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Do ou hav a module position in Menu? Just Like it there in our BENZ Theme?

You have 2 options:

Further more, some CSS adjustments could be needed.

cannot get google maps to reflect new location! It is still showing some place in Detroit! Yes, i have api key and entered, yes i also placed full address, yes i cleared template and browser cache. Yes i am using correct lat/long I got straight from google maps. Is there some reason it is still showing the lat/long that came with template????

Please check map module (it’s a custom HTML ) published in slideshow module position. That’s where the magic happens ;)

^ Your reply does not answer the problem I ‘had’. To be exact, just where is this ‘map module’, because doing a search for ‘map’ under modules there is nothing! Are you meaning plugin? Because thats the only place where ‘map’ / ‘google maps’ is.

I stumbled on something which may help others.. The only way I could get this ‘Detroit’ location on the map out was to (obviously get your Google Map API key), in the theme set it to version 3.. then get the latitude + long and at that into Location Settings TWICE ! (Put it in the Center Long/lat fields also!) And I also put in the full address in the field.

I am sorry my previous reply was not exact, I was away from my computer.

Please follow this exact guide:
  • Go to Module Manager
  • in the search form, type “Where we are” and hit Enter
  • you should find a blank module, a special module that is very fancy ;)
  • edit this module to your convenience, according to GoogleMaps Plugin Documentation

Have fun!

Editing the ‘Slides’.. When editing links in the slides, there is no other way to link to articles / pages other than having to KNOW previously the full path?????

For example for one of the slides, ‘Buy Technik’ to be exact, the buttons link like this:

<a class="button big black" href="index.php?option=com_content&view=category&id=79&Itemid=550">Fleets</a>

As far as I can tell, one would have to KNOW this entire href BEFORE even doing this linkage?

FYI : that is relative path, it’s a Joomla! specific stuff that helps you enormously with internal linking, so you don’t have to worry when moving your website from localhost to livesite.

If internal links don’t work inside Skitter, you need to setup SEF properly. Let me know if that helps.

I notice that your map ‘now’ displays your logo on the map which is obviously where the google pointer would go.. care to share what version google map api version you are using? Because no matter what i try it will not even show the google pointer.. im using google map api version 3. ALSO .. I noticed now that your font menu and text is now sharp/crisp.. do you care to share what we have to change to get that also?

You can configure in the Google Map Plugin the Icon Settings section.

i did multiple times and it doesn’t work.. it didn’t work using the full sample data install. And up until very recent, yours didn’t show either, but now it is.. so thats why I’m asking how is it that yours is showing ‘now’?

Also, the text is much sharper now then before, obviously you made some changes.. are you using a new font? Because with your sample data install the font is blurry!!

Please note there is update for T3 Framework, the fonts are the same, just some CSS adjustment were required.

Please send me a message via profile page, sen me a link to your site + Joomla admin account, I will have a look at your maps plugin settings.

yea, i see the update.. AND that JA Exxtensions Manager looks AWESOME !!

ok sending link to site, etc. right now..

Is this template compatible with both Joomla 1.7 and 2.5?

If you are using Joomla 1.7, the template is compatible. But the Quickstart with sample data is already Joomla! 2.5 upgraded, cannot downgrade.

how to change the height of the navigation panel. The logo is very small and I want to have a bigger logo and make the main navpanel be a little thicker.

Please send me a message via profile page here

Also let me know your site link so I can have a look, I will give you some solutions shortly.


How can i useo just the skitter slideshow on another website, i like it a lot but i just don’t need all the t3 framework features. Do you sell only the module?

Thanks in advance

I don’t sell Skitter separately, sorry. The module should work anywhere, just needs jQuery and easing plugin

Yah, i think i’m going to forget using this spectacular slideshow, the images are not loading and i cant reailze what i’m doing wrong, i think is better to use it when is already implemented in one of your templates.

Why not consider sell it just as a module for any joomla site, you have gold in your hands ;-)

By the way, your templates are just awesome and this slideshow is really really one of the best ones arround the web(if not the best).

Congrats Congrats

I thank you for your nice feedback.

Again, Skitter is only shipping with my templates.

Hi Dan,

I was checking my website in IE and I found that template changes its style in IE. Buttons, menu items, some modules etc. looks different in IE. So how do I solve this problem?

FYI , I am using Internet Explorer 8.

Many thanks, Vaishali

I replied by e-mail.
Thanks for dropping by.

Hi. My skitter module does not work correctly. I can upload images but any text I add through xml not even appear. Why?

Perhaps you have deleted the CDATA tags?

Does this Template “Technik” support multi-language system, and does it have special placeholder for language switcher module?

It good, ill buy it today or tomorrow. Tnx for fast replay.

I can get you a language Switcher even better than the stock one :)

Can U make a sample page where the language switcher/s are located. OK, mate I’m buying it today, just waiting for funds to fill up here in :) Anyway would be great to see the language switcher in action :)

No worry. I will code something special for this if I am not satisfied with what Joomla comes with.

Hi Danny and thanks for this great template :)

I try to setup the map in contact page, i install the plugin but i can’t find how to publish to contact page.

Is some some help text even for the basics..?

Hi. Please install the Quickstart on your localhost and check modules assigned to Contact page.


Hi This is really great design Dose “Technik” support arabic language to display all the menues and text in all forms in arabic. Also can I make the menues and the layout to be from right to left.

Thank you Abdussalam

Sure you can.

Hi, I bought the Technik template yesterday and I installed it just fine. However, the Skitter images are not loading. I read comments/solutions from the forum but still the images are not loading after specifying absolute paths for the images location. Specifically I want to use the image Slides Source internal configuration – ‘configured here’. What the solution to this?

Like how long do I have to wait? I’ll have finished with the other content within a week. You don’t have an immediate quick fix solution to this?

Like how long do I have to wait? I’ll have finished with the other content within a week. You don’t have an immediate quick fix solution to this?

When you finish with your content, and I haven’‘t finished working on the updates, send me a message via this form

v1.0.9 web demo version – perfect downloaded version – still buggy here and there.. :(

Please contact me via PM and let me know what is wrong. Maybe you have some user specific issue that need my eye on :)

Man please turn off compatibility mode, that makes IE9 work almost like IE6 :)

what is the fix for google maps as it now does not do keys?