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How come there still isn’t a theme update to fix the bugs that have appeared in WP 3.9?

The RED Shortcodes don’t work anymore, hot posts don’t show anymore, etc..

Please provide an update for this amazing theme, so that we can use it again in full functionality, with WP 3.9

Yes, it was indeed working all the time, you are correct. But I had posted my questions about this a ticket on the helpdesk and there the answer I got was: ‘there is a theme update coming, but we don’t know when.’ It’s because I didn’t get any news on a theme update, that I finally decided to post it again here… and now I have the answer.

I must say that on the other hand, I have been receiving outstanding support on the helpdesk for all my other questions. So obviously there was a misunderstanding. I am glad it is solved. Love this theme, it is the best I have found, for the last few years.

By the way: any news on the updated red short codes? Incredible plugin and would like to work again with it.

Check the downloads area of the help desk. We’ve updated it today, it should work nicely now.

Thank you.

Dear theme manager,

After successfully uploading the new redShortCodes for WP 3.9, it still doesn’t appear when I want to create a new post, how do I do ?



Please write about this on our help desk, provide your URL and credentials so we could check this and see what the problem might be. http://redcodn.com/support

Thank you,


I’ve noticed that the slider works great on a desktop. I haven’t tested it on a tablet yet, but I’ve noticed on the mobile version, it loses the link capability and the text and button to read more. Is this on purpose? Is it possible to fix this?


That was done on purpose, since not everything would fit on the screen. You could brink it back and shrink it a bit maybe. Please try to write us a ticket on our help desk about this.



Is there a way of having multiple “term_name”? There are a select list of topics I want displaying in the featured area.


I think you could try to add them separated by commas like this: “term1,term2,term3” with no spaces. But please submit a ticket on our help desk, the guys from support might know more about this. http://redcodn.com/support

Thank you!

I am very interested in purchasing your theme, it id very beautiful. I thought I read in some of the comments that you know have a mega menu available, is that right? Can I put images in it?



Tempest has Mega Menu support, but is does not come standard with the theme. To be more specific – you’ll have to get the plugin separately from the theme if you want to use it. Here is the link: http://wpmegamenu.com/

Thank you!


My RedShortCodes did not appear when editing or creating new posts after I updated to wordpress 3.9. I manually updated the RedShortCodes plugin (version 0.3). But RedShortCodes still did not appear.

To updated to the newest version. Do I have to delete the whole theme and upload it again? Because I don’t see any update from wordpress under theme and plugins. And I don’t want to lose anything.

Please let me know what might be the problem.



Please write us on our help desk and the guys from support will assist you solve the problems you have. Thank you.


Hi there,

Updated to 3.9 and upated Tempest to 0.2 and added Redcodes plugin, however plugin doesn’t show and I’m showing:

“The following plugin needs to be updated to its latest version to ensure maximum compatibility with this theme: Red Shortcodes”

Sent you a ticket

You’re welcome mate. Glad we could help. Use the help desk, there you will get the support you need.


With service like yours – We’ll always be an Upcode customer.

Glad to hear that. Thank you. We have some surprises coming up this month so stay tuned ;)

How do you get the access and keys for the twitter app?


Go to this link, https://apps.twitter.com/ login with your Twitter account and fill the requirements. Then you’ll get the keys you need. If you any help with this, write us a ticket on our help desk.

Thank you!

The single product pages has some serious bugs on demo site,


Thank you very much for reporting. That happened because of an error when uploading the file. Everything should be ok now.

Thanks again!

Thanks for your kind reply, i also have some suggestions if i may;

Facebook thumbnail are really important for video pages (infact for all pages)

For example when you share this page; http://redcodn.com/tempest/video/i-didnt-have-time/
facebook does not show this, as this is too small; http://redcodn.com/tempest/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2014/01/face-150x150.jpg but it should show this one, right? http://redcodn.com/tempest/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2014/01/face-760x405.jpg

Don’t let facebook pick a thumb as it will be the wrong one for so many times :) Thanks,

I’ll note that to the developers so they can take a look. Thanks.

