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awesome work dude GLWS!


Nice resume template! :)

Thank you matchthemes!

Nice, blog? If you will put a blog page i will buy it

Thanks! We will think about it.


great work, gud luck :)


Looks nice ,Great work !GLWS :)


Really great work—keep it up!

Thanks a lot!

Love it, and bought it! Just 2 questions:

1. Is it possible to keep the contact details box which appears when you scroll down, on the screen at all times?

2. Can you have the full width blue background on the section title appear on all titles, I did try but it wasn’t appearing for the full width or same height at the normal ones.

Hi! Thank you for purchasing our template! Could you please send these questions to support@8guild.com.

Thank you!

Amazing Theme. GLWS :).

Thank you very much!

What kind of mail script does it have?

Hello! It doesn’t have any at the moment only styling and client side validation.

Does the mail link work or do I have to create a php file. it looks like a great theme but I need to have a functional form before i can purchase.

You do need to create php file or use service like MailChimp.


I don’t seen mobile navigator (iPhone) or it not have

Hi! Thanks. No, it doesn’t. Just scroll down to see the content.

Great job! I like it! Good luck!;

Thank you!


I am interested in purchasing your template, if so, is it possible that I send you a support email, and you add an additional option for Headers and Icons? If not, could you instruct me on how? I am interested in setting up an Additional Courses (heading + icon) where I can list both Coursera and Edx.org classes? These may give you the advantage as Edx.org’s last blog was on putting them on Linkedin, so it might give you an additional competitive edge.

Thank you.

Hi! Well we will instruct you how to add additional section, but the layout of this new section should follow the structure of one of the existing Telly sections. Otherwise you’ll need to create it from scratch. As to icons we used Icomoon generated icon font and FonAwesome. Please check if there is appropriate icon exists before purchase. http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/icons/

hello. I just purchased this and noticed the form was not working. Will really apppreciate your guide on setting up how the forms found under the “drop me a line” section can be made to work. I need the form working urgentlly. Thanks

Hello! Thank you for purchasing. Please send your request to support@8guild.com. We will send you back files with working contact form.

2 questions: 1- I am wondering if there is option to have multiple images for each project under portfolio? Now the demo show just one! 2- if there is any option to be able to have content/caption for each slide under portfolio. Thanks

Hi, We used this plugin for portfolio http://brutaldesign.github.io/swipebox/ Please read their documentation. So you’ll have idea what can be done with this plugin. I think the functionality you are seeking for is available in swipebox. You can also download and install new version. Best regards,

Hey Need a help , How to add Videos ,to PORTFOLIO , i add Videos bt its not playing , plz help me to solve this

Hi, Sorry for the late reply. Didn’t get notification about your comment. We provide support through the ticket system. Please open ticket on https://8guild.ticksy.com/ We will be glad to help. Regards

Does this theme include the .psd files for all platforms?

Hi, Please specify what you mean by all platforms?

As in responsive .psd files for different devices (tablets, mobile, etc)

No, only desktop.

Just bought, but having troubles uploading the theme.zip – Says its missing the style sheet. but I see it in the CSS. Tried loading various ways – Help?

It’s HTML version. It’s not a WP theme…

Seeing that – thanks