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Very Nicely Done…will be one of my first choices for any new project development. All the best :)

Thank you! Looking forward :)

I love it. Specially the blog part and the photo view is looking so nice

Thanks mate.

hi – looks really well, lots of work in the little details! One question though, the Gallery demo doesn’t work, could you please check that?

Updated. There were some issues with my db on the livesite only, I guess my hosting must be doing some upgrades or maintenance.

Thanks so much.

Thank you for your great support – i had questions about customizing and the authors helped me…

it’s the second template i bought from the author.. and it won’t be the last!

Thanks again! I am glad I could help :)

I love it. great ! ;)

Thank you! Click “Purchase” :)

Hi dnp_theme

I bought it yesterday and try to use it with sample data, as you stated.But the sample doesn’t install. When looking at the db it seems that all tables are not created; among them : users, web_links… So the process hang at last step. When installing Joomla 1.7 with sample, all went flawessly. How can I import your data ?

Try both MAMP in local and also online in a sub. Nop. Joomla alone install well on both.


Hello Nguyen,

Thank you for purchasing my template!

You tried to install Joomla! 1.7 sample data and worked fine? OK.

What are you trying to install now? Please explain what exactly does not work.


Hello Nguyen,

Thank you for purchasing my template!

You tried to install Joomla! 1.7 sample data and worked? OK. What are you trying to install now?


Well, I want to use your data as a basis to start my site (your demo site here

I follow your quickstart installation process but this doesn’t work. Some tables are missing.

If I follow the standard Joomla installation, install with sample data, install T3 plugs and Technik theme, it’s ok but the site lack your data as an example for me. ;(

Ok. I will test the Quickstart as soon as possible. I had some issues updating the live site with latest version, maybe this issue could be related.

For further assistance please register your account and we shall solve your issue as soon as possible in the support forum.


I just checked it on my localhost. There is no database table missing. The SQL sample data is just for what is customized for Technik Demo Site. What is missing is in fact what Joomla! already has.

Now, for more about this issue, I am having problem with editing the SQL sample file. I am not sure if it is a problem with Notepad++ or MySQL but it seems one of them is responsible for some content data missing from some articles and custom HTML modules.

When updated the live site last time I was having this problem, I “corrected” the SQL sample file and updated the item file on Theme Forest. But it seems my issue persist.

I am on this and will provide a fix as soon as possible.

Meanwhile you can update the broken contents with copy-paste from the live site. This worked for me last time.

Thanks again for reporting.


Thanks for the reply.

You’re welcome!

If you need it quick, I can send you a fresh db export.

Send me a message here

and I will reply with a fresh database sql attached.

oh, another reason why it should be great to have “your data”, is to have the documentation available even when away from internet. For example, I’m travelling far away with long translation (+4H) and I would use this time to go further with my website.

Is your documentation available somewhere else (pdf) ?

Sorry the documentation is only on live site and sample data.

I have fixed the issue.

Please send me a message, I will reply with the fixed db you should copy to root/installation/sql/mysql folder

Regards, Danny

Thumb up to you. Great support and a great theme.

I recommand.

Thanks Nguyen, don’t forget to rate.

To everybody, the updated version is going to be available soon and theme description will be update on changelog section.


Just want to let you know this is superior! You get 5 from me and a word of advice… could not help but notice the individual Nguyen above, a joomla magento developer… be careful being generous because your hard work fell into hands of a scavenger that will use it to there advantage if you get my drift!

Thank you for your kind words, your purchase and your rating!

Regarding Nguyen I’m afraid I cannot do anything. Only restaurants are known to be able to choose clients (by refusing the ones already drunk).

The thing is, what’s to come is more important in my opinion and I am optimistic.

Regards and thanks again,

This product is absolutely AMAZING !!! What I am having trouble with, however, is finding out how the social links work.. On the site I am using this layout with, at first the Facebook link was out of place, and after disabling and reenabling the social links module, I no longer see any links at the footer of the site at all.. What am I doing incorrectly?

Thanks for purchasing my template and also for your kind words.

It’s easy to setup social icons as a custom HTML module with code snipets from typography example page here.

Next question please ask in the support forum.


I just want to take a moment to say how much I have appreciated the assistance this author has provided. I have been a customer with Themeforest for years and have never had such competent customer support or kindness.

I really really like the template and I truly appreciate Danny.

Nice work, I hope you continue to turn out templates of this quality!

Thanks for your kind words. I am happy I could deliver the quality work and support.



I wanted to see these Theme in BLACK background before I buy but there are no settings on your demo site for me to see the black background.

Please show me a demo in black background.

Many Thanks

Dark themes are ready. Please check

Will be available soon for download as the file gets approved.


Thank you for letting me know that the black theme is available soon – as soon as your demo site is up and running I shall check it out.

