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I really like portfolio present style 1, which includes the title of the photo. Unfortunately, as per my requirement all the photos I am uploading are portrait style photos as opposed to landscape style. In which case the title and thumbnail look distorted. is their a way to fix this? the first photo becomes distorted when trying to click on it. My requirement is for portrait style photos, would this be possible, and then have 4 items per row to show the portfolio. On another matter is it possible to change the font of the header and tagline to “Bold Bookman old” style? Thank you for your help

The problem is also present when looking at the individual portfolio item such as . please let me know how to fix this

Hi there, no problem, you just need larger images … instead of 500×800. That will fix the portfolio item page and for your portfolio page, all you need to change is in your wp-content\themes\Terra\portfolio-three-column.php replace:

‘portfolio-medium’ with ‘portfolio-full’.


Hi, how can i add a telephone number field for the contact us page thank you


You need to add the Contacts Widget to the Contact Page widget placeholder under Appearance->Widgets :)

Hi there,

Loving the theme. Just wanted some help with the blog. On the site, the blog is appearing without a read more, and is showing all of the tex the blog.

In the Demo it only shows the featured image, a summary of the first few lines and read more. Is there anything I can do to make that happen on that blog? Thanks in advance,


Hi J,

I have simply used the MORE TAG in my demo – go ahead and check it out. :)

Perfection! Thank you so so much!


Great theme! I am very satisfied, and the client also :)

I just have a problem with Vertical Slider on IE11.. it doesnt slide :)

How can I make this work?

Thanks in advance,

Hi there,

Which Vertical slider?? :) Do you have a URL I could also take a look at? Please rate the theme if you are happy with it and want to help us out! ;)

aaah.. wrong support chat :) sorry! I have clicked the wrong theme :)

I will rate your theme!

Sorry for the inconvenience :)

Have a nice day!


Do you know of anything that might stop the theme options from updating? I’ve just tried to make a change but the progress wheel is just going around and around i can’t update anything in there. All the pages are fine, this just happened tonight which is odd? Could this be a theme or wordpress issue or do you think its likely to be server related?

Thank you in advance!


most likely it’s server setting related, have you changed anything on that side? :)

I would like to use the a Dollar sign in front of counter and have a comma as in $100,000 it doesnt let me any way around this?


Check the 2-nd comment here:

Unfortunately I noticed the plugin developer’s site is down so I am not sure if they support it still.

Hi. Great theme, as I’ve said before – but I’ve got a question.

I’ve got a post-carousel on my home page. The excerpts are set at 160 characters, but there isn’t a ‘read more’ link following the excerpt. I tried adding a ‘more’ tag inside the post within the 160 characters, but had no luck with that. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Yep. I tried both options via FTP and had no luck.

Let me see please? URL?

emailed you.

Where can we get an updated version of the Revo Slider? Having problems sorting the slides…


You want to latest version? Please drop me a line via my profile page contact form. :)

Thanks, message sent.

Slider sent! ;)

Hi I am having some issues with the Slider portion of the theme. Basically the issue is when I scale the site up to a larger window or scale down to a mobile device the form in my slider area isn’t being responsive. I reached out to the form provider and they suggested that I use a different size forms for different windows. One size for mobile, one size for desktop, etc. They said this can typically be done in advanced layer settings or using theme classes. I am pretty stuck on where to turn as I haven’t found any options to solve the problem. My site is, any help would be really appreciated!


Thanks for the response I was trying to get another front end developer to help me, but he has been having some timing issues as well. Let me know if you or any other good developers that you know have any openings as I would love some help with this!

I thought I would circle back on this just to see if you have had any time open up I just need so quick responsive tweaks on my Terra theme as explained above. If you have any time I would love your help or if you could point me towards a good front end developer who can help I would really appreciate it!

Hi again,

Ok, drop me a line via my profile page with details, I will try to squeeze it in for you! :)

Hi I cannot see the custom shortcode buttons in the Visual Editor in my admin area. I’m using Wordpress 3.9.2 and Terra 2.0

Hi there,

Is your Toolbar Toggle On (last icon on the first line)?

Where can I specify which categories to display for the main Blog? Thank you.

Hi there,

The main blog by default lists all your posts. What exactly are you willing to do? :)

I’d like to eliminate certain categories from showing up on the main blog.

Well, if you want you could simply link to a specific category, like in this case:

I don’t see a reason to overwrite the core functionality … if you really need to though, there are solutions for that too:


I love this theme and have installed it without a problem. I have been trying top import the demo data (green) and it fails to import every time. It lists a whole page of errors, each one starting with “Failed tom import”

Can you please help me?

Thank you


Hi Stephanie,

Please send me an email via my profile page contact form with your URL/credentials and I will check this out for you! :)


I have a problem on the home page with [big_title]. On mobile devices, the responsive design for big title doesn´t work. The text is cutted from both sides. The text is Herzlich Willkommen, which clearly there is enough space to be fitted on the screen in two rows.

How can I fix this?

Thanks in advance, Greets!

I think something is resizing your whole layout … your slider doesn’t fit correctly either, anyway you can send me a link once you put it up somewhere?

I can give you demo account for the webpage back end.. but how? :) I dont want to leave credentials here

Use the contact form on my profile page. :)

Happy Friday :)

I am a long time user of this theme, and of all the themes I have purchased it is my favorite!!

My only request is that you help me add a captcha to the Contact-Us page. This morning we suffered through a SPAM attack using the web form. Your help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance. Again A++ template!!

Hi there bud,

You can Implement a captcha by following one of the online general tutorials … I would rather use the Contact Form 7 plugin though, it lets you add custom forms to any page, you may need to add the shortcode of your form to the contact.php template. It has a few additional plugins that allow you to implement captcha with the CF7 too! :)


I want to move my logo to the middle of the site (which i can do by editing css) but I dont want the logo to move on the mobile responsive version.

How can I do this?

Thanks, J.

In your Downloads section! :) Cheers, mate!

Just rated you, with pleasure. Awesome support

Thanks again, my friend! Really appreciate it! :)

Revolution slider no longer working properly with the theme, is there a fix for this?


Please drop me a line via my profile page so I can send you back the latest version! :)

After using 3 other themes, I’ve decided to use Terra for all my 4 websites.. it’s just the cleanest, sophisticated, and professional looking template.. highly recommended! :)

Thanks! Make sure you rate it too if you haven’t yet, friend! :)

I’m going to buy this and use for a client. is there any way to disable the theme options from the dashboard. I don’t want the client messing up the design…

Hi, this can easily be achieved by simply commenting out a line of code in the functions.php file. Thanks for your interest! :)

Hi, I have bought this theme, everything is fine, but I cannot put more photos inside the portfolio articles. I have red the comments where you explain that I should select several pictures as featured and make the portfolio post as gallery, I did it, but when I try to select several pictures from the gallery I cannot, only one is allowed. How can I solve this? Thank you! Awesome theme, anyway:)

AT the screen where you upload the images you can select more than 1 by holding the CTRL key! :)

Is the theme WP 4 ready?

Thank you for an answer.

Yes, sure is! :)