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I was wondering if I purchase this theme all the xml files are included to make the site look like the demo

Yes, a few things are missing that are using external images to my webhosting… but you will figure them out! If you have any trouble doing so – please let me know, I will assist you! :)

There appear to be a conflict between the theme and the wordpress media player (I’ve also tried several plugins like JW Player and got the same error.) I’ve tried the same content with several other themes with no error, so I am assured that the conflict is with the Terra theme. In firefox, the media player does not work at all and has an odd overlay in fullscreen mode in ie. When using the JW Player, the player requires the page to refresh to appear. What could be causing this?

It seems to be just an issue with ie10 and the z-index. Our programmer is looking at it and I’ll post the solution if we find one.

How do I remove an image from a portfolio gallery post?


You go to the Featured images and from the “Images” dropdown select “Uploaded to this post”, you will see the images associated with the post, simply select the one you want to remove and delete it. :)


I have created 2 pages exactly the same in this theme and place the very same revolution slider (same shortcode) into both pages. One comes out full width and the other boxed, why is this? What could i possibly be doing wrong?

Please help


Yes, and when no row container is met on a page, it’s automatically added! So once you continue with the content and add one, your whole content won’t be wrapped in a row container so your slider won’t be wrapped either… Hope that makes sense. :)

That makes complete sense, thank you, this solution worked perfectly. Awesome theme by the way, very flexible

Thanks, share the love and rate it if you like it! :)

Hello, first of all: thanks for this awesome theme. Second, is it possible to to stretch the google map in the contact page to full-width?

And how do I fix my top menu? Or do I have to learn more about Child Themes?

Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

Are you a client of mine? :) Yes you can, you simply edit your contact.php template and remove the “container” class from the holder div of the map. As for the font, you can easily modify it via CSS, you don’t need child themes, for the purpose of custom CSS you have the Custom Styles field under Theme Options! Make sure you rate the theme if you like it and you want to share the love! :)

Hello, I have two questions for you :) 1. Is it possible to have a version for Wordpress 3.8.1 ? 2. How do you import the revslider /DemoData/Sliders/home_slider_940.txt ?

Thank you very much !

Hi there!

1. Yes. 2. Just like you import any slider file, create a slider, then go to import button, select the file and confirm! :)

Perfect, thank you !

Hello, When I uploaded the template, it was written for “Wordpress 3.5” so I downloaded a 3.5.2 wordpress : Can I update to 3.8.1 and your theme “terra” works as well ?

Thank you ! ps : ok for slider import, wonderful !!

Thanks, Just updated it! :)

Yes !

Hi, When using this code: title=”Full of Features” icon=”cog” href=”“]Terra is rich in shortcodes and features you can use to highly customize your WordPress website./feat_text

we cant use all the icons : for example, droplets, eye3, earth cant work : what’s going on with these icons ? How do I make them work ?

Thank you :)

OK Thank you : Finally, my client is ok with the ones I selected among the ones above :) Just another question about this part in page “Page templates – services – featured services” : is it possible to make the elements in “Big Icon Featured Texts Section” appear more quickly ? Especially for second line which customers dont know it will appear within some future seconds ?

thank you !

Yes, the animations are declared in these files:

\js\anims.js \css\animations.css

The lines you need to look at are associated with this class ”.section_featured_texts”, play around with the numbers to get it right! :)

Ok it’s done, thank you !

Hi, In theme options – contact page : it works well putting one adress in it, but the links below are in english (Directions – Search Nearby – More). How can I do to have “Google Map” with french instructions ? Thank you,


You can edit the contact.php template and change this bit:
with this

Wonderful, thank you :p)

Hi, I am considering buying the theme but before I do, I want to know if it is possible to use self-hosted videos? Or is it just Vimeo and Youtube compatible?

Hi, the innate shortcodes are for Vimeo and youtube as those are most popular, you can surely use some self hosted playing solution… did you check for a plugin that does it? :)

Thank you for your answer. No, I havn’t checked for a plugin yet, but I will look into that.

Hi, Can you tell me how to mask / erase these mentions “comments are off” from blog main page, and “comments are closed” from the blog article ? I just want it not to be seen. My customer uses the blog to post his news, not to use a blog. Thank you ;)

Hi, Thank you. The line of code above made “comments are closed” masked, thank you.

I would like to mask as well, at the bottom of the post’ image, “Comments are Off” (it’s written between author and keywords, at the bottom of the image) : can i do it with custom css or in which page must I comment this part of code ?

For example, in your page, it’s written :

March 25, 2013 By terra_user 2 comments Graphic Design, WordPress Themes

I would like to mask “2comments” (where in my page I have “comments are closed”


Add this as well…

.comments {display: none}

I somehow get a 404 on your link.. :)

You’re just wonderful ! ;-) NB : The link had a comma behind, that’s why :) Have a good day

Hi, How do I change the word “Home” in the breadcrumb?


You can edit your “boc_breadcrumbs” method in includes/boc_custom.php. You will see the Home title there to change. :)

Hello BOC, have quick question, on my portfolio-three-column.php file there is this block:

$gallery = new WP_Query($args);

                    while($gallery->have_posts()): $gallery->the_post();

                        $data_types = '';
                        $cats = array();

                        $item_cats = get_the_terms($post->ID, 'portfolio_category');
                        foreach($item_cats as $item_cat) {
                            $data_types .= $item_cat->slug . ' ';
                            $cats[] = $item_cat->name;
Now I have multiple portfolio_categories which include, industry types as well as locations but all as portfolio_categories with no parents. How do i edit the above code to just show portfolio_categories of Industry and not location ?

Thank You


The idea of the page is to use the filtering on top to filter through them, do you want to show only one cat by default? :)

Thank you for your fast reply, I have solved this issue. All of your hard work is much appreciated.

