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really I like your work , but I have one question before purchasing. What about right to left support for languages like Arabic? my website should to be RTL but I do not want to work on the CCS files and templates

I have a new version for you my friend. This version provides RTL Languages support for the main layouts, main typography, form replacements and most of the module styles.

Please send me a message via ThemeForest. I will reply with this version attached.

Let me know If there is something else you need for your website.


thank you for great support :)

Thank you so much for your great support really I admire your commentment and the effort you did to add RTL support to the theme and I think it is a great advantage to it since not it will work perfectly for right to left languages like Arabic, Hebrew, and Parisian.

you get my 5 stars rate ;)

The registration page is broken:

I’m getting error “JLIB_FILESYSTEM_ERROR_RENAME_FILE” at the administrator login, re-installed 3rd times with no luck.

I’m using the 1.04 Quickstart package.

I’ve no issue with default Joomla 1.72 package.

Any clue?

I am sorry, I am having problems with my website.

The registration page and forum will be available soon.

I will check this issue as soon as possible, maybe I will have to rebuild the quickstart with a new Joomla install.

Regards, Danny

Seems you have to check the file/folder permissions in your setup.

Then there is the Joomla! 1.7 requirements list to check.

Get back to me with news.


Hi Danny, I doubt this has to do with the folder permission since they are in order and if you have read my message earlier the default installation of 1.72 has no issue but not your QuickStart package.

Hi Martin.

Thanks for getting back.

I just tested the Quickstart on my localhost. Works perfect for me.

I insist checking the permissions for your folder creating issues, as it is a localhost installation, could have different permissions as copying it and packing it up for ThemeForest can loose the permissions settings.

Also check the Joomla! requirements.

As you can see, nobody else reported such issue so far in the last month. There must be something wrong in your setup. Maybe your upload was not finished or something like this. Something similar happened to me now with my website and I am trying to fix it.

Hope this helps,

Hi Danny, I’ll try downloading the 3rd copy and have it installed again. Basically, I open the zip from bash and have them changed to respective permission for the last 2 times. So not likely it has related to upload nor permission unless the original files in themeforest has inherited the issue but I’ll try again and let you know later.

Hi Danny, I chmod the entire joomla directory and it works so I guess it must be some pre-installed modules and components are causing the issues since the “standard permission” did not work for me.

Yes Martin, I am sorry for this little inconvenient. I use to patch files on localhost and cannot check this on livesite demo as I have FTP layer enabled and have never seen such error.

Thanks for letting me know.


when my programmers intergrated this template with Joomla – they encountered problems either 404 can up or the screen was just blank?

any ideas?


Please disable the Joomla! SEF , clear your cache, see if 404 error persist.

Enable SEF again then check again, also try another template because this is definitely not a template problem but a Joomla! router problem.

Let me know how this goes.


Simply gorgeous. Looking forward to digging into this soon.

Thank you.

Hi Danny,

Few queries for you,

1. Shall I implement core login module? As you don’t have any in your template. Is there any specific position for login module? 2. Does your template support shopping modules? like virtue mart/red host shopping / joom shop? 3. You have “Tools” collapsible module on top left hand side. Can I utilize in other way? I don’t want end users to change theme or any color of template.

Many thanks.

I already got this message via ThemeForest and already replied, please check your SPAM folder of your Inbox.

Thank you,


Can you provide me a receipt about this payment? I purchased this version, but I need the invoice which show the money amount 25USD on it…

Thank you, Angie


Thanks for your purchase.

This is a ThemeForest related question, please ask for support here



I generate new Google API key for my website and replace the old key in google map plugin but still it is giving me “This web site needs a different Google Maps API key. A new key can be generated at" rel="nofollow" message when i am opening Contact Us page. Do i need to change anything else?

Also could you please tell me how do i change contact us form?

Thank you

Still not working?

no its not working

Please send me a message via Themeforest here

We should use comments for feedback only and not support.


Hi… Awasome work.

But I have a question about “ENABLE STICKY TOOLBAR ” in Technik Options (left toolbar). Default this option is disabled. How to turn off left toolbar with Technik Options (i know how to do this) and turn on Sticky toolbar for all users (here I need some hint).

Thank you in advance for your answer and once again congratulate amazing theme.


Please send me a message via ThemeForest profile page, I will reply shortly with a solution, I am preparing right away.



May I know how to remove the cooltip at the link (the small black box whenever I hover the link, especially the menu), or at least how can I change the content?


Please send me a message via my profile page

I will reply with a solution. Please don’t forget to specify your template.



Really like this template. A comprehensive guide and well thought out layout. Excellent.

Just a quick query: How can I remove/hide the black boxes that appear over the mega menu main navigation when hovering?

Running on a local server at the moment.

Many thanks


You mean disable the Cooltips?

These show what links use to have titles but in a very ugly way. Disabling them it’s just a matter of seconds, and you have to send me a message via profile page here:

I will reply with a solution shortly.


How can i change default layout to blue dark?

For support related questions, please send me a message via profile page

Thank you.


I simply love this template. I got a quick question though… After I buy this, can I use a quite bigger logo without damaging the look and feel of the navigation menu?

I have a logo with a symbol and the company name and I don’t know if it will really fit in that small area.

We can resize the logo, move it or what ever needed to fit the design.

Hello, I want to buy your theme but wondering if it will look exactly the same as the Demo version when i install it or do i have to do everything manually to get the site looking the same as yours.

PS: Excellent theme by the way.

Yes, the item package have Quickstart installation so you can easily get the demo on your site in no time.

Thanks for dropping by,


Very important tempate.

How can I buy this themplate for webmoney. For example wmz. And how not to get technical support on russian language?

Best reguards. Mike.


For payment methods and other purchasing related questions, please read For further information or if you need to clarify something related to purchase, please submit a ticket to

I am sorry but I don’t know what is your this question about:
“And how not to get technical support on russian language?” -> You mean I should provide support for Russian speaking users?

Thanks for dropping by,

I have replied and my comment was reported…

Maybe you clicked wrong Mike?

This template is fantastic and the support I have received has been timely, accurate, courteous and easily understood.

:) 5 star rating from me

Thanks ;)

Is there a version available for wordpress?

Not yet but I hope there will be. Thanks for dropping by.


Thanks :)