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I am trying to change the logo size. I edited the CSS so that it is styled correctly. However, when I upload a logo, no matter the size or quality, it automatically reverts to a lower resolution image. Therefore, the logo on the page is in the correct proportions but it looks stretched and low quality.


Please open a ticket :

The layout of the theme is totally off in Chrome browsers. The three “Promo Banners” are stacked vertically and this is throwing off the rest of the page layout. I have tested on multiple version of chrome on multiple devices and have the same result. No problems on other web browsers

Hi Please open a ticket :

Pretty disappointed with this purchase. The theme is ok but the support is terrible. I submitted a ticket asking a few questions. Their support ticket website says “we answer all questions within 12-24 hours in weekdays. In some rare cases the waiting time can be to 48 hours”. Two weeks later, after no response, someone closed my ticket without even answering my questions! This poor service has been holding up my business and messing up my bottom line.

Replied and sent old version. Best Regards

Thank you for sending that. I have added an urgent question about an alternative mobile theme to my ticket. Please help ASAP. Thank you.


Best Regards

When will you guys update this to match Shopify’s latest update? It hasn’t been updated since January.

We hope to update as soon as possible. Thank you!

This is another of your themes we like as we are trying to narrow down: I really like this theme but have a couple of questions…

1. Can you have multi layers on the menu? Will the menu on the theme work well with 50 or so child collections (with a few sub-child menus)? I plan on having two main Parent Collections with the rest coming down from there. Will the 50 or so expand horizontally or will they stretch straight down?

2. Can you please tell me if there is a set size for product images, as I will need to use several different sizes.

3. Can the top menu (which will show the collections, home, etc..) be ‘stuck’ to the top, so that if the customer scrolls down they will still have that at the top of the page?

Thank you in advance!


I’m sorry , This design is designed for small businesses.

The favicon will not update. Please help, thanks!


Does the problem persists?

does this work with current shopify as of January 2017? i notice it’s been a long time since update but really like this theme


Thank you for your interest in our theme. The theme is compatible with the current shopify. Besides, our support team will help you with your issues, if demanded.

Best Regards.

There is a couple of issues regarding to product grid and Google Map I have sent to you