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Great Work! GLWS! :)

Thank you :)

Very nice work ! Good luck with sales ;)

Thanks !! :)

Superbe travail !

Oui, un grand oui à la version Wordpress, je l’attends :p

merci !! on va attendre de voir si ça marche et après let’s go !! j’espère… :P

Bonjour, ça vient de sortir, check out -> WORDPRESS VERSION

Really nice!Love it :)

Thank you :)

Congratulations on your theme! Wonderful template;)

Thank you ThemeRex !! :)

Very nice, glws ;)

Thank you ! :)

This is a new world! I really like this theme, but am rather confused. I know it can be customized. However is it compatible with wordpress blog? Or do I need plugins?? Am I also able to import my own logo and edit the welcome’s text?

Please could someonehelp?


actually this is an HTML template so you can change all the design, all the content (welcome text of course), add your own logo and all the colors. Directly by editing the files. But you’re in the HTML category and not in the Wordpress one so no, it’s not compatible with Wordpress. But you can change everything all is explained into the documentation. Keep me posted for any other question :)


Thank you so much, you have clarified everything. Now I know the difference between HTML category and wordpress website based template:-)

No problem ;)

Hi, this template is what I need. Is there a wordpress version already or you need to set it up? Is it possible to include tee times booking (plugin?).

Wait on your reply,


Hello, Thanks for the idea about the plugin, I didn’t hear about that. If I do a Wordpress version, I’ll make it compatible with this plugin of course ! But actually I’m sure you can understand, I can’t start the Wordpress version with 0 sales on the HTML template…



Hello, The wordpress version is released :), check out -> WORDPRESS VERSION

Happy to be your 1st sale, very nice work.


Thank you !!! :) open the “members” folder -> “member.html” that’s it. keep me posted,


Thank you !!! :) open the “members” folder -> “member.html” that’s it. keep me posted,

No Members Folder in my download

Tee-up-v1 -> HTML -> members -> members.html…. maybe download it again but it’s weird…


Bonjour, Superbe template et magnifique travail. Je voudrais savoir (puisque vous êtes français) si il est possible de modifier dans les scripts (jquery je suppose) les effets d’apparitions des titres. C-a-d, au lieu à d’avoir les titres qui arrive de gauche à droite ou inversement, juste le faire apparaître dans leur position final en fondu uniquement (Opacity 0 to full Opacity)? Également, supprimer l’effet de rebond de la barre du Header (où se trouve le choix des langues) pour qu’il reste statique ?

Merci pour votre réponse ;)


Merci !! :) Oui pour chaque élément tu peux choisir entre 5 animations. Donc il te suffis juste de remplacer les animate_left_right par des animations_fade. Rien de compliqué ;) (tout est expliqué dans la doc). Pour l’effet de la barre du header, c’est pareil il suffit d’enlever la classe dans le fichier HTML, rien de compliqué là encore et il restera statique. Hésite pas si tu as d’autres questions ;)


Bonjour, super travail, malheureusement, pour diverses raisons je préfère utiliser wordpress. Quand pensez-vous développer votre thème sur WP ? Je serais votre premier client ! Merci d’avance


A bientot ;)

Merci !! :)

Bonjour, il vient de sortir ! :), check out -> WORDPRESS VERSION

Hi, the template is really awesome – light, beauty and clean! Very nice! But I didn’t find a FAQ page in download package. Can you reload it, please….or?

Hey, it’s okey! Now its fixed! As I understand there was an older version of template in first package, cuz in index.html wasn’t even “Sign in” form and faq link in “navigation”

Thanks for quick help!

br, z-bug

Contact page in older version I like more than new :)

I’ll reply to your email in a few minutes :) sorry for the delay…


I was woundering, is there any Wordpress theme for this one?


Hello, thanks for your interest ;) Not yet…Hope to release it about end of march. I keep you posted,



Hello, The wordpress version is released :), check out -> WORDPRESS VERSION

Fantastic Template!! I really wish there was a wordpress version!! I’ll keep an eye out for it. In the mean time I’ll use this one. Seriously…...can wait for the wordpress version!!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make the wordpress version as soon as possible!! I think it will become one of the most popular templates!!

Thank you !! I am on, I hope to finish as soon as possible. I keep you posted ;)

Hello, The wordpress version is released :), check out -> WORDPRESS VERSION

After reading the comments, it seems like this theme is not compatible with wordpress…

When I tried to download it, this is what it said: The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.

Are you in the process of making it compatible?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Ready yet?

I hope next week :)

Hello, The wordpress version is released :), check out -> WORDPRESS VERSION

Hello doubleF ! Can’t wait for the Wordpress version !!!

Wonderfull ! I will be your first customer !

Merci !!

Hello, The wordpress version is released :), check out -> WORDPRESS VERSION

@greg1702 I’m working hard on it, but the work is quite important (Member area, 5 custom post types, all the shortcodes, blog, home, options panel…). Released in 2-3 weeks I really hope :) I keep you informed.



I bought it by error, I thought it was for Wordpress. Yes, it would be great to have it for wordpress.

I don’t know how to install this HTML5 template.

Hello, I’m sorry…Actually the Wordpress version is largely finish, just need to fix some problems with WPML compatibility but I have to create the documentation AND make it compatible with Buddypress for the member area which is a huge work,I hope to release it next week ;) Regards,


Hello, The wordpress version is released :), check out -> WORDPRESS VERSION

If you have any beta Wordpress version, we can try it in my golf course.

Great, I’ve just done it!

If you are interested, I can help you translating it into Spanish. As my golf course is in Spain, I will need it in Spanish. It would be great to do it over the template, so that you have it for all your customers.

Hello, I’ve seen your emails, I’ll reply in a few minutes, thank you I’m interested about the translation ;) I’ll send you more informations via email. Thanks !


Okej, now it’s end of March… now… when will you release the Wordpress theme… Got the beta version available?

Best Regards!

Hello, Thank you for your interest about my work. To be honest, all the theme is finished with a bunch of awesome features BUT I need to finish the member area (buddypress compatibility) and then create the documentation. So I hope to finish this week and release it next week. About the beta, yes I’m looking for some persons to try this template. Please contact me via email (profile page on Themeforest). I think I’ll send the files friday or saturday at worst. Keep me posted,

Regards, 2F

Hello, The wordpress version is released :), check out -> WORDPRESS VERSION