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Very Nice. GLWS ;)

Thank you so much! :)

Clean & Nice Theme! GLWS :)

Thank you so much! :)

Wonderful niche based theme, good idea with simply design layout. Well done.

Thank you so much! :)

Thank you so much! :)

Loads really fast, yet still elegant. Congrats! Good work. Wish you the best with sales!

Thank you so much! :)

Congratulations Great work. Wish you best of luck!

Thank you so much! :)

hi i asked on your other template regarding testimonials, can you easily add stuff like that to the front page editor? or can you not add things like that using pagelines? what if i get a testimonials plugin, how would i be able to implement it? thanks

also, does this theme have the ability to use different sliders, including one that i can play a video out of?

Hi, I’m sorry for delay, Excuse me!

Today , I’ll add an update package. But I failed to add video into the slider. Testimonials ready. I’ll try to make the video.

Best Regards


Can I use the theme as a marketplace adding the Marketplace Bundle? (

Hello, thanks for your reply. Yep, I need that because I’m trying to use your theme with the frontend plugin and I need some product details to show right in the sidebar. I tried to add it myself, but it shows inside the content or under it, I guess because of the page template. But it goes out of my (very poor) knowledge…

Nice. I’m waiting for your email, you already have my adderss…

Hi ! I just purchased your Tendershop Easy Digital Download, and I’m a bit lost about it: is there any manual that might help to set it properly please ?

hello. I am currently on vacation. I will contact you after 4 days im rally sorry please wait .


hi, still waiting for your support and help… Getting back in touch would be much appreciated ! Hope to hear from you soon…

Hi, Please check e-mail box. Regards

By chance, would you have an example page (or an example client) that is doing video downloads? I’m looking to mirror the site and functionality of


This would be a great system. But I’m not sure, have not seen before.


Do you have a refund policy?

I would like to demo your theme to see what customisation can ACTUALLY be done.

Regards Shane

I have sent you private message any reply??

Any customer service? I’m still waiting a reply!

Hi Glassy,

The last 10 days due to family hardship, support could not give. I’m not here to tell you it was many troubles.

Before purchasing the template, you can visit here. Everything about this system is available here.

All documents in the office and I’m away from the office. I’m not able to debug the template files for testing purposes.

I’m sorry for delay.

Best Regards

Hi! Would it be possible to use direct clickout buttons for affiliate products? So instead of redirecting to the shop I am redirecting to an external site?


Hi, Yes possible but Maybe you need to write some code.

Hi there, very clean and nice theme. Pre-sale Qs: 1. Can you add a sign up button in header so that customers can sign up before searching for a product? 2. I understand this is a digital download theme, but can we add shipping details somewhere on the sign up form? 3. can you add file upload option in contact for? Many thanks.

Hi Thanks for best comments.

Currently unable to support special. I’m sorry for it. There is a lot of density.

Best Regards

Hi there,

Looking to purchase your theme and wanted to check it’s WordPress 3.9 compatible.


Hi , Nowadays there is too much density. I’m sorry for it. I’ll try it at the first opportunity.

Best Regards

Everyone is busy, and appreciate it’s hard to juggle workload sometimes, but you should be prioritising bugs in your own theme! Not great support NineTheme.

I was able to get support for this issue elsewhere thankfully, and below is the fix. I’d suggest updating your theme to avoid similar frustrations happening to other purchases who want to use Bootstrap Accordion as it should be used.

/wp-content/themes/tendershop/style.css Comment out line 95 which should read as follows: .collapse { display: block }

/wp-content/themes/tendershop/js/script.js Comment out line 28 which should read as follows: jQuery(’.collapse’).collapse()

With these changes the Accordion will work correctly.


I tried it and did not see anything abnormal. Maybe I do not understand you fully. I’m really sorry . Now for the solution, thank you forever. I’m really having problems a few weeks. I’ll update template as soon as possible .

I’m sorry again.

Best Regards

Hello, I would like to purchase your beautiful theme. Does it include all of the demo content? Thanks in advance

H? , Thank you for good comment!

Yes includes all content except images. Already setup is very simple. There is a good documentation.

Best regards

what checkout have you used and do we have option to use payment portal?

currently have a demo payment method. And PayPal is free. Can be purchased at many payment methods plugin on the EDD website.

Hi, is it possible to change theme to have a 4-column grid (for downloads), rather than 3? EDD Shortcode is not able to over ride the theme settings. I’ve looked long and hard, but can’t find where to change.

Thanks in advance Matt


Yes possible i please open a ticket :


Hi – Is this theme responsive with the downloads as I am using EDD on another theme and the downloads shortcode and on mobile devices it is all over the place. EDD have said the downloads are not showing responsive due to needing coded in to the theme which is something I will need to hire someone for.

I just want something that works very soon please that I can work on myself!


Please send me your website adress :


I am a buyer of Tendershop 1.6.4 on Since this item is no longer available on, there is no other way for me update this theme. May I ask if you can give me the rights here to access the latest updates of this theme?

Thank you very much for your help.

BTW, it seems that in your “Help Center” all the products in your drop down list did not realize my purchase code. Please take a look.

Thank you again.

This message (together with the purchase code) has been sent through contact form, because I cannot leave a message in your Help Center.

If you want me to send you the item purchase code, please let me know.

Thank you very much for your help in advance.


Replied via mail.

Best Regards


There is a holiday , i can’t say a short time for now. Please send me a message on profil page and will you send theme files for test. Or If you want to use theme you can buy and test and i can will you give a refund will you leave theme.

Best regards

Thank you very much for your answer, very nice of you :-)

you’re welcome!