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Is there something wrong with this theme & Wordpress 3.7? Ever since I updated, buttons & links aren’t working in the footer & sidebar, and slider…

You URL please?

I private messaged it to you. Thanks!

Raised portfolio list to display 90 per page but it doesn’t show the items, if you change the filters they start showing:

Having less items per pages than that makes some category items not appear when I select the filter.

Tried to fix it by making categories pages but they have bugs too, blank spaces appear between the items:

If you need access please tell me where to mail them. Thanks :)


Edit your “portfolio-three-column.php” and remove the “animationStart” class to remove the fadeIn animation as it works only once you are half way through a row, obviously with tons of items it won’t make much sense as you need to scroll quite a bit down! ;)

Thanks for such a quick reply! it works, can I ask you if the portfolio items can be show in squares instead of rectangles? as it making them taller to have the same width and height? Fantastic theme and suport.

Hi again,

I guess you could, you would need to experiment some with the CSS of the elements to make em square… :) Good luck!


We have used this theme before in WP3.6, however can you confirm when you will have confirmation of theme as working in latest version of wordpress – WP3.7 ?

Thanks Doug

Sure, work like a charm. You may need to flush rewrite rules of the custom post types.


I want to create FAQ section. In below link you have What we offer having plus and minus using sidebar of the widget.

I want to set the same thing in content area of FAQ page.

Do you know how to setup such thing in content area?



For navigation i have “open sans” (i have it bolded via the custom Theme Options CSS box), then for the rest I have Open sans again, headings are Lato. Logo is an image created via a custom font called: Poppl-Laudatio.

Ok, so for that I have to call Google fonts, right?

Can you give me CSS Code for that?

Another thing is I want to increase the height of the gallery, I tried by changing in core css but not working, can you please help me on it?

The fonts are under Theme Options. What are you trying to change with CSS?


I need to add a Watermarked Style image on my Full width website. how to add an image to my background.

Now its Like this.

I want to make it like this.( check the space near logo.Just like this, how to add image there)

Please help.


You can add it as your website background, under Appearance->Customize.


I have a problem with the revslider: Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias home_slider not found.

Can you please help me?



Did you create a slider named ‘home_slider’ first? :)

hi guys I have a quick question. where I can to change link from to sth more meaningfull ie:

I know there is no options in wp-amdin, but if you can point me file where I can find/change this, I will be gratefully.

Hi blueowncreative team! could you help me out? how can I get rid of the page title and the tiny navigation menu

because it is a bit too much

home_ contact contact contact

i have it repeated 3 times.

how can I disable the page titles and the small sitemap that is there?

preferably with the custom css field.

thank you


You want this generally removed (for your whole website)? Simply add this to your Custom CSS Field:

.full_container_page_title { display: none; }

beautiful. thank you for the quick response and solution. you are amazing! :) 5 star support!

Hi There,

I have purchased your theme and created a wonderful website from it. However, when I apply logos for the Partners & Clients section – one logo seems to be out of place? I have tried re-sizing and reloading the image.


Ishtar E.


Looking good, good job! As you can see the logos are simple floated left in the Clients section so it’s a good idea all your logos are equal size in pixels (the images) if you want them nicely aligned. Otherwise you will get disarranged pics like in your case… :)

Hello! Thank you so much for getting back to me right away. I really appreciate it. Glad you like the execution. I love your theme design- it’s beautiful. I will definitely try changing the pixel dimensions.

Is there any easy way to turn of “Responsive” for mobile devices? My site just isn’t feeling right on the iphone etc.

Kind regards and great theme,


not sure what you mean about the paths to the images, surely they wouldn’t show if they were incorrect. but thanks for your advice, much appreciated :)


Not only the images won’t show though, whole ROW sections won’t show is what I am saying unless you switch off the Animated Container Rows from the Theme Options. :)

ah gottcha cheers :)

How to make portfolio page numbering to the center of portfolio rather than left aligned ?

Ok, here you go:

1. Add: “text-align: center;” to .pagination 2. Remove float: left from .pagination .links and add display: inline-block;

That should do it for you. :)

Thanks :)

There is a kind of bug in portfolio. If we select category having no results on current portfolio page then it becomes blank. Rather, these should be some Ajax call to take portfolio item dynamically at runtime.

Suggest some solution please.

Hey, the solution is to increase the number of portfolio items per page in your Theme Options, thus removing the pagination. :)

Hi, your theme is wonderful! I’d only need to know if it’s WPML ready. If it’s not, do you know if flag icons of wpml are regularly dispalayed in / on the menu? thank you in advance

Hi, Sure, it is WPML ready. You can add your language switcher wherever you want. :)

Oooooh, that’s nice, I want it! Such an awesome design, clean and gentle… thanx!

Hi, I love this theme! So perfect. I am having one issue getting the sidebar to show up on the Blog page though… I have the ‘Page + Sidebar’ template selected no sidebar shows… If I remove it on the blog page on the Reading settings, the sidebar appears, but then no blog… What am I missing?

Nevermind—think I figured it out. Thanks!

Cool deal! :) Good luck!

I see that your theme on iPad loses every animation. Is it possible to activate them?

Hi, the animations involve a script that calculates each rows height, then starts the fade in/animation once the reaches 50% of the row. In responsive mode a row may be 4 or 5 screens long as every element is vertically aligned, that means you would need to scroll quite a bit an empty screen to trigger the animation, that’s the reason they are disabled. :)

That’s very clear, it’s logic :) thank you very much!

Hello Blueowncreative team,

Recently two pages on my website will not load. I do not know when it stopped working. Please see

The pages are About Us and Executive Team.

The content is filled in on the pages section of the back-end and the slugs are correct. Need help as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Ishtar Esmail


Check your Console, you are missing some images or the paths are incorrect. The animated lazy loading requires that all images are preloaded via JS, once an image can’t be find a JS error occurs which breaks your page, simply fix your image paths and you will be good! :)

Every page says: FATAL ERROR option-tree/ot-loader.php on line 389

What is going on?

Hi there, when do you get this, after installing? :)


I love your theme, and I’m about to purchase – but I have a few questions. Is it possible to make the “Terra” more left aligned, and the menu bar more right aligned? And is it possible to make the menu bar fixed?

When you press the “Contact” page, there is a bar right under the menu, showing the name of the page and the destination – is it possible to change or even remove this bar?

Thank for a very beautiful theme!!

Hi there,

Yes you could do all of those very easily basically apart from the fixed menu bar, which can also be done but a bit of css tweaking is needed. Ya, the menu bar can also be hidden. Let me know if you need help achieving those with CSS once you get the theme, I will be happy to help. :)

Is it possible to generate a separate thumbnail for a gallery portfolio item?


Hi, What do you mean separate thumbnail? Different than what? You have the featured image as the thumbnail currently…


Hope you are well. The theme is wonderful but recently I have been having issues with two pages.

See website:

The About Us and Executive Team pages will not show on my site but are fully developed. I need immediate assistance as very big clients are looking at this site.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Best,

Ishtar E.

Hi Ishtar, what exactly isn’t working on those pages, I can see them just fine? :)

When using a checklist inside of a toggle, the checklist shortcode marker shows up on the front end. Any fixes for this?


Edit your includes/shortcodes.php, find your “shortcode_accordion” method in there and replace: