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Thanks again for the great theme Could you please send me the html code for the “Our Fields of Expertise” located in the home page as i didn’t find it in the xml demo file thank you i appreciate your urgent reply


Here you go, make sure you replace the image URLs with your own as these would be the ones from my server… :)

[row_container dark="yes"][column width="nine" position="first"][slider][slide link="" title=""][/slide][slide link="" title=""][/slide][/slider][/column][column width="six" custom_class="left_padded" position="last"][big_heading centered="no"]Our Fields of Expertise[/big_heading]

We demonstrate characteristic expertise in the following fields of marketing, advertising and web presence:

[checklist type="checked" margin_bottom="yes"]
<ul class="checked">
    <li>Web Design</li>
    <li>WordPress Themes</li>
    <li>Bespoke Web Development</li>
    <li>Marketing & Branding</li>
[/checklist][button href="" target="" css_classes="button_hilite sm_button"]View Services[/button][/column][/row_container]

Thank you

Hello, the google maps address is not working on my contact page. Do you know what the problem could be? Thank you.

Hey, just make sure you are using a correct address (one that would actually work on gmaps as well) and you will be good! :)

Hey, me again. I am having a small issue when using the page+sidebar template – it seems the content of the page goes over the sidebar, and the hyperlinkage does not work. Here an example:

(email and google map links do not work). If I take the content of the page out, they start working again.

Looking at the template, the code says

<?php /** * Template Name: Template – Page + SideBar * * A Full Width custom page template without sidebar. * @package WordPress */

get_header(); ?>

Should it not be a template for a sidebar? Is there a mistake, or am I doing something wrong?

Thank you for your support!


Well, using the Row containers only makes sense in full width pages… You can still use columns though, just make sure you have 11 left (cuz of the sidebar).

ah, ok, I understand now, thank you!

Hello, I’m trying to edit a page with some content and when save the changes the page back to the previous version without saving.

Please, can you tell me something about this?

Hi there, this doesn’t sound like a theme issue, rather a WP one, do your other pages/posts save ok?

Yes, other pages save OK, the problem only appears when the content is extensive. I will check WP and renew the database if the problem comes from there.

I modified the database by creating a new and it seems the problem has disappeared. Thanks!!

Hi. I love this theme. It’s one of the best I’ve used, having built over 80 Wordpress websites with that many different themes.

I’m having an interesting problem with the “time” field formatting on Gravity Forms. Generally, the theme supports Gravity Forms very well (better than many themes). But the time format labels are all out of alignment. Here’s a screen shot (the form isn’t public):

Any idea what is causing this odd alignment?

Hi there, friend. The plugin’s form fields simply inherit the styles from the Skeleton CSS framework, I would assume this is some floating/alignment issue though… Let me see your URL (could send over via my contact form in my profile page) and I will take a look! :)

Hi and thanks for a great theme.

I have a minor issue with the People plugin. On a page I have set up 6 consultants and they of course animate in. The first 3 animate in just fine on page load but when scrolling down the delay before next row slides in is just too long. How can I change this?

The page is here:

Maybe I can disable scrolling load in entirely?

I think it’s the whole animate plugin that’s causes this btw.

Hi again, I would love to take a look at the animation issue. Please provide user/pass for me, I will try to get to it late Sunday. Will be able to take a look with IE 10 on Monday! Can you just try to disable the animations from the Theme Options and see if is still happening? Cheers!

I’ve disabled it now in theme options and now everything runs well. I would love the animation to work but it’s not a deal breaker by any means. I’m sending you credentials for you to have a look.

How I can do that by insert a pictures gallery whith prettyPhoto link? Now the link open in a new page.

Now is set as follows: [gallery link=”file” ids=”869,870,871,872,873,......”]

Do what? Please write in the thread you previously started if you have so. :)

Hi Bud, Is it possible for you to send me the rev slider export for the one that appears on: please? Just struggling to re-create it and particularly love the effects…

Cheers Rich

Sure, mate! It’s actually in your package under “full width slider” ... :) Let me know if you can’t find it, I will send it your way!

Thanks bud, I have that yeah, didn’t seem the same though, sent you an email to your contact@ address as well did you get that?

Hey, rich, going over my mails as we speak, was away for the weekend, will get back w. you, mate! :)

Hello, I did not see the home pages when I uploaded the xml dummy content, any way of getting that? Thanks so much

Hi there, you a client of mine?

Hi, I want to link the logos that I have put under the page Partners & Clients. What is the code? I have tried several options without success. Thanks in advance.

Hey, did you try the “href” attribute? :)

Yes, without success :-( I do not understand what I am doing wrong.


