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Great job, man! Good luck with it and looking forward for the WP! :)

Thank you!

WOW Amazing!!! SO clean, smooth and unique (great job on the lil design tweaks throughout NICE) WP Hollaaaaaa?! #FinalDestinyROCK$

Thanks a lot for your words! :)

Amazing!! Sorry to ask but, will there be a wordpress version?

Thank you. Yes, WP version in the next few weeks! :)

Very unique! GLWS :)

Thank you!

Great one! I wish a big success :)

Awesome work mate.

Awesome job. Having some issues with the pictures portfolio01.jpg in the Portfolio section though. They seem to be getting cut of slightly on the left side. Who do I contact? Other than that, smooth code man. Good job

Great! If you can, please rate the theme in the downloads section :P


Thank you!

when is the wp theme coming out?

In a few weeks. :)

Any plans on the WP version?

Yes, in the next weeks.

Nice theme, thinking about buying but the parallax images aren’t working right I can see half gray and half image when scrolling, is this correct?

Hello. What resolution are you currently using?

Hello FD,

Great design here!

Question: Do you have other homepage options and a layout that doesn’t obligate us to have a whole website in 1 page like the current preview?

Many thanks, Eliran

in about 2 weeks

Can we expect the wordpress template this week?


Yes, it will be published the next week.


Is it possible to change the length of the menu line?

I have very few items and I would like the Menu links to be more spread out.

if you’ll remove the pictures from the code, the slideshow won’t exist

I need one picture to show.

Yes, keep the code just for one picture

Hi, great theme! But it doesn’t come with a layered PSD?

PSD’s can be provided via e-mail upon purchase

Wonderful! When going have for Wordpress?

WordPress version at the end of May / beginning of June.

Just to know when having an html template for sale with a blog feature, how does one update the blog? Just by copy and pasting the blog code and changing the content?

You need to update the content directly in the html code or convert it to a dynamic cms

Hi there. Beautiful work! I just purchased and am about to dive in and start customizing. I am wondering if you have a tutorial or other instructions I can use to get started. I am new to theme forest and am not sure how it works with support and learning. Anything you can send my way would be great. If not, I will just my specific questions here?

Thanks again!


Unfortunately this is a HTML template, not a WordPress theme, it requires html and css knowledge in order to customize / edit it


I got a quick question, the banner slider image: how can that scale down to fit ipad/ipod in respect to the responsive template. It doesn’t scale down currently—am I missign something?

Hmm, that doesn’t happen for me :/

Ahhh i see this is only happening in FireFox and IE. Chrome it’s working as expected. I might have to take a video to show you what I’m seeing cause I know the client is going to come back on this, they always do ;-(

I can’t check it on IE right now as I’m on OS X, but on firefox it works fine for me :/ Weird


What should i do if i don’t want it to be a responsive website? (ex: when screen size become smaller, i don’t want it to resize..)

I tried to remove the css/bootstrap-responsive.css link file, but the dropdowan navigation appear, how can i remove it?

Unfortunately that’s not possible without a good deal of customization, sorry.