Discussion on Technopolis Shop - Electronics Store OpenCart Theme

Discussion on Technopolis Shop - Electronics Store OpenCart Theme

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ThemeBurn does not currently provide support for this item.

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Hello team, pre sales question: I was wondering if it would be possible to integrate TechSpecs’ free API (techspecs.io) into this template, so that product description, specifications and images could be added automatically to our store. This would be a very useful feature to have.

Really sad that themeburn is not updating the themes anymore, i wanted to use on my new website for new world https://new-world-mmo.store/ ...

Yeah themeburn is dead, they earned enough and gone unkown nobody cares, Journal 3 is the best theme

Slider work in Demo01? Or it’s only big image?

There is no how to install tutorial in zip file. Also the zip file cannot be installed directly as extension. Opencart version:

Did i use this theme for my best gaming laptop for sims 4 affiliate website.

Themeburn is dead.Theme Technopolis and shoppica etc R.I.P.

Hi, can you still fix the theme problem i have for me?

http://prntscr.com/qcpada can’t change the content on this page somehow doesn’t register any changes add to cart no button doesn’t help

I could not register in your support forum. ERROR: Your purchase code is either invalid or does not match any item offered by ThemeBurn

I have some problems in the template how to solve it ?? Notice: Undefined index: cache_db in /var/www/vhosts/domain.com/httpdocs/system/vendor/BurnEngine/catalog/ThemeCatalogExtension.php on line 64

People – DON’T PAY MONEY or before READ COMMENTS. “SUPPORT” is really DEAD! Last answer was 6 month before. Another 6 month “support” answered just few time. Now first you buy it and after you are crying about bad support. Until today all themeburners themes is with bugs. A lot of bugs!

And if you will use themebur themes you will have a lot of problems with extensions, because not all will work and you will need to modify it.

But I’m sure after this post people will buy this themes and will cry :D

Don’t cry Argentina, better look at himself to the mirror :)

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Hello, The search field at the top of my site, only appears in the accesses on desktop computers, I would like the search field to be visible in the accesses in the mobile format. Could you give me a feel for how to set it up? Thank you.

How do we get support on this product? Themeburn is non existing, will themeforest be able to fix issues like blog not working? Did we waist money on a product not working? You are still selling this theme…I will renew my support with themeforest if they will be able to fix the dam issue.

Themeburn is dead.

Авторы не поддерживают шаблон, забросили полностью поддержку. Не покупайте он не рабочий и с глюками. Просьба заблокировать данную тему.

Hi, I want to buy your theme “TECHNOPOLIS”. I want to install it on version. If I upgrade Opencart to new wersion is your theme will work on new version of opencart without reinstall the theme or modifing it ? Does your theme have import export funcionality? I need to work on test site and after all setup is done to export (import) all theme parameters to new site.

Hi, I copied the files the my original opencart, but not found at themes section, what am i do wrong?

Opencart BE Technopolis footer link trouble – in Store Settings – Common – Affiliate->Off, cache flushed, but link is active. What can i do to fix this trouble?

... Affiliates link in footer.

no support?

Tech support is not responding for 5 days. Error installing demo data:

https://www.screencast.com/t/YnFlHQENVs4 https://www.screencast.com/t/GuvIDjIy

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