TEEPRO - T-shirt Online Designer Printing And Dropshipping Shopify Theme

TEEPRO - T-shirt Online Designer Printing And Dropshipping Shopify Theme

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Below is the full feature specification of TEEPRO – T-shirt Printing And Dropshipping Shopify Theme


Inheriting the success of TeePro products in WordPress “TEEPRO – Woocommerce Custom T-Shirt Designer WordPress Theme”. Today we are launching this product under Shopify to better meet your needs.

We take pride ourselves to provide the highest quality TEEPRO – T-shirt Printing And Dropshipping Shopify Theme with many benefits below:

  • The theme was designed with the high-standard of UI/UX so your customer will have a complete shopping experience.
  • Furthermore, the theme is really friendly and useful because it helps customers find and buy products in the fastest way without any trouble. Save huge time for customers on shopping
  • The most important thing that makes our theme stand out of other competitors is a Powerful Core theme that helps admin create anything without coding any line.
  • Admin can change the header, layout product, page,… with a few clicks. Make your site at a high level.
  • Including 2 Home page layouts, multiple Headers, and Footers in this theme that make your site more variety. Admin can change the header, layout product, page, and so on. Easy to install and configure
  • Especially, we ensure the price is reasonable with a high-quality product and our dedicated team is available to support you whenever you need it.


If the shop owner has a little knowledge about technology, just follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Customers select products or searching for products they want to buy on Mega Menu
  • Step 2: Customers can select and compare multiple products together by clicking the “Add to compare”. Then if they want to view their products, click on the “Cart”. Customers flexibly change the display styles to view the product as a list or grid. In addition, customers can share your favorite products on social networking sites.
  • Step 3: Click on Add to cart and then checkout.


You can download and follow the instructions below to be able to install this theme on your own store

  • Step 1: Download file from Themeforest and extract select a single Teepro.zip file.
  • Step 2: From your store management page go to the following sections: Online store> Themes.
  • Step 3: Click on the Upload theme on the store’s theme management page.
  • Note: If you get a message “You can’t have more than 20 themes on your store”, please delete one of the themes you have just uploaded
  • Step 4: From the Upload theme popup that opens, select the correct Teepro.zip file on your computer.
  • Step 5: Click on Upload Theme that you newly uploaded will be displayed in the More themes section.

To use the store theme, you have to click Actions then Publish. The theme you are using on the store will automatically return to Unpublished status, instead the store will use the theme you just published.


Create anything without coding with this core to make your site stronger and high level

  • Multiple headers: Our theme comes from many header types that you can customize your website exactly the way you want.
  • Multiple Footers: This theme includes a ton of footer options so you can choose your own suitable one.
  • Various Google Fonts: Over 800 Google font which you can use and upload. Being stored on Google’s servers, displaying them will be fast & reliable.
  • Powerful typography feature: Easily change and control your typography as well as fonts style to make your site stand out of your competitors.
  • Unlimited custom color variations: Select and set dozens of color for your elements which are using our Custom Color Picker.
  • Multi layouts for product category: You have many options to show your category with products on list or grid and you can change its content also.
  • “Menu” layout for product category page: The products are displayed as the menu and this is the uniqueness of this theme.
  • Multi layouts for product detail page: You can edit title, sidebar, Meta layout, and tons of things to make your product page beautiful.
  • Dozens of Blog category layouts: Amazing features that will make your blog or magazine stand out among others.
  • Beautiful blog details style and layout: You can design your own awesome blog page with many styles and layouts that attracting readers.
  • Printcart Team SimpleModal Login: Easy to log in with a beautiful and friendly interface
  • Custom Element style: Easily to change many elements for many features to enhance your website.


