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Have you considered creating a grid layout of cards for the blog page? In the meantime, do you suggest a solution for creating such a layout when the portfolio is already used for something else?


Sure, sounds like a good option to add. We are in the process of finalizing our latest theme (that includes grids), once that is out we will be updating our older themes, might add that as well. Till then you may want to create your own shortcode if you have some development skills. Good luck! :)


I lost the shortcode of portfolio showing [PORTFOLIO ITEMS] on homepage.

thanks for your help.

So how is that gone?

I remove Rev slider because this plagin affected by virus?then I update wordpress version?when the updated is completed?It disappeared

Great, let me give you the latest version of Rev slider, pls contact me via my profile page contact form. :)


is the theme also compatible with WP 4.2? Is there an update to the latest version of the Revolution Sliders?

Thank you for the information.

IT’s coming up soon, for the latest version of Rev slider, pls drop me a line via my profile page’s contact form.

Hello. A week ago I purchased your theme Terra and installed on a fresh installation of Wordpress. Google Adwords tells me I can not advertise my site because I have a virus that directs my web

I read it most likely comes from the Revolution Slider plugin included within the theme.

Can you help?

Sorry for my English, Google Translate … Thanks.

Sure, pls email me via my profile page contact form so I can send you the latest version of the plugin! :)

Hi there!

Great theme! Works really easy and it looks great!

However i’ve got 1 small problem;

In the Portfolio page ( you’ll see that the picture of Natuurspa smaller is than the other ones. So that looks kinda weird. I’ve tried other images because i thought that would be the problem, but the picture is the same size as all the other pictures 800 X 533. How can i fix this ?

Best regards,



It’s this one that is actually bigger:

Make sure you use the same proportions image and I suggest you upload a smaller image … this is rather humongous! :)


How to create full width portfolio page?

Sure you can overwrite the grid width for this specific page, if you know what you are doing and are good with CSS :)

Great! Do you know any WordPress plugins which allow to change that structure with one click and which are compatible with your theme? There are some galleries, portfolio plugins, but most of them works as standalone plugin, that’s why I’m askin about a plugin which is compatible with your theme…

None that I know of, sorry. :)


Is it possible to make the navigation menu as a full-width style? Now it’s about 960px. but is it possible to make it bigger with more space?

Again, you can reorganize your grid system to be wider… Look into skeleton.css. :)

Hi can it be the old version of revslider is no longer secure, got a hack via the revslider. I would like to upgrade to the latest version of revslider. Do I need to buy the separate plugin to get the update or can you provide the latest version?

No, please write yo me via my profile page contact form and I will send you the latest version! :)

Hi does this theme work with the latest version of WordPress?

Yes it does, thanks for your interest! :)


Where’s the function for adding a gallery into a portfolio post? So there’s the thumbnail for it which is basically also the picture which appears on the portfolio post as well. Can you include more picture then?


Hi there,

You can upload several images at once to create a gallery portfolio post. Then make sure you select the gallery type. :)

Thanks for the quick reply. :) I guess sometimes the little things take the most time :)

Need support for this theme but your website is not working??

What is this image you are pointing to:

The process of creating your own Featured icons (the big animated ones) is very well explained in the documentation. The reason it goes blank is it cannot find your image. Check with Firebug to see what you are doing wrong!

Available icons are:

brush bulb chat check cog download flag graph heart help person portfolio rocket screen university

I didn’t change any of the code, so I don’t understand why there are ones that are no longer available yet they were before? What’s the source of these icons? Are there more elsewhere we can procure?

Actually, nevermind :) I found them. Thanks!

Hi there! Yet again i’m back with a question!

My portfolio is filled with a couple a projects (and all categorized) but when i’m clicking the “sort” button (dropdown menu with al the categories) i’m only getting the categories on that page, and not all of them in the portfolio.

So if you check the page, and sort on MKB, you get on page 1 like 5 items, on page 2 1 item etc etc.

If there is an option to fixed this “bug” that would be pretty awesome!

Thanks for your answer!

Best regards,


(btw my page is )

Thanks for the very quick response! Awesome service that deserves a 5 star rate!

But now i’ve changed the parameters in the theme options (it’s set to 36) but now the projects don’t show up, until you change the “sort” button 2 times.

Any idea?!

Please try editing your \Terra\js\anims.js and in it search for this:


Right after it add this line:

percentage: 0,

Basically this will make the fade in item animation to trigger at the very start at the page, otherwise it gets triggered at about 20% and when you page is really long the items don’t appear when they should. Let me know if that does the trick for you. :)

It worked like a charm! Thanks again for the fast support!

is it posible a youtube icon in header and foot?

I need icon light for terra theme, thanks


Icon light? Your URL please?

cheers! Check the forum! ;)

?? example icon_pinterest_light.png but for youtube?

thanks ;)

How to create a Gallery Portfolio Item page?

Hi there,

Simply upload several images at once via the upload tool (by holding the CTRL key when picking them), then choose the gallery type.

Hi, We are working on a site using this theme and the site takes a very long time to load. My developers are saying it is trying to load lots of external JS and it is slowing down, can you tell me if this will be better if my customer buys a newer version of the theme ans we do the site on a fresh install? Happy to do this but don’t want to if it makes no difference. Please advise, I can liaise and send more details if need be. Current theme version is 1.1 and he is on wordpress 4.4.3 so could do with an update! Please help??

Sure, contact us over via our profile page’s contact form. ;)

Can I also check, the hosting searched for that collect.js and said they cannot find, could you give me a path? can you tell me what you used to locate this and are there more? Thanks, Marc

Sure, simply Dev tools in Chrome. :)

Hello is this theme wp 4.6 ready?

Hi there,

Yes, no problems with it reported yet. :)


Nice , Work …. I have already purchased this bundle.

Can you let me know from which place images are coming.? Is it all paid images.?

I am just worried about images.

If you have paid for images then do i use this images under my domain for my use.

Please help.


Hi there,

Yes, we bought exclusive rights for the images that are in the bundle (check out the images folder) so you are free to use those with the theme. :)

may i know the site name … i also want to purchase some images for my other customers. how this exclusive rights are working … please advice.I have very small web and mobile app development company in india.


nick_k Purchased

Hi blueowlcreative, Thanks for the good theme. I have a small problem and hope you would be able to assist me. I have a main portfolio page with portfolio carousel at the bottom – it lists all portfolio items, but when I open a single item page, the portfolio carousel at the bottom lists only 10 items.

I looked through the theme files and tried to set "limit" to 30 (great number that ensures all items are listed) but the single portfolio page has it's carousel with only 10. Is this some kind of "default" setting and where can I change that?

Thanks, nick

Hi there Nick,

Greeting back from BG to you too! :)

Try adding this to the param list in your get_related_portfolio_items function in your Terra\includes\boc_custom.php file:


nick_k Purchased

Well that is what is called quick fix – worked as charm. Tanks indeed blueowlcreative. Bulgarians are power!

Hello there. I am having issues with the Submit Buttons on. The font and buttons become very difficult to read when more letters are in. The fonts are way too small. I am new to PHP but really want to change the style. I didn’t find an option with the CSS file. Any help please? Thank you.

Hi there!

Sure thing, you can add custom styles to the theme within the Appearance -> Theme options -> General -> Custom CSS!

You can also add CSS to your child theme css file if you are using one. Let me know if you need help with a particular styling you are trying to change.. :)