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Hello, nice theme you have, i was wondering if you could show me how to make the posts display 2 columns on mobile, thanks


It depends where, by default everything is set to show 1 column per row on mobile. Try to contact our support staff for more details. http://support.touchsize.com

Thank you!

Hi i was told this type of is not supported, could you please just point me in the right direction? thank you

Please try to contact our tech support, can’t really help with this kind of stuff here.

Hello, we really like the design of this theme great job!

We have a client that wants to use Tempest for their website but we have some questions about the functionality of static pages and static items.

Can we use some of the modules/functions that are displayed on the demo site as static items, rather than dynamic items that are pulled from posts?

For example, the blog feature with one large item in the middle and 6 smaller items on the left a right. Is that possible to make as a static item?

Also, is there a live demo with a backend that we can try to test with? Or, if there are some good examples of sites that are using this theme with static elements, that would be helpful as well.

Thank you for your time and support on this theme, we hope we can use this for more clients in the future.




Thank you for your interest. Please write us via the contact form on our website and we’ll prepare a demo that you can test out. https://touchsize.com/contact



I’ll send you an email now.

Thank you for your quick reply!

Hello, I have a rewardstyle plugin that’s not functioning properly. The carousel arrows are supposed to rotate the carousel of products, but it just refreshes the actual page instead. Also, when I click on a product it’s supposed to open a new window and take you the product page to buy it, but the product page replaces the main page instead. I tried using another theme and the plugin works fine, so it’s not an issue with the plugin.


Please submit a ticket on our help desk and the support staff will check things out. http://support.touchsize.com

Thank you.

Excellent support! We didn’t end up purchasing this theme because it didn’t fit the specific needs of our client, but the theme creator was incredibly helpful in telling us all about their theme’s functions and giving good suggestions to alternative options. We will definitely be checking back at their themes for future projects.


Thanks for the positive feedback! Looking forward to have you as a client in the near future!

Have a great day!

I noticed this theme has not been updated since June 2016 – Any plans for updating this theme for the most recent versions of WP and and WooCommerce?


Actually an update was planned to be released this week, but we delayed it for next week. Will have some updates and improvements, including latest WooCommerce files. Note that client using it now do not have any issues with the current versions as well.

I would also recommend to have a look at Venosa WordPress Theme or maybe Louvre, you can basically have the same layouts but with our beautiful drag and drop builder and a new framework.

Do not hesitate to ask us if you need help with anything, you can even submit a request for test-driving the products – https://touchsize.com/request-demo/


Where can I look into your changelog?


You can find the changelogs for our items in the item description, at the bottom.


Hi Author, Are you offering any discount to students ?


Unfortunately we do not have discounts and special offer opportunities provided by ThemeForest at the moment.

No Problem, I already bought it for me few minutes ago

Ok, we hope you have a good experience with it. If you have any issues/questions – please submit a ticket on our help desk and the support staff will assist: http://help.touchsize.com


Hi, Im not getting all the options in the red plugin shortcodes.. I have seen many options in theme documentation, but when i open it in editor , there are not all options are there , for example: featurred slider , post slider, content box etc etc


The theme should have all the options. please contact our support staff so they could check it out. http://help.touchsize.com


Oh that was my bad, There is problem in my child theme, thank God all fine now :) Thank you for a quick feedback,I’ve never seen such quick support team

Glad we could help!

Hi, how can I remove the theme header from my site?

Oh, sorry this is for the newer themes. Please submit a ticket on the help desk and the support staff will assist.


Already responded on the help desk.


We are really happy with the template thus far. Right now we would like to have different header images per page/post, but the plugins for that tell us the template does not support it. Next to that we would love the Parallax effect with the header images.

I would like to know if that is already possible within the template, or if you guys can help us. I do not mind if it cost something. Please contact us for this, because i do not know how to contact you guys otherwise :)

Thanks in regards.


Really glad you enjoyed using our product. For the moment, different header images are not supported but if you want to you can contact our support staff for a customization: http://touchsize.com/contact

Thank you!