this ); $( ‘[data-spy=”scroll”]’ ).each( function() { var spy = $( this ).scrollspy( ‘refresh’ ) } ); var offset = 140; // if window width is smaller than 979px, don’t add offset if( $( window ).width() < 979 ) { offset = 0; }

$( 'html, body' ).stop().animate(
        scrollTop: $( that.attr( 'href' ) ).offset().top - offset
} );
// -----------------------HELP This Dosn't Work------------{
target = $( that.attr( 'href' ) ).parents( 'section' ).find( '.box-content' );
target.slideToggle( 'slow' );
// -----------------------HELP This Dosn't Work------------}
} );

Change your code with that:

if( $( that.attr( 'href' ) ).find( '.box-content' ).css( 'display' ) == 'none' )
  $( that.attr( 'href' ) ).find( '.head .content' ).trigger( 'click' );
hello love the theme have to rate it today! just wondering i noticed that at around 740 viewport or window size 800px the modal is not responsive it disappears off the screen? please let me know how to fix http://dostrece.net click on Menu->Reservas thanks

Hmmm…. “Reservas” should point to the #contact. On your site you points it to the #features.

I didn’t notice any problem with resposinve mode around 740-800px. Please give me some screenshot and more details.

Hi, i like this template alot on pc screen but on Ipad its really different… menu is collapsiong under the site name, no parallax effect, so under the main image its all white background.

ipad resolution is 1024×768 – 768×1024 using safari

Any Idea or solution?

I’ve tried safari using your resolution but not on iPad, and everything seems to be ok. :/ Really sorry, but I don’t have any idea, why you have that problem. :/


Very beautiful template.

a few days I’m trying to run the form, but not happening does not send the message, not a lot of web programming.

I hope to help

use high hope google translator to understand my problem

Google translator did the job. :)

You need a server that supports PHP. Also you need to edit ajax_contact.php file in wich you can find a variable that you need to change ($email_to).

do not know much about programming some are in a css url (http://sigmeo.pl/themeforest/_tecato/assets/css/style.css)

if i need to modify these css as the download?

ajax_contact.php file not in the. zip

traslator google sorry again

thanks for the help

I’ve just downloaded whole package of Teacto. File “ajax_contact.php” is in the “HTML files” directory.

Great theme! Really excited to be working around with it. Just had a quick question: do you have any other icons available besides the main four on the page (twitter, vimeo, skype, and google+)? I would really like to include a Facebook and, if available, an Instagram icon and I know the icons are edited a certain way so I’d like them to match. Please let me know, thank you!

Hello, noctuam

Tecato use a iconsweets, can be downloaded from this place http://www.iconsweets2.com/

This is free icon set, contains most popular social icons

Thanks, Michal

When i recieve a mail it always mention undefined on the subject… where can i change that field?



BUT dont work! Can you repost the whole code of the contact?


Guys this is not working!

Hi, I am having a problem installing this theme on wordpress.

Hey. :)

This theme is not compatibile with wordpress. It’s in the “Site Templates” category, not “WordPress”.