  • Intuitive Drag and Drop Interface: Lightweight, easy to use interface that you and your clients will love. Creating pages and posts is easier than ever. No programming knowledge required!
  • Easily Extendable: Third-party developers, please join the party! Create your own plugins for Visual Composer for your themes or for sale here on Code Canyon.
  • Frontend Editor: Enjoy a “What You See Is What You Get” page building experience with our amazing frontend editor. See how your content will look on the frontend, instantly, with no additional clicks or switches.
  • Backend Editor: Prefer to work on backend? No problem! Visual Composer still supports native content management on the backend, with all the important functions and options at your fingertips.
  • Object Oriented Code: Visual Composer uses the most advanced and most effective programming patterns, to get the best results for your site.
  • Multilingual Ready: .po and .mo files included, for easy translation (BG, DE, ES, IR, FR, IT, JP, NL, PL, BR, RU, TW, and Arabic contributed by users).
  • Template System and Library: Copy or re-use existing pages, save pages or parts of pages as templates. Set default templates for your post types. Access Template Library for free downloadable layout templates crafted by web design professionals and updated regularly.
  • Responsive Design: Your content will look great on both desktop and mobile sites. Take full control over responsive design – define column size, offsets, and display options. Instantly check out how your content is displayed.
  • User Role Manager: Control user group role access to the features and options of Visual Composer, including drag & drop, templates, and elements – manage WordPress default and custom roles.
  • Custom Post Types Support: Works with any post type… Yes, even custom post types!
  • Lifetime Update – Free of Charge: We offer automatic updates, free of charge. Stay up to date with Visual Composer and receive our latest releases and enhancements.
  • Professional Dedicated Support: Our high quality, the dedicated support team is always on hand to help you out.
  • Shortcode Mapper: No more shortcode copy/paste. Add any third party shortcode to the list of VC menu elements for re-use. Edit params, values, and descriptions.
  • Design Options: Control how elements look with new Design Options. Set borders, margins, paddings, border radius, and background with a few simple clicks. Use color panel and alpha to enhance your design. Create up to date design solutions with ease.
  • Multi-language Support: Visual Composer is compatible with qTranslate X, Polylang, and powerful WPML. Build multi-language websites with Visual Composer.
  • SEO Friendly: Visual Composer is fully compatible with the most popular SEO plugins by Yoast. Make sure your page is getting the attention it deserves!
  • Full Width and Height Rows: Create full width and height rows with smart stretching options. Control stretching params – stretch just the background or background with content. Control element placement – in the middle or on top. Build sections in seconds.
  • Parallax Background for Rows and Columns: Add parallax style background to Visual Composer rows and columns. Combine Design Options, video, and parallax background to create even more advanced layouts.


  • Create multiple wishlists: users will be able to create and manage multiple wishlists, in case they prefer to split the products by category or by other parameters.
  • Ask for an estimate for the products in the wishlist: let users send the wishlist to the administrator of the e-commerce to ask for a custom estimate about the product they are interested in
  • Allow searching user’s wishlists: add a search form in the site to let people consult public wishlists
  • Add to cart some or all products in the wishlist: so that your users can decide whether to select some or all products in their wishlist and go to the checkout page with a simple click only.
  • Display a table with popular products of your shop: see which products appear most frequently in your users’ wishlist and make special offers for them
  • Display links for creating, manage and search wishlist: so that your users can directly access them from the wishlist table.
  • Inform and invite unlogged users to register: so that they can benefit from all wishlist features
  • Send a promotional email: the best way to tell your users about special offers, or to propose a unique one by yourself!
  • See the date of the addition of a product in a wishlist: for a precise and aimed check to offer more information to your clients.


  • Choose what type of button to display: decide whether to display a quick view button or a customized icon to access the quick view, and decide where to place it, near add to cart button or within the product image.
  • Browse products within a quick view: so that you can quickly move to the previous or next product. Without leaving the window
  • Choose information to display: you can decide if displaying all information of just part of it.
  • Choose displaying method for quick view: as modal window or with a cascading unrolling effect
  • Access product detail page from quick view: thanks to the additional “view details” button
  • Share quick views in social media: to be social-friendly and share quick views of your products on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, or send an email
  • Customize style: you can decide colors of the “quick view” button and everything that is within the modal window.
  • Place the quick view where you want: use the available shortcode to make your users see a specific product on any page.