Hi! I am having trouble with the posts shortcodes. Even though I enter my specific category taxonomy it style includes every post (including all categories). Please advise.


Please write a ticket on our help desk, the guys from support will assist. Thank you. http://redcodn.com/support

What are the options built in to the theme for displaying galleries and images? I am interested in using this for a fashion photography blog that posts a lot of pictures per post with captions for photographer/designer credit.


Depending on how you want to insert the photos. You can write captions to photos, and you can have a gallery on the top of the article (featured image). The theme does not really support galleries inside the post.


Is there a possibility for photo collaging in the posts instead? Something like a mosaic display

Mmm.. no, I don’t think there is a way to do that… If you want a photography website with a mosaic display gallery check Photoform, our photography theme: http://themeforest.net/item/photoform-photography-wordpress-theme/7142115

You have different layouts for your images, you can also arrange them as a mosaic. Photoform shares a lot of the functionalities with Tempest.


I don’t have this icon:


What’s the problem? I have install the pluggin Woocommerce


This is not a theme bug, it is a WooCommerce bug. WordPress 3.9 changed the coding for the icons to appear there. Make sure you update the WooCommerce plugin to latest.

If you have any other questions – user our help desk: http://redcodn.com/support



Can you please tell me how to modify my slider height?

Also, I on Slider Revolution (very cool). Will you support that in future so I can add a video slider on homepage.

Many thanks as always :))


Hey Ken,

Support for Revolution Slider and Layer Slider is on the waiting features list. Thanks for the tip.

As for the slider height change – go to image size tab in theme settings and change the slider height ;)

If you need anything else, please write a ticket on our help desk.

Have a nice day!

Brilliant. Thank you.

You’re welcome ;)

hi, i just purchased tempest theme…im really excited and hope i have made the right decision…. i needed to know if there is any link or video tutorial that can assist me in customization my blog…kindly let me know….


You have the documentation files in the archive you downloaded from ThemeForest, you can see a copy here: http://touchsize.com/tempest-doc

If you need help with anything – write a ticket on our help desk here: http://redcodn.com/support

Hope that helps. Cheers!

Hi, I’m really interested in purchasing this theme, I just have one question. Is there a way to put the logo and social icons in the sticky navigation bar and leave the image alone?


That might need a big of customizing. If you are ok with doing a bit of customization – then yes.


Hi thanks for your template!

I I have a question how to upload tempest theme ? do I have to download it again and transfer via ftp ? (i'm afraid that it will delete my actually themeforest template to a new one)

and I have an other problem I don’t know why but we can’t make comments there is nothing where we can make comments we can just like. How to fix this ?

Thanks again


Please submit a ticket on our help desk and the guys from support will help you with your problems. http://redcodn.com/support

Thank you.


Does your theme support bbpress (forum) and classified plugins?

Thanks for taking the time.


Unfortunatelly the theme does not support bbPress.


Hi there, I’ve also encountered some bugs after the wordpress upgrade to 3.9 version. The first is about the backgound of the main menu which still doesn’t fit well with the content, even after the upgrade of the theme to its latest version. The second bug is about a latency of the my site on safari especially on i-device like ipad. By now, I have made any modification of the theme, just add some shortcodes, few articles and few pages. If you could have answer to those problem, that would be very helpful. Thanks :)


Please use our help desk for any questions relating our themes. You can submit a ticket here: http://redcodn.com/support and the guys from support will assist.

Thank you!

Where can I download redShortcodes plugin?


You can take the latest copy from our help desk downloads area. http://redcodn.com/support

If you have any questions regarding the theme – please submit a ticket.

Thank you!

Hello, I recently bought your lovely theme and have started to set up my website. I should mention that I am quite a novice in wordpress. I want to change the title and background picture of the header (very basic problem, I apologize) but i cant figure out how. I tried to change the picture under ‘Header background image’ but with no success. Please advise.

Thank you in advance, benbenasc

Hello benbenasc,

Please write a ticket on our help desk and write what exactly do you want to add and where. Please do not forget to insert you URL so we could check on what you are working. You can find our help desk here: http://redcodn.com/support

Thank you.