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Don’t waste your money on this template. It does not even work in Outlook 2007! Seriously did you even test this? After spending 4 hours adding content to the newsletter and doing a test send, we find out that it’s completely broken in Outlook. Buttons, ribbons, background image and rounded corners are all broken.

Take it easy jmotte :), we’ve made an update and fix all the issues in Outlook 2007. Download the files again and all it will be as good as new.

Cheers, and thanks for the support.

A bit late I think. I purchased a month ago when I needed the product for a project. I had to redo your template from scratch to get it o work with Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail. None of which worked properly despite being advertised as such. The issue was not just an Outlook 2007 issue. Next time test your product before releasing it and wasting your customer’s time.

Better late than never we say :).

I can assure you that the product was well tested and was working in all the mail clients you’ve mentioned there except the issues in Outlook 2007.

We tried our best to fix Outlook 2007 as soon as we could. Glad to see that our clients are experienced developers and know how to fix things :). And a good developer knows that sometimes Microsoft can be a pain when comes to standard compliant products.

Anyway, cheers and thanks again for your support.

Just to keep you guys in the loop with what are we working on, we’ve attached 2 screen shots on our profile page

Don’t forget to hit follow to stay tuned with the releases :)


Thanks a lot good style ;) thats great!

Great newsletter template!

Has anyone tried it with Mailchimp? I’d be interested to buy it if I could add it as a custom theme in Mailchimp.

// George

Hi guys,

We are going through a re branding process so from today the WebCrafters is known as ThemeFuse.

Also, to celebrate our brand new name, we’ve made an awesome new project called WebStudio that we’ll release in a couple of days.


Does it include the html and CSS ?

Or only PSD ?


Yes it includes html+css and also the psd files.

Hello! I am interested in purchasing this email template, but I would like to know if it works with aweber! I don’t like their templates at all..

hello there, we haven’t tested with aweber so we can’t say for sure. We’ll take a look at it and get back to you.

Thank you for the fast reply! I will be waiting for your answer!

You fixed the Outlook problem or not? I want to buy this template.

hello Saifulmd_0, thanks for the interest in this template. Yes, the Outlook issue has been fixed some 1 and a half years ago, but since then Outllok has probably been updated a few versions and we haven’t tested if the TechOffers newsletter template still works perfectly with it.

Hi -are the email templates compatible with Sendblaster ?


We didn’t test it for sendblaster. It’s possible to work, but we can’t guarantee it.

“We included htmls for all the different variation in the archive.” There is only one HTML with the default version.

Yes, we ment all the background variations. You are right the HTMLs are not there, but the only difference between them is the backgrounds and those are there.

In order to change the bg, you need to open the HTML in a HTML editor and find on line 9 the following code:


you need to change the dots.jpg with one of the jpg backgrounds from the images folder: blue.jpg, green.jpg, orange.jpg or purple.jpg. Hope this helps. If you can’t manage to do it, send me an email and I’ll reply to that with an archive with the rest of the HTMLs.


Thanks for the replay. I figured how to change the background. I am pretty disapointed that the red bars have the text in the graphics embeeded. There is no raw bars, just one big PSD file. I know I can generate the empty bar form the source PSD, but for a non-photoshop person its a hassle. :(

Good work , I have a question before ordering this template , if I want to add around 50 product , can I do that , or there is a limitation template size ?

Sure, you can add as many as you like. This being HTML, it’s pretty easy to ad using a HTML editor like Dreamwaver (Windows) or Coda (Mac). Hope this helps.


I am interested in Tech Offer Newsletter template, please answer some questions. I want to use on following….

1. I just bought plugin “Rapid Mailer” for Word Press, does it support WordPress ? 2. On Outlook 3. Mail Chimp or any other Auto res-ponder ? 4. Will on above platforms the newsletter will not be broken, will it maintain all the design, fonts ?




Yes I think it should work (can’t be 100% sure). We didn’t test it with different plugins. It’s actually impossible to test it with all the plugins out there.