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Sorry to bug ya but I got another issue with the theme. My buttons and hyperlinks aren’t working.

Example: on homepage, the three icons are supposed to hyperlink to other pages on the website, but none of them work.

Example 2: most of the pages end with a blue button that should take you to the Contact page. Instead, it just reloads the page when clicked.

Here is the code used for the buttons:

[big_heading centered="yes"][button href="" target="" css_classes="button_blue"]Contact Us Today[/button][/big_heading]
Here is the code used for the icons on the home page:
[column width="1/3" position="first" ][feat_text title="Wealth Strategies" icon="graph" href=""]Don't just build a mountain of wealth. Learn how to protect it and enjoy it in your later years.[/feat_text][/column][column width="1/3" position="" ][feat_text title="Retirement Planning" icon="chat" href=""]How much retirement income do you want? We can provide you with 50 to 100% more.[/feat_text][/column][column width="1/3" position="last" ][feat_text title="Asset Management" icon="portfolio" href=""]Take less risk and get higher returns. Fortiphi can make it possible, easier than you think.[/feat_text][/column]



Both of those work just fine for me and the links/button take me to the corresponding pages… What am I missing? :)

Hmmm, I will try refreshing my cache, but it doesn’t show any hyperlinks for me.

Terra is an awesome theme, one of the best I’ve worked with. Shortcodes are extensive and classy. The code is impressively clean, especially in how it’s organized structurally. That makes it a dream to customize through a child theme.

The theme follows accepted standards for Wordpress themes so that making modifications is pretty straightforward.

For those who are thinking of buying this theme, I would heartily recommend it. My only issues are the following:

- Some shortcodes behave in an unexpected way. For example, some of the fancy column-style shortcodes will only work wrapped within the “row_container” short code. Without that, they won’t respect the “last” column property.

- Changing colors on some shortcode elements is a real pain. Because the shortcodes are so complex, they involve colors that are drawn from some unknown place rather than drawing the color from the options area. This means spending time tracking down each CSS call to figure out where the color is generated in CSS so you can apply a new color value.

- Speaking of options, I find the options area to be surprisingly slim of choices for a theme of this complexity and overall sophistication.

- Likewise, some things like inserting shortcodes are equally short on sophistication. For example, inserting a checklist can be done from a short codes option icon, but you have to figure out the attributes on your own. It’s actually easier to hard-code a list with HTML than to use the shortcodes generator.

These are relatively minor complaints in a well designed theme. Having built some 80 wordpress websites, I have seen a wide variety of theme development styles and this ranks among the best ones out there. I’ll be looking for more from Blue Owl Creative.

Hey Adwiz,

Thanks for such an extensive feedback, mate. Greatly appreciated, will definitely look into what’s been noted. Cheers! :)


Just have purchased your theme, spent an hour on customization and it goes so smooth so far!

One thing I noticed and I’m not sure what to do about this: Theme Options cannot be changed, I want to change Boxed version to full width but after I hit Save changes button, the change is not recorded. It looks that I cannot change any single option there… I think I need your help with this.


Will be back from vacation on Tue. Please drop me a reminder then! :-)


Issue still there – all my portfolio items leads to 404 error pages for some reason, please have a look into this.


Hi there, Please drop me a PM via my profile page with your URL and WP credentials so I can take a look! :)

How do I change font colors? I would like to change the font colors and size in the big title as well as the titles for the big icon featured sections.

Also, with the standard white background, the contact form is really hard to see the boxes. Is it possible to add a border around them?

Ok, I tried making that change. I was able to change the font colors, but now the line in the .section_big_title h2 span runs through the words. Here is the code I have in my stylesheet:

.section_big_title h2 span{
    background: #fff
    padding: 20px;
    color: #2e406b;

Is there a way to fix that??

You havent closed ur color line with a semicolon…. :-)

ahhh silly me. thanks!

Thanks for all of your help! I really appreciate all of the support you’ve provided. I got one final question :)

How do I make the image or the name below the images hyperlinked on this page:


You could mod your shortcode a bit to take in another param. That would be in includes/shortcodes.php – “shortcode_person” method.

So you would add the link param to the “img” tag in that method (wrap the img tag with an “a” tag that links to the link param). Then when you create your shortcode in a page you would pass the URL along with the link param. :)

Hey, thanks for the help. I apologize, but I am not fully understanding what to do.

