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Do you think you recently publish an update?

The last update was ver. 1.0.1 Is that what you mean?

I mean, when will the next update come? The menu is looking bad on mobile. Will you make the menu collapsible? I exactly wonder this for the next update.

I probably add a collapsible menu as option. I think if you have a few items is better with out a collapsible button, which adds one more step to the user.

hi, this theme is nice, be for buying the theme, I have few questions, 1> can I control text size (title, body, menu) by admin panel? 2> can I move a scroll menu in the middle to the right side? if yes, please tell me how.3> how can I modify CSS for turning off the sliding effect on feature images? I have read other commend and you mentioned it can be changed by CSS. it means there is no option to turn off in admin panel?

1) You can change by adding CSS in the admin panel. 2) No, sorry. That will break the layout. 3) This is the CSS:
.ql_post_list article.has-post-thumbnail:hover .post_thumbnail {
  -webkit-transform: translate(-106%, 0)!important;
  -ms-transform: translate(-106%, 0)!important;
  -o-transform: translate(-106%, 0)!important;
  transform: translate(-106%, 0)!important;
.ql_post_list article.has-post-thumbnail:hover .post_wrap {
  -webkit-transform: translate(0%, 0)!important;
  -ms-transform: translate(0%, 0)!important;
  -o-transform: translate(0%, 0)!important;
  transform: translate(0%, 0)!important;

I have another question for 4> can I disable a responsive action? seems, it’s not a perfectly fix on mobile view.

well, I purchased this nice theme, one thing different with your demo is, when I click post title in the middle menu, it seems refreshing all page. it should be refreshed only right page right? My wordpress version is 4.2, is it because of version issue since the themw software version is 4.1? if so I do need to use only for this version?

Please create a Support Topic in http://support.quemalabs.com/ with your URL, I will take a look.

resolved a right above my question, it is simply because of AJAX enabled. Well, I have another question that 5> how can I remove the effect of fade-in/out for a right post page? please give your tips for 1 to 5 my question. if any of my question required to modify some CSS or code changes. Please kindly answer those. as I am not a web developer, I need your clear explanation. Thank you~

Hi, there is an issue for moving next page in the middle scrolling session. I have been setting 10 most posts in Setting -> Reading therefore I did change the most posts number for more than 10 (from 11 not working) and it makes this problem not to move next page.I have about 30 posts but theme shows only 10. I think your demo has a same symptoms only working the page number 1 and 2 not working 3 page. Please let me know how to solve this issue. Thanks,

Please create a Support Topic in http://support.quemalabs.com/ with your URL, I will take a look.

Thanks for your reply. I created the ticket.

I love practically everything about this theme and would LOVE to use it. However:

A In my implementation, it is important to the reader to know the post category when browsing the column 2 post blurbs…

B ...and to be able to choose whether to look at all three types of post or just one of the types (All Posts, Our News, Our Company in the News, or Industry News) with column 1 links.

C It would also be an extremely useful for column 2 to scroll through the history of blog posts without needing to go to page 2, 3, etc. (The whole idea of “pages” to me goes against the logic of the theme, as one of the most powerful things about it is that it lets you can stay on the same page to both access post blurbs and read more about any blurb you choose.)

Are these things achievable with this theme?

A) Right now you can see the post’s category right at the end. But maybe for you it will be a good idea change the comments for the category in the second column: http://cl.ly/image/2M1w0H1R2x3A B) When you click a category you will see this list: http://themes.quemalabs.com/teller/?cat=6 You can add this lists on main navigation without problems.

C) I see what you mean, maybe I can add that as an option because it’s not suitable for all users. But I will take it in consideration.

About the WordPress vs Ghost, WP is a more complete option. Ghost is a simpler one.

Thank you for your prompt reply, clear answers and even an illustration :-).

Concerning “C” above it would be great if the full scroll through all posts could be an option! However, looking at the mobile views, I would think that if this were an option there would be a problem with viewing on a mobile device with the current solution. This is because, after reading a full post, Teller doesn’t help you find your way back to where you were in the list of post blurbs before reading the full post. With all posts shown in the blurb list, there could be a long long list of blurbs to inspect to find out where you were in the list. Perhaps expanding/collapsing the full post right under the post’s blurb and/or providing a link at the bottom of the post back up to the blurb position would not only allow this feature, but work better with the “pages” approach currently in use.

Exploring how Teller works on various devices and browsers provokes a few more questions.

1- Neither iOS nor Android are listed as compatible browsers. Is Teller (or will it soon be) compatible with them?

2 – In the current implementation, what are the maximum number of posts that can go on a “page” and maximum number of “pages” that can be browsed?

Also, I think I’ve found a bug in the Live Preview in Safari and iOS: On my iPad in portrait view (and less importantly in Safari when the viewport is narrowed provoking a one-column layout) the complete post I select by clicking on title or image in the blurb does not scroll up into view, but stays below screen, so it appears that the link is broken unless you know to scroll down. (It works properly at smartphone viewport widths on both Safari and my iPhone.)

1. Yes it is compatible with the latest version of iOS and Android.

2. There is no limit. You can set up that numbers as you like.

I will take a look at that issue, thanks.

do you have html version?

no contact page either…

looks like im good here with simple widgets and canned options. sorry!

Yes, that’s included in WordPress. If you need more help you can create a support ticket in: https://quemalabs.ticksy.com/

How do I remove the comments bubble on posts and instead have the category listed?

You will have to do that as a customization. The file you need to edit is “teller/meta-post_list.php”

Hi QuemaLabs,

I really like your theme. I’d like to know if it’s possible to have the site centered instead of being on the left part of the screen. Thanks in advance, Hy

Hi there, Unfortunately is not that easy. Because the layout is made to be on the left, and we will have to make several changes to center it.

Hi, Is the Teller Theme run with wp 4.3.1?

or 4.4? Have you tested?

I think, they are not different.

Yes, it also works with 4.4 without problems.

I have a few pre-sales questions.

This is 90% of what I have been looking for and was quite excited to stumble across it.

1) Can the menu in mobile view be a drop down? 2) If 5 the maximum number of stories listed at any one time? Can you say have 3 in mobile, 5 on tablet and 10 on desktop? 3) Can the list of posts be adapted to say have most popular this week?

That will do now, look forward to your response

1) There isn’t a default option buy you can use a JS plugin like this one: http://tinynav.com 2) No, you can change that for any number. But always the same number on all platforms. 3) No, you will have to do that as a customization.

Theme looks nice but you cant open Article on Smartphone. Only Desktop works.

We don’t see any issue on mobile, at least not for iOS. Are you getting an error?

Any possibility for a RTL version?

Have you tried using a plugin like https://wordpress.org/plugins/rtler/ Maybe that can help you on making the site RTL.

I’m looking to buy this template, I’ve small clarification, ... Is it possible to add side bars for displaying Google Ads? any screenshots available for sidebars.

Hi there, You can place the ads on the first sidebar on the left. But you can’t add more sidebars.

Hi Julia, Is there anything that you are looking in particular on the update?