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great theme

Thanks, bud! :)

i have one question. can you turn this animation off? - Amazing Animated Transition Effects applicable to virtually all elements

Yes, On/Off button is available in the Theme Options! :)

Wow !!! Really nice job, guy. I am impressed by this theme…think the first one here with these cool animations :)

Thanks, glad to hear you like them. :)

Very nice , good job friend :)

Thanks, mate! :)

Very nice, couldn´t resist! :-)

Watch out, it’s still hot, just got out of the oven! Thanks, mate! :)

Super clean theme with very extensible back-end functionality. A hit, for sure! :)

Cheers, friend! :)

Very clean work my friend!!!! Congratulations…;)

Thanks, pal! :)

Looks wonderful, wish you the best with this one :)

Cheers, mate! :)


Nice theme but I noticed the contact page is reloaded on my iPhone and wanted to check of this is Ajax or PHP?? Also a nice feature would be to show error messages for each required field.

Also the theme seems to load abit slowly on the iPhone..

Do you have any screenshots of what the admin pages look like??

Would you be adding any more features to the website layout or additional graphics pages for the slider??



Hey, not much to fix there… The form is simply not Ajax and I am not planning on making it one as there’s no need for it. As for the map, that depends on a setting, I personally find manual resizing is better in this case as you already get a parameter in the Theme Options of the Zoom level by default when the page loads. :)


Thanks for the reply.

Hmmmm not an Ajax form…. The theme works on awesome effects using JS or Ajax and the one main item everyone expects to be Ajax to save on server load etc and that is not Ajax.

Oh well if you do not intend to make this Ajax pointless dwelling on the issue and time to move on…

All the best with sales.


Hey again bud,

I understand what you mean and you have a good point there except…”Server load” on a contact form? You must be kidding, my friend. :) My enormous efforts here were stressed on the cool transition effects that create quite a user experience and NO OTHER THEME on TF has! I am sorry if a non-ajax contact form is a deal breaker for you (which by the way 90%+ of themes are). Thanks again for your feedback and interest, friend.

Good luck!

amazing a definite buy

Wow, really great theme! A couple of questions: 1) Can the blog list show posts with smaller images floating left? 2) Can the very top bar (which is shown by clicking +) be shown by default and fixed (without the ability to click it away)? 3) Will you implement a “scroll to top” floating button on the lower right-hand corner in a future version?


1. Ya, I will consider adding a separate template for that in a next version. 2. Sure, there’s already an option for that in the Admin ;) 3. Yes, just added to my list of future devs.

Thanks for your interest!

Great features so far. :-) Some requests though: Active menu items should be highlighted in some way. For subpages the parent menu item should be highlighted as well. Is this possible? Thanks, Bernhard

Finally! :-) Experienced the best support and learned a lot!
Really apreciate it, Bernhard

Sure, you can share the love and rate my theme! :) Cheers!

Done! 5 stars of course! :-)

Is there a custom css box in the theme options. Also can you give the frontpage a sidebar? Last thing…your demos seems to be loading super slow.


Yes there is a custom CSS box.You can use the Page+Sidebar template for the front page, yes. I am assuming my server is pretty loaded at the moment … Normally it loads pretty fast as the JS is minimized etc. Thanks for your interest!

Really really nice theme, just like Aqua. Love the animations and the visuals! Super modern and clean! I will definitely considerer this one for future projects ;)

Thanks, mate! :)

Really great theme, im going to purchase it right away! Can’t wait for the updates :-)

Thanks, bud, glad to hear you like it, I am planning an update for next week already! :)

Great theme, very stylish design and exceptioanlly quick loading of all the demo pages. There are no many so well designed themes here. Of course there are thousnads themes on TF, but majority of them lacks that subtle quality your theme has. Terra is my fav at TF!!! Surely I will buy it soon:) Congratulations for very good job!!!

Thanks, friend, glad to hear you like it! :)

Great Theme.

Thanks buddy, share the love and rate it! :)


I take it that all the ‘fancy loading’ is hard coded into the template and not a plugin … if it is a plug-in where could I buy a version?

Great template BTW – you should be proud!

Hey, Nope, no plugin, it’s been implemented via JS within the theme separately for the different element sets and each column row. Thanks for your interest and kind words! :)

Hi GREAT theme. I didn’t see any pricing tables. Do you have any available or plan to add any?? Thanks!

It’s in there, click on Elements and scroll down. :-)