In the shortcode.php, I tried adding this code under the title parameter:

'destination_url' => '<a href="url"></a>',

Then in the Wordpress shortcode I had:

[person name="Sabrina Cross" picture_url="" title="Executive Sales Manager" destination_url="<a href=""></a>" description="" twitter="" facebook="" googleplus="" linkedin="" pinterest=""][/person]

That didn’t work and I’m not a developer, so I don’t know how to code it properly or how “to pass the URL along with the link param.”

Can you give me a little more direction for what code I need in the shortcode.php and then how to make it work in the page editor?

Hi there, please drop me a line via my profile page, I will help you out there! :)

Mostly this theme has been great. I seem to be having an issue with sidebars. When I go to the widget area I see no sidebars at all, even after I’ve created them in theme options.

Hi there,

Did you create your sidebars (naming them starting a letter) under the sidebars area? I could take a look into it if you pass me a URL user/pass via my profile page! :)

Hey will i be able to use the same footer as your theme after importing the demo data after purchasing it? and how ? i have some problems to include footer in theme working yet.


Sure, you can, you can attach whatever widgets you want in your footer in the theme. :)

Hello Mr. Owl, We like your template very much. Thank you for making it available :-)

We would like to know how you got the demo results for mobile (Android , iPhone) our site is not looking well on those devices. I do see an area in the theme options where you can dial in screen widths, but am not sure how you used them. Our home page slideshow is center-aligned on mobiles, could you demonstrate how to use those theme options to correct? Also our footer is not stacking the widget one below the other, it seems to be filling up the full width. Please let us know how we can change that for mobile.

Thank you very much in advance for your help!


Hi Lucie,

As for the slider, are you trying to use the full width slider? If so please import the “slider_full_width” that is in your DemoData folder, then when inserting it in a page you can use this container_row:

[row_container dark="no" rev_slider_holder="yes"][rev_slider slider_full_width][/row_container]

The footer widgets are set via the Appearance->Widgets area. You have 4 designated widget spots for the footer that you will see where you can add your widgets. They should automatically stack on top of eachother in responsive mode. Please send me your URL so I take a look at what’s going on. :)

Do you have any video lectures for installing and customizing the theme for newbies.? That kind of support will be highly appreciated.


Hi, Sure no, a thorough step by step installation guide and documentation is included with the package though + we have a support forum where you can ask any questions should you stumble! :)

Thats a really quick response ! So, can you share the link to your support forums? Thanks


I’ve tested in two browsers and get the same result, but for some pages, the subtitle text is crossed out and has the old font color while for other pages it loads fine. The pages have the same style as I just copied and pasted the format from one to the others. Can you help?

Example of what I want consistently: Example of what I get on some pages:


Hi there,

You simply need to wrap the subtitle in a <span /> element in order to cover the BGR border line! ;) Do that in the TEXT editor, not the VISUAL one! :)

Ahhh man! My mistake. Forgot that part :) Thanks for the simple solution!

Dear All, Premalinks is not working Any help please BTW thanks for the theme


Your URL please? :)

Hi, Im running it locally Thank you

Well, what exactly is wrong with your permalinks? What pages/posts?

Hello mate,

I have been using your theme for 3months now and I have nothing to say, it’s great!! Very good job :)

The reason I am contacting you is that I want to have SEO Friendly Breadcrumbs in Search Result Pages using I am sure you know what I’m talking about… I’ve looked at different plugins (like this one: but not sure if I can integrate it with you’re theme.

What are your thoughts on this? Could you provide an update of code to have it SEO friendly? Let me know what you think.

ps: The website is here :


Hi there,

Actually I do not know what you are talking about, not familiar with… If you want to sub the current breadcrumbs with custom ones be my guest though! :)

My breadcrumbs are easily switched off by the Theme Options, you can then apply the ones by the plugin if those work OK for you! Good luck!


how can I create a Responsive Slider with the Revolution Slider. Which Sizes I must include there ar Screen Width1:, Screen Width2: and Screen Width3:?

Thankyou for your help.


You can import one of the Demo sliders included in your package! You will see the values there. If using the full screen one, make sure you wrap it in a container row when including in your page like so:

[row_container dark="no" rev_slider_holder="yes"][rev_slider slider_full_width][/row_container]


no I’m useing the theme in the boxed version. It would be perfect when you can tell me the size. So I musn’t install the whole demo Data.

