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Hi, any update on when will the redshortcode plugin work again? Also, I’m tying to access Woocommerce settings and it says “Action failed. Please refresh the page and retry.” Any ideas? Thanks!


The red shortcodes plugin works nicely, even with WP 3.9

Please write a ticket on our help desk if you have problems with it and the guys from support will assist. http://redcodn.com/support

Thank you!

Hi, we have used your theme on this domani www.deliglam.com – now we would like to install the plugin social comments to enable WP comment plus G+ and others social login. But we have seen the native comments are based on FB – how can we manage?


If you have a plugin for this – just go to the Post settings tab in the theme options panel and set Facebook comments to “No”. That should enable the native WordPress comments and your plugin in this case.

Hope that helps. If you have any questions, please use our help desk and submit a ticket there. http://redcodn.com/support

Thank you!

Hi, I like your theme. I want to know if it’s possible (without coding) to have an homepage with your post right sidebar presentation. I want to show my last posts (one below the others) on the homepage with a right sidebar. And I want to know if it’s possible to have also a slider with this presentation. Thank you so much for your help.

Yes, no additional coding is required. You’ll just have to create a page, select the sidebar and the side you want for it. Same thing with the slider, first you create it, then you just select it for use on your page. It is really simple.

Ok thank you for your help! Have a nice day!

You’re welcome. A great day to you 2!

Hi there, I’ve been searching for a unique magazine style WP theme, and yours look impressive! Some pre-sale questions:

1) How robust is the Rating/Voting feature on this? Prefer to only allow registered voters and one vote per member. And is the voting status update in real time or do they have to refresh the page to see?

2) The unboxed homage layout, can it play video or an image slider? or just that main static image?

3) On your preview, the image of the girl in the dark blue dress laying on the couch, could you tell me where you bought that photo from? Would also like to use it on my page.

4) No E-mail Subscribers feature?

5) No sections for About Us, Team Members, etc?

Let me know. Thanks!


You’re welcome. If you need anything else – we’ll be here.


Hey, Contact Form…no Captcha feature? Or is it built in? Need to block out the Spams. Thanks.

For now there is no captcha feature. I’m writing it on our feature to add list. Thanks.

Hello, I’d like to ask some quick pre-purchase questions: Can I disable the voting system? Can I create two different home pages, a main one with pages etc. and another one with a custom logo and showing only blog posts or posts from a certain category? Is it possible to painlessly hide posts/pages meta data (author, category, etc.) from the homepage? Thank you, Have a nice day!


The voting system can be easily disabled from theme options panel.

As for the 2 homepages, you can create as many pages as you want but you can have 1 logo set and 1 menu, so they won’t be so different. You can use our plugin to showcase posts from a certain category that you want. Meta is as an option, you can disable it from everywhere or for each post. Please provide more details on what you plan to do with your pages so I could understand better what are you trying to do.

Hope that helps. Have a nice day!

Thank you for your quick reply, it was really helpful. I need to change the logo in the blog alternative homepage because the blog section has a different name than the main website. Is there a workaround to this problem?

It could be done with a bit of customizing if you really need to.

A couple of quick questions. In the demo, on homepage 2, the three categories at the bottom (music, health, sex) has 1 post per category. Is it possible to have more than one post per category in that specific section? Also, next to the images on the slider, there are 3 photos on the right side. Can those be removed or are they linked to a specific category? Also is it possible to add a sidebar on homepage 2? Thanks


1. Yes, you can show as many posts as you want there. We limited to 1 in the demo.

2. That is a featured area shortcode. When you show posts with it you select the category you want to use for it. If you do not like the 3 right articles, you can use a simple grid article showcase.

3. Yes, you can add a sidebar for that page just with selecting the side and what specific sidebar do you want to show.

Hope that helps. Have a nice day!

In terms of the slider, it looks like the images for the demo are linked to one featured post. Is it possible to have the images on the slider show, say 5 separate images to 5 separate featured posts? I hope this question makes sense. And finally, in Homepage 2 (boxed version), is it possible to place the section which says ‘More From Lifestyles’ in the homepage area section that says ‘Entertainment’ and vice versa or are these pretty much set based on the Homepage style design? Again I hope this question makes sense…=)

Hello again,

I understand what you say, but no. That shows only a post, it is not a slider but a featured area.

About the sections, you can arrange the sections any way you want using shortcodes. You can insert titles and choose the way you showcase your content by using the plugin that comes with the theme.


Love this theme! Using it for my Fashion Magazine here in Las Vegas. Will definitely get us some attention!

2 questions:

1. The arrow button at the top of the page in the header looks like a twitter icon. Also, the arrow button to go to top of the page is a linked in button. Check it out: fashionfeedlv.com

2. When I am creating my home page with the red shortcodes through the pages section, the comments show up. Once I make this page my homepage, I won’t want comments on that. How do I turn this off ?

Thank you!


Thank you for the kind words. We really appreciate that.

1. We have 2 other customers that reported that bug. We are investigating it right now, should find the issue and fix it asap. Thanks for reporting.

2. You can disable comments for specific pages. Check the article in our knowledgebase: http://redcodn.com/support/index.php?module=kb&sec=article&artid=1

Thank you. If you have any other questions, please write us a ticket on our help desk.