  • Show the comparison on another page: a page that you can add even among the entries of your shop menu.
  • Compare elements by category: removing every doubt of your customers thanks to the comparison by category option.
  • Exclude specific categories: in this way, they won’t be available for the comparison and, on the contrary, you can even activate only those selected to be compared.
  • Add an image ahead of the table: customize the comparison table as you want!
  • Compare always the product information: no more comparisons with empty fields: these will be automatically hidden!
  • Share the comparison on social network sites: create your comparison and share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.
  • Show immediately the related products: thanks to a slider under the table that shoes the products with the same category/tag!
  • Change style and colors: make the plugin totally compatible with the layout of your site!
  • Customize attributes: add those you want for your products and make them appear in the comparing tables.
  • Create a table with the desired products: select the products and use the generated short-code to add the table in the page you want.


  • You can swatch your size or color attributes with color block or image.
  • Supports color/image/text variation swatches and dropdown select.
  • TeePro improved variable product attributes and swatches attribute.
  • Global color or image values for attributes.
  • Inbuilt color/image product filter.
  • Works on mobile devices.
  • Inbuilt direct variation link feature.
  • Option to display option name below swatch.
  • Shows color or image swatches on shop/category/tag archive pages.
  • Change product image on swatch hover on category/archive pages
  • Supports circular swatch (Supports square swatch)


  • Enable Price Matrix extension in Admin panel – User can enable the extension in the configuration system, then change color for background, text, delimiter, and others.
  • User can preview matrix in the back-end – After finished configuration, user can preview matrix table before showing out in frontend
  • User can easily choose a direction for created attributes – On the tab price matrix, user can drag and drop attributes in the vertical or horizontal direction, then the user can select to show all attributes in a vertical group or horizontal group
  • Show Price matrix in product detail – After the user is satisfied with the price matrix table in the preview matrix, the user will show it in product detail on the frontend. It is easy for the buyer to view and choose the price of each product in the price matrix table
  • Shopping Cart – After choosing a suitable price of the product, the customer will add to the cart, then product will go to the shopping cart with exact detail information, then press Proceed to Checkout to finish.

ORDER UPLOAD IMAGE (Buy separately)

  • Upload files directly on the product details page – Shoppers can bind images or upload files directly into each product on the product details page when they place an order for this product.
  • Support multiple files type – Shoppers can upload almost any file types like jpg, jpeg, png, txt, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, psd, cdr…
  • Upload multiple files at the same time – Upload multiple files at the same time using Ajax, do not need to refresh the pages
  • Delete/cancel files during the upload process – Through the upload process shoppers can DELETE any files uploaded with just one click. They can add comments to the standard WordPress order comment. After upload complete images files will be automatically thumbnails created. Besides, shoppers do not have to log in to upload files.
  • Display uploaded files on the checkout page – After uploading files/ images, shoppers can add this product into their cart. So a shopper can upload different files/ images into different products and add all into the cart and check out the same times. The uploaded file will display on the shopping cart page, into the WordPress order of client account.
  • Display uploaded files in the confirmed order email – Display files in the WordPress order confirmation email sent to clients/ admin
  • Used as a custom WordPress product field – Used as a custom WordPress product field, so you can allow which products are uploaded or not
  • Files are managed inside Order Management admin panel
  • Configure file types – Administrators can configure which file types are allowed to upload in the module settings
  • Set the width and height of the flash upload window


Developing of printing technology enhances our life quality recently. Customers do not have experience in photoshop, but they also want to create their own design as customizing T-shirts, mugs, pillows, photos, canvas, business cards, phone cases and so on. It is very easy if your site integrated WordPress Online Product designer. WordPress Online product designer plugin is the best extension and indispensable condition for all printing website at this time.