Thank you.

Slider Size: 940×460 Responsive Sizes: 940 – 770 / 780 – 500 / 510 – 310


Is there a certain URL structure required for the google map on the contact form? Every type of google map link I enter into the options will display a map on the page, but the location is always set to some street in Coffeyville, Kansas.


No, you simply put in your address in the field as you would into the Google maps and it should automatically appear in the front end. You can test at Google maps. :)


My titles are getting cut off on the bottom of each letter. It is not as apparent on smaller screens, but on large screens or on mobile devices, the text is either getting cut off on the bottom or barely legible on mobile devices.

This is for the big titles at the bottom of the text (ie “Your Financial Security”):

Would it help if I made the font size smaller?


Bump up your line-height here in your stylesheet.css file:

.section_big_title h1 {
margin: 52px 0 0;
font-family: 'Lato', arial, sans-serif;
font-weight: bold;
font-size: 34px;
line-height: 38px;
color: #444;
letter-spacing: 0px;
text-transform: uppercase;
letter-spacing: 2px;

Make it, 44px, that should fix it! :)

Excellent! Thank you so much for your patience with me and my lack of knowledge in coding.

One last questions :)

Is it possible to reduce the white space between the header contact info (I have it auto-shown) and the logo?

I would like to cut it in half…or cut down the white space underneath the logo before the page title.


Where do I look? :)

The site is just now :) So sorry for my forgetfulness to update you on the new site!

Hi, ok, padding-bottom then, ha! ;)

Dear All, Thanks for the theme COuld you please send me the html code for the “Partners & Clients” in the home page ? as i didnt find it when installing the .xml content file Thank you

Here you go, make sure you replace your logo URLs! ;)

[row_container dark="no"][clients_section heading="Partners & Clients" subheading="The jolly bunch we get to work with" text=" 

I am so clever that sometimes I do not get a single word of what I am saying and get very confused.

Sometimes I worry about being a success in a mediocre world."]

[logo img_url="" text="BlueOwlCreative"][/logo]

[logo img_url="" text="Nikki Candelero"][/logo]

[logo img_url="" text="Company #3"][/logo]

[logo img_url="" text="Company #4"][/logo]

[logo img_url="" text="Company #5"][/logo]

[logo img_url="" text="Company #6"][/logo]

[logo img_url="" text="Company #7"][/logo]

[logo img_url="" text="Company #8"][/logo]

[logo img_url="" text="Company #9"][/logo]





is it possible to center to center the columns?

I would like to have centerd two 1/3 columns. So it can be like

column width=”1/6” position=”first” column width=”1/3” position=””

But I only would like to have in the 1/3 columns. How is this possible?

Hi, there’s no such thing as 1/6 … The layout is split into 16 columns, obviously that doesn’t divide by 3 so a 1/3 is introduced … that only uses percentages as width… Anyway you could do something like:

"three columns" + "five columns" + "five columns" + "three columns" 

That would be the closest to what you need and will work just fine. :)

Hi Ok thank you. I tested it and it works. But it only works when I create some content in the first and last (three colums) section. But I would like to leave this columns blank.

How can I do that?

oh, just add a

& nbsp;
without the space after the “&” in them then! :)

Hi, thanks for a great theme.

I would like to add phone number and email address on the page About us. Is it possible?

Just after the description under each image. In the code on the page there are, namn, picture, title, description and the social media icons. (I have choosen to take away the social media icons)

Well… you could add them to the description… If you want to create something fancier you may need to edit the shortcode to take in more params, then at the output style those in a different way, it’s in includes/shortcodes.php

Thanks! I made a quick and “dirty” one :-)

Another question, is it possible to change the icons on the homepage to something else then “cog, screen, help”. I can´t use the iconlist. Thanks!


Yes, you can create your own, check your documentation it’s explained how to do so in there! :)

Isn´t that for adding an icon? Using the shortcode and rename according to the iconlist. I have tried to rename the icons on the homepage but only cog, screen and help works. To change the icons on the homepage, do I have to change in the template for shortcodes?

Not sure I get what you are trying to do… what do you mean by “change” them. There’s a list of them that exist and you can use:


And if you want to create custom ones you can do so by following the documentation. :)