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Seems to be perfect for portfolio websites, well designed and well featured product. GLWS.

Thank you so much for ur comment webinane :)

Congratulations! Another great work! Hope to see it in popular items next week :)

Thank you so much Iman, let’s hope for the best :)

Congratulations on Tempcore. GLWS my brother. ;)

Thank you so much Afroman :D

Wonderful work, looks great; good luck with sales.
Kind Regards,

Hey Bedros!

Thank you very much for your kind words :)

Great work, lots of options as usual! :)

Thank you so much :)

The demo site is painfully slow. I’m waiting 20 to 30 seconds for each page to load.

hi Halogenic and thanks for ur comment.

We are having some hosting issues which will be solved within 10-15 hours.

for now you can check the html version, it is all the same.

Thank you so much.

Demo Fixed now, plz check :)


How do I get those blocks you have under the slider that big? When I add them they are alot smaller?

hello and thanks for purchasing our work.

plz open a support ticket here:


Great job!Good luck :)

Blog needs an author info box, related articles block(s), BuddyPress and social share links incorporated….then it would be a better CMS. These items have become pretty standard for more premium themes and critically important for content sharing and engagement.

Jeffrey, thanks for the comment and suggestions. Author bio and related articles can be easily incorporated via third party plugin, there are lots of good plugins offering such functionality, although it’s a good idea to have it out of the box, we’ll think about that. As of BuddyPress, it is a whole other story and I wouldn’t agree that more premium themes are incorporating it, it’s something quite largescale and specific and only a few percentage of buyers needs such extended functionality.

Plugins slow you down. They need to be hard coded into the theme. As for BP, we get updates all the time (hundreds of purchased premium themes) that include BP functionality. Corporate sites are demanding it more and more as content and community becomes more critical. Something to think about going forward. This is still a good basic theme with good design features. Appreciate the reply.

Hi, I am a buyer with over 50 purchases in Themeforest. I am looking at Tempcore for a specialised website. I have four questions. The website has standard products and all the images are square and are of the same size. I think the Home-Boxed version will work well with possibly a three rows, four column of images. Is this feasible? Is it possible to place all the images ONLY to poip-up to a large image please? (That is no link to a blog page). Is it possible to set a background image with a pattern of say, 10pxX10px and repeat? Is it possible to change the background pattern easily without having to edit the css file? Does the theme have a chile theme? If not, will you supply me with one?

Thanks for your help in advance.



Hi Mohan, thanks for your interest. Let’s go through all questions:

  1. That’s possible to change to three rows with just 1-2 lines of modification, we can help with that
  2. Yes, you can choose between 4 options when creating a portfolio item and it shows the larger image by default.
  3. Yes, there’s an extended style manager coming with the theme
  4. Yes, it comes packed with theme package.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

Thank you. You have a great product. Cheers Mohan

Thank you so much for your kind words Mohan :)

Hi, It’s me again. I need to have a wide banner at the top, with the navigation below. Some customers are quite keen on having a banner at the top. Please see two example below: Is it possible to: 1. Have a wide banner at the top as in the abobe two websites> 2. Will the banner be responsive?



Hi Mohan, actually yes, you can add it in header.php and if it’s set as img, it will resize proportionally for mobile resolutions. If it’s just one wide image, we can help setting it in the right place and ensuring that it’s mobile-compatible. For more complex cases, if you want some block on the top with sections, that would be out of free support scope.

Great. Thanks, Mohan

u are welcome :)

Mashallah bro :)

Thanks bro

Hi, What is the SEO like with this product? I have noticed a few products I have purchased on the ThemeForest website, are a not affective when using the visual builder. Thanks, Amelia

Hi Amelia, we have used semantic HTML elements throughout the theme wherever possible. Visual builder is not used, we have a visual shortcode generator integrated instead.

Perfect. Thanks for the response. I appreciate it.

Sure, let us know if you have any other questions.

hi, can I put a video in the header slider?

Yes of course, there’s an option in slider settings to add a video


HI great Theme Is it WPML Tested?

Honestly I think it’s gonna be a problem :) IE6 is so old nobody supports it, even youtube officially dropped its support a year ago. Moreover, Themeforest even dropped IE7 and IE8 support requirement for the themes a few weeks ago.

thank you! :) sorry for my silly questions but sometimes i think that my clients really what to drive me crazy :S

Yes, totally understand your situation :)


Just want to know if we can show categories on the right sidebar of the blog because we don’t see this on the demo ?

Thanks, Marie

Hello Marie and thanks for showing interest in our work.

Yes of course you can put “categories” widget too, that’s already there cuz wordpress has that widget by default, you just need to show it there

Thank you. Faton


first of all, really nice theme, I like the structure and functions. I like the boxed Version too, but there where cutted the first lines:

How can I fix this?

Hi and thanks for the purchase. Could you please open a support ticket in our support forum at and provide your website link so we could check it live? Thanks.