  • This is a new powerful design tool that helps customers customize multiple printing products, create a complete solution for the printing business. WordPress Online Product designer is a responsive plugin packed with exclusive functionality that provides customers a great experience with the high-quality outcome.
  • With customizable product collection, customers can get a vast artwork gallery with flexible custom options like clipart, Google font, color, style, and so on. The user also adds text & number or personalized image. An online product designer simplifies a creating product process, suitable for all kinds of customers.
  • The design tool is easy to install and provides the final outcome in the printing process. Come with many ideal features, this plugin enables the users to showcase unique ideas and make an awesome design through smooth clickable options like rotating, dragging, and flipping of text & picture. The designed outcome can be shared through many social channels. Besides, an administrator can set up the price as well as manage information of your customer or all designed product easier.
  • You can design anything – You can design as the bag, banner, bookmark, business card, button, calendar, cap, catalog, cd cover, certificate, door hangers, envelope, invitation, label, lettering, phone case, mouse pad, mug, notepad, photo album, poll sign, postcard, posters, shoe, signage, sticker, tag, t-shirt, x stands,…


  • Print Service Providers. Whether you are a screen printer or do DTG, printing t-shirts or business cards, we have got you covered. Configure your application with multiple printing methods and design parameters
  • Print Brokers. Focus on customer service, offer online and custom quotes, online artwork approvals and outsource jobs to multiple vendors with vendor management
  • In-plants. Manage departments and users with role-based access, predefined templates and artwork approval workflow, automated job sheets
  • Marketing Organizations. Offer branded storefronts with exclusive templates, customize marketing assets while retaining brand and regulatory compliance across the board
  • Trade Printers. Collaborate with designers and printers in different countries, offer storefronts and commissions, run marketing campaigns and one-off projects
  • Sign Printers. Offer off the shelf products as well as ready-made templates for personalization. Accept custom jobs with online file upload


With the steps below, everyone can be easy to use the WooCommerce Online Designer Plugin without design knowledge.

  • First, go to the product detail page which you want to design. Then click on ‘Start design’ button to start
  • Then, you can add text, add art, upload your own image, add code into the product you chose. Furthermore, you can change color, size, font, shadow, opacity, pattern… to suit your needs. Especially, you also can use a brush to draw, you can create your own signature. This is an amazing feature that you cannot find in any designer plugin.
  • After designing, you can preview it with zoom and view function, change the order of layers and edit as you want.
  • To finish the design process, you click to Add to cart button to receive the product as you wish
  • After receiving your design, the Administrator will consider and send an email notification to you to inform you that your design is accepted or rejected.
  • If your design is rejected, please go to your account to design again. You can design until the admin approve it.
    Below is full detail Features of Online Product Designer Plugin for WooCommerce WordPress


Shoppers can add text with various colors, fonts, and sizes. Especially, they can curve text in their design and edit anything of text as a shadow, pattern, rotate, opacity, outline, line height, background, etc.

  • Any text and font are available for your choice.
  • There are plenty of fonts being included in the Font Category, shopper can find it by pressing ‘More button’.
  • Font style includes italic, bold, underline with the full type of alignment such as left, center, right, or justified.
  • Font color is varied.
  • Text background is available and changeable.
  • Text pattern is available.
  • Creating text shadow according to dimension X or Y. Shadow blur, opacity, shadow color also can be changeable.
  • Line height, font size, and opacity are changeable.
  • Outline’s color and size are changeable.
  • Text layer can be measured.
  • Text can be turned, curved, or rotated/reversed.
  • Spacing is changeable.
  • Default style such as arc, straight, small to large, large to small top, large to small bottom is changeable.


  • You can add art, change colors, move, resize, rotate and delete art, flip, center function and so on
  • Art’s color can be customized. It not only gives an easy way to manage color but also allows customers to change the color of each part on this image
  • Art can be rotated and changed its opacity.
  • Art can be zoomed in or zoomed out.
  • Art can be moved or deleted.
  • Multiple arts can be added.