Please email me your credentials/URL via my profile page, I will look into it! :)

hi blue own,

I was wondering if it is possible to add custom bullet list characters?

how can I add a new list type?

something like .custom li { list-style-type: lower-greek; }

i tried adding something to the style.css but i only mess things up xd. I better ask a pro :)

could you help me with that? thanks

Hey, you can check the current .arrowed , .checked and .dotted list styles i have created in the stylesheet.css and create your own using the same frame but different BGR image! :)

i tried

ul.gizmos li { height:60px; list-style:none; } ul.gizmos a { display:block; height:42px; width:180px; padding:10px 0 0 70px; } ul.gizmos a:hover { color:#f00; border:1px solid #f00; border-radius:10px -moz-border-radius:10px; -webkit-border-radius:10px; } ul.gizmos li#giz1 a { background:url(‘imageurl’); }

and i tried

ul.fav li { list-style-image:url(‘imgeurl’); }

none worked- how do i get this done? i cant read or write code jaja

Let me see your URL with the List applied the class you created. :)

another quick one:

strange question. but how can i use more of the screen real estate? I have a page with 3 columns and it looks so crammed together – but on the left and right there is lots of white space by default that is not being used.

how can i make the pages more full.width or use some more of the space os i dont have to cram things?

i hope you get an idea of what I mean. thank you!

becuase i have used the 1/3 shortcodes to create 3 columns but there is so little space between the columns. so I was wondering what to do . i thought maybe i can make the space i can use on the side bigger. or maybe there is another way.

Hi there,

What is your URL? The theme is using the Skeleton CSS framework, that is 960px wide by default. You would need to modify the CSS framework to utilize bigger screens if that’s what you want to do, I wouldn’t dive into that unless you are really good with CSS though…

Dear Team,

Thank you for developing awesome theme. I have a question regarding testimonial tag.

[testimonials heading="What Our Client Says" auto_scroll="yes"]

This makes heading left aligned whereas I want to make it center aligned.


You could edit your includes/shortcodes.php, the “shortcode_testimonials” method and remove the DIV’s class to “title” from “left_title”. :) Share the love and rate the theme if you like it! ;)

Dear author,

Your theme is very nice and easily customizable. But i want to edit contact widget because i want to add two addresses in the same widget like

Contact info Uk phone mail address Contact info pakistan phone mail address

How i can do this plz guide as soon as possible

And can you send me partners and clients column code Thanks,

Hi there, the Partners & Clients code you can take from “eyammine”’s comment above. As for the contact widget you can modify your custom widget in the ”\includes\boc_widgets.php” file, the “contact_info_widget” class, method “widget”! :)


I’m not having any technical problems per-se, but I find the “Big Icon Featured Texts” is very lacking in the icon-choice department.

Are there any plans on integrating this with FontAwesome or another free font collection? The “Big Icon Featured Texts” is borderline useless to me due to the lack of icons – the number of icons is obviously not known ahead of purchase so I feel a bit slighted.

I am also open to doing my own FontAwesome integration with a little assistance – I am not foreign to low-level development.

Unfortunately that assumes one has photoshop.

Any plans on including a more accessible base file type? I cannot afford the thousands of dollars it costs to purchase photoshop.

Hey, like what, MS Paint? :) No other file types planned for now. I am sure you can find a friend that has it or use the trial version… If you still can’t I could set up an icon for you.

Ha, I was thinking just a .png version of the circular base (I can use another program to superimpose whichever icons I want, then).

Not a big deal though, I can just use the trial to grab that myself.

Thanks for your quick response ! How can i add sidebar to any page ?

I have tried to add from theme options/sidebars and add item further then in widgets i have added category widget (hierarchical menu) but no results are displaying

Please help


No How to select new sidebar below the content??

Once you have created your sidebar and added widgets to it you can assign it to a specific post. You do that at the post edit screen, below the content you will see the dropdown for the sidebars.

On portfolio page, you have drop down having all, architecture, artistics etc options. How can I have similar drop down box in the contact form.


This is a custom HTML/CSS element I have created, it’s not really a ready to use form type of dropdown, unless you modify it to pass data as a form element with some extra JS. Good luck! :)


I want to make a page like below linked. I setup one image using set as featured image. But I dont understand how to add other images.

Please help

Thanks Mukesh

Yes correct, for one image its working.

If I click set as featured image, it opens popup window where I can upload multiple images. But there is feature to select multiple images as gallery as mentioned in above link.

If you can provide me step or sreeenshot would be best help.

Thanks Mukesh

Ok, first remove all images at the featured image. Then click on Featured Image, upload the images you want (at once). You can then view/edit what images are associated with the post by selecting the Images dropdown and choosing “Uploaded to this post”.

Yes this is the perfect solution. I removed the featured image as you said. Then again go to popup window to upload the images but just made a change that I selected “Uploaded to this post” from the drop down and it worked :)

Thanks Mukesh

Hello, can you please let me know how can I disable the “responsive” view for iphone/ipad and other mobiles.

Thank you.


First make a backup. You can then remove the @media queries from your stylesheet.css + skeleton.css files. Then remove the “viewport” meta tag in your header.php.