Great, rate the theme if you want to share the love! :)

Hi, Is it possible to have a menu title that does not function as a link to a page? I mean that the only opportunity is to choose a page from the dropdown?

Sure (for the menu title) – just use the Custom Link. How did you add the flags? Via a plugin? It should have the target option, no?

No, i’ve added it into the theme-options.php and stylesheet.css, just like facebook etc.

Oh I see, you could check for ”$header_icons” in header.php and see how they are generated. You could add a check there for your new icons and if it’s them you could remove the target = “_blank” if it’s them. :)

Very nice, clean theme, just what my company wanted..(gave it 5 stars). we didn’t use the ‘contact’ page type though, we needed to use a standard page due to the unique info we wanted to display.. how do i get the google map to show on a standard page?

Hi, thanks for the feedback, glad to hear you like the theme. You can simply install a google map plugin and easily add a map to any page! :)


I am interested in your template. I have a question regarding adding a news page.

I would like to have a blog page as well as a news page. The news page will include stuff like press releases etc. Is that possible with this template?

Is it possible to add a news item and have it only a portion of the text show up and the rest to be linked to either a pdf of a separate page with the full text? This would be separate from the blog.


Hi there,

There are several ways to approach this. One way would be to distinct your news from your blog items by using separate post categories (ie. news and blog). Then depending on which category item you are displaying you can have the item use different template, that way you will have the 2 display in a different fashion. Another way would be to create a new custom post type for your news items (just google “create custom post type” to see tuts on how to do it, it’s rather simple if you know some coding), then again create your separate templates for displaying the posts. :) Thanks for your interest!


Lovely theme! I have a problem, though! How do I make my revolution slider full width? I thought I had been setting it up the right way, but maybe not?


Yes, you have somehow lost the that wraps the bottom h2, use the TEXT editor instead of the VISUAL and you should have this:

[big_title small_margin="no"]
<h1>We create <strong>exclusive</strong> brands</h1>
<h2><span>We are a passionate about design bunch of fellas that take pride in their work</span></h2>

That didn’t solve the problem! Is there anything else I can do?

Sure it should work, may you send me the URL of the page where you added it please? :)

How would you create this portfolio item or will it be in the instructions?

Are you using a plugin for how you’re displaying images or a shortcode for each one? (I like the lightbox that comes up when clicking on the image).

Do you customize the “Project description” as a sidebar, summary, or widget?

Sure, are you a client of mine btw, as it doesn’t appear so here… :)

As I stated earlier: “I haven’t bought your theme yet, I just know from my history with buying themes, that when I run into a snag once I’ve bought it, I get easily discouraged, so I’m trying to take care of what looks difficult beforehand. Thanks for your help.”

This is all presales stuff from someone who gets easily frustrated with a theme once I’ve bought it. As you can see, I’ve bought a couple themes from themeforest and I have no problem doing so once I feel comfortable that it will do all I need with minimal frustration.

I understand, sorry for my short memory… :) So, again, nothing to worry about regarding the multiple images upload, it’s a default WP functionality. Still finalizing the update of Terra for WP 3.9, might be put off for beginning of next week (a few shortcodes need to be updated). Once I do I would gladly send you a trial version of the theme so you can be sure all is going to be good!

Hi. I love this theme and I’m ready to purchase it. I noticed that it hasn’t been updated since April 2013, and that no comments have been posted in the past three months. Are you still supporting this theme? Do you have plans for updates? Thanks!

Um … nevermind. Looks like there are lots of recent posts and replies by the theme owner. Thanks!


Sure I am, a theme update is finalized as we speak and will be released till the end of this coming week, it includes a few shortcode fixes for WP 3.9 as well as the latest Rev slider version. Thanks for your interest! :)

Hi, The “Partners & Clients” I’ve used on my site doesn’t show i IE. And when I look at your demo site it works fine in IE, and that I dont understand.

Is there a way I can make it work i IE.

Indeed, IE has some issues with preloading the images so it doesn’t always launch the animations correctly, a fix for that is coming up in the theme update, till then, please replace the preloadImages method in your js/common.js file with this:

function preloadImages(imgs, callback) {
    var cache = [],
        imgsTotal = imgs.length,
        imgsLoaded = 0;

    // If IE start off animations right away
    var ua = window.navigator.userAgent;
        var msie = ua.indexOf('MSIE ');    
    var trident = ua.indexOf('Trident/');

    if (msie > 0) {
        // IE 10 or older => return version number

    if (trident > 0) {
        // IE 11 (or newer) => return version number

        jQuery(imgs).each(function (i, img) {
            var cacheImage = document.createElement('img');
            cacheImage.onload = function () {
                if (++imgsLoaded == imgsTotal) callback();
            cacheImage.src = jQuery(img).attr('src');
    }else {

Please let me know if that fixes your issue and I will include it in the upcoming update! Thanks!

It doen’t seem to fix the problem. The function works if I navigate directly to the page where “Partner & Clients” is on, but if I navigate through other pages, it doesn’t work when I go back to the “Partner & Clients” page.

I just think I will turn off the animated container row, to be sure.

Thank you for your help though… :-)

Sure it should work, just make sure you clear all your cache. :)

Hi… again :-)

I seem to have a problem with my site. I can’t seem to make the page full width… it just goes on and on, so you have to scroll to the side to read the text. I’m a total newbie, so could you tell me how to change this?

Ok – so I think I’ve done it now. If not, I give up :-) What changes am I supposed to see?


The theme version under Appearance->Themes for starters :)

FINALLY it works!! :) It took my Wordpress a while to adjust to the changes! Thank you for your help!! :)