  • If shoppers are not satisfied with the sample pictures, they can upload images as they want. They also can select from different many sources as Facebook or enter the image’s URL.
  • Picture can be uploaded from local, URL, or social networks such as Facebook.
  • Temporarily saved uploaded files for later use.
  • Uploaded file is typed as PNG, JPG, GIF. Its maximum size can be adjusted in the backend.
  • Art can be zoomed or rotated.
  • Creating text shadow according to dimension X or Y. Shadow blur, opacity, shadow color also can be changeable.
  • Picture’s opacity can be customized.
  • Four types of the quick-changing picture are available.
  • Picture can be turned via the tool.


  • Especially, you also can use much available brush to draw, you can create your own signature.
  • Drawing brushes such as pencil, circle, spray, pattern, square, texture are available for different choices.
  • Brush and brush width color can be changed.
  • Add available geometrics as a rectangle, circle, triangle, line, and polygon. And can change color, rotate, opacity.
  • Picture can be turned or zoomed.
  • Picture’s opacity can be customized.


  • You can create QR code and then add to your design
  • Text or QR codes can be added to the picture.
  • Picture can be zoomed.
  • Picture can be moved or rotated.


  • Drag and drop to sort layers and change layers of items
  • Layer position can be dragged to different positions.
  • Layer(s) can be deleted partly or entirely.
  • Scroll can be created when multiple layers exist.
  • Certain buttons are used to quickly change the layer’s position.
  • Layer can be displayed or hided easily.


  • More tools are included extension as next, zoom in, zoom out… All buttons are arranged clearly for convenient use.
  • Double player
  • Next to the left, right, up or down
  • Layer can be reversed from left to right or from above to below.
  • Vertical align, horizontal align
  • Layer can be zoomed.
  • Layer can be deleted.


  • After designing, you can preview it with zoom and view function
  • Review all design.
  • Zoom in for details.
  • Popup full screen.

Allow the customers easy to log in and use their photos from their Dropbox, Google Drive accounts in custom designs.

Assign someone to become a designer who can create templates.


After completing a custom design, the customer can share it with everybody via social network: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, mail…


It’s a page show designer profile and their list templates.


If the customer does not want to order current designs, they can save them into their account and start for the next time. They also can use their stored designs (“My designs”) for other products.

Export design to SVG file which you can easily edit in Illustrator or CorelDRAW

JPG with high resolution and CMYK mode is the best choice for print in most of the case. And you can create PDF files with them.

The customer can order again with the last completed order has items with custom designs.

The customer can get designs from saved design which they saved in their account and designs exist in the current cart.

Allow the customer only upload design files without custom design.

We have improved gallery page with left sidebar filter such as categories, designers, and products. The customer can choose quick view design, view designer profile, and so on.


  • Easy to use: Shopper can easily use this product, it is very friendly with customers and special it is very simple to use.
  • Compatible with WooCommerce: This plugin is an extension of WooCommerce plugin that allows your users to design products easily
  • 100% responsive and mobile friendly: You can design on any device as desktop, tablet or mobile
  • Various fonts: There are many fonts are included in this product. Admin also can add more fonts if they want
  • Easily manage products with the online design: Products with online design on Front-end will be added on checkbox to distinguish with Product without online design
  • Flexible configuration: You can set uploaded file size, preview the thumbnail size, thumbnail quality, show customer design in the cart/order, admin notifications, etc.
  • Easily view the detail of customer’s design: After customers complete their design, admin can view the detail customer’s design in the order management page in the backend
  • Accepting or declining the design and send the email: After receiving customer’s design, an administrator will send a notification email to customers to inform that their design is accepted or rejected.
  • Customer design again easily: If your design is rejected, please go to your account to design again. You can design until getting the approval.
  • Power helpdesk: The customer can easily design with the power helpdesk.
  • Get photos from Dropbox, google drive: Allow the customers easy to log in and use their photos from their Dropbox, Google Drive accounts in custom designs.
  • Assign a user as a designer: Assign someone to become a designer who can create templates.
  • Share design: After completing a custom design, the customer can share it with everybody via social network: Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Linkedin, mail…
  • Designer profile templates page: It’s a page show designer profile and their list templates.
  • Save design for later: If the customer does not want to order current designs, they can save them into their account and start for the next time. They also can use their stored designs (“My designs”) for other products.
  • Export design to svg: Export design to SVG file which you can easily edit in Illustrator or CorelDRAW
  • Export design to jpg high resolution, cmyk mode and icc profile: JPG with high resolution and CMYK mode is the best choice for print in most of the case (required: php imagick api). And you can create PDF files with them.
  • Order again the previous order which includes design file: The customer can order again with the last completed order has items with custom designs.
  • Get design from wishlist, cart and design store: The customer can get designs from saved designs which they saved in their account and designs exist in the current cart.
  • Upload design without custom design: Allow the customer only upload design files without custom design.
  • Update the gallery page: We have improved gallery page with left sidebar filter such as categories, designers, products. The customer can choose quick view design, view designer profile, and so on.


  • Support Multi Languages, Currencies: It easily translates or installs new local language & built-in currency exchange plugin change flexibly currency and language for your theme website.
  • Quick View: Your clients will be free to look in a better way your products, reading also a small description with all the most important features
  • Responsive: You can design on any devices as desktop, tablet or mobile
  • Slider Revolution: There is a collection of slider diversity for any type of business.
  • SEO Friendly: This theme was built following the best SEO to help your sales higher. With Yoast or All in One SEO plugin that we recommended you need to install intro this theme, we are believe your rank increase significantly.


  • Free of Charge- After purchase, all updates are free of charge.
  • Update Guarantee- we will continue to update and improve this theme to keep it the best theme for SHOPIFY.The upgrade will be guide in the user guiders of newer version and the buyer has his own responsibility to upgrade the products or not
  • Ticket Support – we have a team support private ticket here, please register and open ticket support. Please read over our support policy as we as Themeforest support policy
  • Support Period – we will only support client who has a validated support period from Themeforest, if you are expired, please buy a new extension of support.


  • Presales Questions – if you have any presales questions, please post on TF comment sections.
  • Template User guider – the template come with a detail user guiders online format which is update often.
  • Template Installation on live site – you can buy and use it with your current SHOPIFY website which already has product and data
  • Quick start Installation Packages – you can set up a completely new WordPress with Quick start Package. We have detail documentation for you to install the templates on your SHOPIFY sites to work.
  • Sample data – IS INCLUDED in the purchased package with the product images is placeholder.
  • Installation Services – for any buyer who do not have time, skills, knowledge or for any other reasons can buy the Wordpress Theme Demo Installation Pack from our team, so we can install demo data with images and products, pricing, configure all the modules to work with SHOPIFY TEEPRO THEME.
  • WordPress Project Outsourcing – In case you want to customize this templates, set up full sites, need a team to do maintenance, then please feel free to contact our team at printondemand@printcart.com


  • Refund Policy – we are a seller on ThemeForest and we comply with TF support and refund policy. If you want a refund, please contact Envato team to receive the determination. We refuse the refund for client who mistakenly bought HTML, WordPress or Magento Teepro
  • Media Images – some product images, background photos, videos, banners…which use for demo template, is the subject of copyright and are not included in the purchase packages and sample data. We can replace them with placeholder images, so please use your own items.
  • Commercial WordPress plugins – if the templates is developed to use with some commercial WordPress plugins which is developed and sold separately by our team or other developers, then we will listed it here clearly and the buyer have to buy the separated license to use them for the WORDPRESS TEEPRO THEME for your own project. We will also not provide any support for those WordPress plugins that are provided by third party developer

Thank you for reading. If you have any question please leave your feedback here sales@printcart.com.


Version 1.1.0 (10 May 2023)

+ Fix Navigation UI bug

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