I also noticed that there are not as many other functional areas such as events\ calender or forums or helpdesk ticketing system, login or other widgets that would prove really useful. I am sure that I can add them on my own but you may be able to sell more of your template if they were already provided.

Many Thanks

The black theme is already available, right now you can only check the third screenshot.

Using too many widgets is not so usable for everybody and is very painful for me as template developer as I have to track them all, maintain them all to match design.

Right now you get a REAL Quickstart with basic sample data, some customizations for DJ Slider and Quick Contact Module, Google Map, sigPlus Gallery Plugin and a lot of Typography code snipets including price tables, toggles… I think this is enough for a corporate design.

A good piece of advice for you (I have some good years of experience by now): the less extensions you manage on your website, the less work you have to do to maintain it. If you have to maintain several extensions on several websites of your clients (let’s say 100 clients with akeeba, virtuemart, mailing system, core hacks, other customizations, agora, etc), are you sure you want to do it considering you won’t have time to breathe?

If Joomla! can do it with core extensions, don’t use other extensions just for some unreliable features but good looking.

Keep it simple is better ;)


Hi Danny,

Quick question… where is the map and where do I change the Google Map api code! I am not quite used to Joomla 1.7 yet.

Once again going on ten years messing with Joomla… you are very talented and gifted! Gavick used to be at the top of my list but you have out done them all.

Funny thing is most Joomla people do not even know ThemeForest exists! Also do you have your own site?

Thank You My Friend,


Hello again my friend,

Thanks again for your kind words and encouragements! Makes me feel very optimistic!

The Google Maps Plug-in is to be setup in order to be used for your need. Here’s how to do that:
  • get your own Google Maps API code here
  • then log in your back-end and go to Extensions Menu at the top, and click Plug-in Manager
  • in the search field type: maps and hit Enter
  • when found click it and paste your newly created (or existing) API Code

I have my own website (it supposed to be a shop, later only blog, and now it’s just a registration site for the forum support for my templates) but I have something else to do. Like developing templates now and traveling the world.

And yes Gavick is a good choice for templates, at least it was :) but I think no template club can compete with ThemeForest anymore by now.

Thanks again Ross, Danny

Thanks Danny!

I should have known, the last place I thought to look!

Keep developing and enjoy your travels…

Thank You My Friend, Ross

Thanks again,

The live demo does not work!

I am sorry I was requested by my host to move my site to another server and I am uploading to the new space as I am writing here.

If you purchase and download, I can guarantee it will work perfect on your setup.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Finished uploading, I am now waiting for the DNS IP address propagation change. Today the demo will be available.

Regards, Danny

Hi, great template..

I want to ask, how I can disable at all the Google Font api, and to load my own font family.

What updates I must make?

Regards, H

Hello man,

Thanks for purchasing my template.

You can disable the Google Font in the template administration panel.
  • login your administration panel
  • browse Extensions menu at the top and click Template Manager
  • click Technik to edit
  • once opened click the Profiles panel and locate the Google Fonts API
  • disable or choose your desired font.

You can also manually edit the default.ini profile to add a permanent change to your setup (customized template). It’s located in templates/technik/core/etc/profiles/default.ini.

Find out more here.

Please note that the custom font have been added to several more elements than the T3 Framework styles by default with it’s standard coding. I’ve added some extra CSS you might want to look for “Oswald” font in all files of the templates/technik/css/template.css file. If you choose another Google Font, you might want to replace Oswald with yours.

Let me know if this was helpful.

For more assistance, please join me in the forum.



Congratulations for your template. I have a little problem: I have installed the quickstart but I can’t installing new languages. This is the error: JInstaller: :Install: File already exists /var/www/vhosts/

Can you help me?

Best regards


Hello and thanks for purchasing my template.

This means you already installed es-ES language or you already copied the language files into corresponding folders.

Before trying again, please follow this guide:

  • back-up your es-ES folders located in your-site/administrator/language/es-ES and your-site/language/es-ES (just in case you need them, or THEY ARE YOURS )
  • delete these folders ONLY if you want to install a new and fresh version of your language pack,
  • retry language installation.

Please let me know if that helped.

Thanks again,

Hi Danny:

Sorry but after follow your guide the error says the same: JInstaller: :Install: File already exists /var/www/vhosts/ Package Install: There was an error installing an extension:

Best regards

Hi and thanks for getting back.

Seems you haven’t followed my guide completely, you still have the es-ES language folders
File already exists /var/www/vhosts/
Please follow the guide careful and remember to check these folders before installing
  • your-site/administrator/language/es-ES
  • your-site/language/es-ES

If you don’t delete these folders (es-ES) you will see the error on installation forever.

FYI : language pack have nothing to do with my template. I checked the quickstart package and now I know for sure there is no es-ES folder there in the above mentioned language folders. You have installed the template in your existing setup where you already had this issue with your language package.

For language issues in Joomla!, please ask for support in this forum section.