HI, Just loved your theme. I’m new to wordpress and feeling a bit complex installing and managing the theme.

I’m unable to get exact look and feel of the homepage of the theme.

Hope you can help me out.??


Please check the documentation files or submit a ticket on our help desk here: http://redcodn.com/support and the guys from support will help.


This theme is awesome!

And I just wanted to know if you could answer a quick question I had.

I created a gallery post for the site: http://www.fiercemag.co/devotion-by-diana-li-3/

And I want to get rid of at the bottom it shows the “Related” posts

  • I clicked No to the related posts bit on the dashboard, but this text still shows up in this post, just wanted to know if there was a way of overcoming that?

Thank you again for the support and great theme?


I hope you are having a nice experience with our theme. I checked out your link, no related posts are shown. Now, in order to disable that you need to go to the theme options panel -> Post settings there your have an option for “Similar posts”. Note that that options disables them on the whole website.

I think you disabled it but you were getting the website from your cache. Now the related posts are not shown. If you still get the problem – please write a ticket on our help desk here: http://redcodn.com/support

Thank you and have a nice day!

Does this support Google Fonts? I will purchase this if I have a lot of fonts to choose from


Yes, we have Google Fonts included in the theme. You can select one that you like from theme options panel.


When i’m listing the posts, the featured image is not shown if the size exeeds what the theme expect… so when the users publish a large image, the SRC attribute of the tag is empty !

Please Help.

Please write a ticket on our help desk, specify more details on the problem that you have and the guys from support will assist.

Thank you!

Hi I’m having some troubles I can’t right article properly because it tells me that : “The following plugin needs to be updated to its latest version to ensure maximum compatibility with this theme: Red Shortcodes.” How do I upgrade Red Shortcodes ?


Make sure you update your plugin from our help desk downloads area. If you already did that – just dismiss the notice. If you have other problems, please write a ticket on our help desk: http://redcodn.com/support

Thank you!

when is the next update coming? regards Ben

Hello Ben,

Currently there is no ETA. What exactly are you waiting for in the next update?



How can i change the font size of the post title ? i tried editing the style.css but it doesn’t show any content.

Please help me out soon site is hosted here http://sketchtrack.com/


Write us a ticket on our help desk, I’m sure the guys from support will help you with that. http://support.touchsize.com


HELP! I’m trying to intall this theme, but it jut won’t work. Wordpress tells me the following:

‘The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.’

Ok, I already figured it out browsing through other comments… ;)

Glad everything is fine in the end. If you have any questions – please use our help desk: http://support.touchsize.com

Thank you!

Hello please i sent your team an email concerning custom design of this theme with i also sent a download link to a zip file containing the design layout i have designed for the changes i have made to this team i haven’t gotten a reply yet. Please it’s urgent.


We did not receive any email from you regarding a custom design. Anyway, we do not do customization work, you can try using Envato Studio – studio.envato.com if you need it.


Please also do u have the html version of this theme in the theme download folder ?


Hello please can your theme work seamlessly with buddypress plugin ?

No, it does not support buddyPress.


Hello, I have a few questions before I purchase this template.

a) Can I have ads on the template once its purchased? Are there ad slots?

b) Can I incorporate an already made logo into this template or do I have to use the existing text?

c) Which licence type would be ideal for me to go for if I want to use my own existing logo, use my own pictures, videos and articles and eventually charge for ad space?


There are 2 pre-defined ad areas in this theme. Also, you can use the widgets to ad as many as you want, like you can add as many as you want inside your code.

It is easy to change the logo in this theme. You can either have a text logo, or you can have a image logo. If you go for the image logo, you just need to upload it in the theme settings area, with no image size limits, you can use whatever logo you want. If you go for the text logo – you can select the font, size of the logo.

If you are talking about the ThemeForest license – if you intend to use it for a project – the regular license. If you want to use it for multiple website, you’ll have to buy it for every website. If you intent to use it for resale – you’ll need the entended license.

Hope that helps.

Have a nice day!

Hi, is there a way to disable the author´s name on each post as well as changing the date format to have there actual date (2014.06.15) instead of published ´14days ago´?

Thank you


We could hide the author name with some custom CSS, the date format is an option. This date format can be changed with an option – go to theme options panel – > “Post settings” and disable the “Use human time” setting.

Write us on our help desk and we’ll help you with the author hiding thing. http://support.touchsize.com



Love this theme I just purchased.

I would like to know if it’s possible to have as homepage the blog with sidebar and have the featured area before the first post (just under the header)? I really would love to have the blog with sidebar as homepage but I miss the featured area.

Thank You!


You could do that using the Shortcodes plugin. Use the featured area shortcode and the list posts shortcode below to showcase your posts. If you need any help and details on this write us on our help desk: http://support.touchsize.com

Thank you!

Hi Sorry cannot find my KEY and the website is still not live so I’m not able to answer on the help desk. I understand but that will just make a post without a sidebar…but I would like to have a sidebar…is that possible? Thanks!!!

You can use a page with a sidebar. You can check on how to find the ThemeForest key here: http://support.touchsize.com/knowledgebase/How-to-get-the-ThemeForest-Purchase-Key-3.html