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Is there a setting to do a hover on the navigation? If so can you tell me how I can create a hover color through the custom css?

Sure, you could add something like:

#menu > ul > li > a:hover {
color: green;

Also, how can I create an image slider on a page that is like the one I can do in a post gallery?

Example is shown below.

Hi again,

the URL you have pasted is with the TF frame so it takes you to the home page… But you have a shortcode that helps you setup an image slider…

This is the page I was referring to:

I wanted to have a slider like that with the overlay effect.

Also my services page seems to have broken. The items are displaying vertically. Any idea what happened here?

Hey, you need to use the “four columns” single column withouth the “sixteen column” wrapper… Let me take a look at the way you are using the shortcodes (all your page). Please write to me via my profile page, I will help you with the slider as well.

Hey guys!

First I have to say, that this is really a great theme! I have a small question regarding the mobile select-menu:

How can I add some dashes for indentation to the drop down menu? Something like:

- Child Level 1
- Child Level 1
- – Child Level 2
- – - Child Level 3


You can edit your ”\Aqua\includes\boc_custom.php” file, then change these:

& nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp;



What a quick answer. That totally solved it! Thanks!


Really interested in this theme but I haven’t built websites in over 10 years and technology has moved on considerably. I don’t have PHP experience either. Will the documentation be sufficient to use this theme? Would it be possible to send me documentation or videos that show how to use the theme to develop a website?

Thanks in advance.


Thanks for the quick response – would it be possible to get a sample of the documentation before I make the decision? I’m considering an alternative theme purely because it has a wizard and video tutorials, but Terra is the theme I really want. If I could see how complex or simple it will be to use Terra I could more easily make that decision.

Sure, contact me via my profile page, I will gladly send it to you. The theme is really easy to use + I am always here to help should you stumble. :)

Excellent – that’s what I was hoping to hear :-). Thanks for your really quick responses!

Sorry… before i buy this one, is any chance to get “mega menu” effect in menu???

Thanks in advance

Hey, you could install a Mega Menu Plugin separately and use that, sure… :)

Just asking cause (good) responsive plugins for mega menu… cost $$ :) if this theme had that.. it was nice!!

Anyway… i’ll buy it!! Thanks!

Can you tell me how to center my navigation?


Find this in your stylesheet.css file:

#menu {
float: right;
margin-right: -18px;
height: 40px;
padding: 0px;
font-family: 'Open Sans', arial, sans-serif;
font-weight: 400;
font-size: 15px;

Change the right navigation to “94px” for example from “-18px”. :)

It seems as if when you go on our team page or even portfolio pages, it doesn’t load the photos or text until you scroll down a bit…maybe an animation thing or something?

Any way to make this a bit quicker? Or this how it is supposed to handle? Here is my profile page for instance

It won’t load up until you scroll down a bit.

Hey. I will be glad to help you once i am back in town on Tue. Thanks for your patience.

Awesome! I will keep an eye out for it.. thank you!

Hi again,

Yes, that’s part of the content Row animation, it is useful at times when your rows are small, then they will show up gradually when you scroll down, in your case you placed all the content in a very long row, so it actually shows when you get to the middle of it and that doesn’t make much sense. Please send me the actual code of this page (in the TEXT editor) via my profile page (the box in the bottom right) so I take a look and tell you what to remove.


I’m having some problems with the Contact Form 7 plugin. In terms of appearance the boxes are demasido short. Have a solution ready for integration with this plugin? Or will I have to move even in the CSS to get the look correct?

Thank you in advance.

With best wishes: João Simão


You could style your input boxes with CSS, whatever you use to generate them, what is your URL?

Loving this elegant theme blueowl – Twit-twoooo!

I’m having a problem with my custom sidebars. When I add more content with links the links are being knocked out. Please see: which is my test site. The coloured boxes on the right should contain links? Is it my mark-up on the left coloumn?

Many thanks, Bobby

Thanks, you did most of the work, lol. OK, I created the sliders in Revolution Slider and then cut and paste the codes into my content. I have since tried wrapping it like this; row_container dark=”no” rev_slider_holder=”yes”[/row_container]

But that now gives me a background which I think is meant for the homepage slider and overrides my Revolution settings.

See here:

Help me wise owl!

While I have your ear my friend. I created my galleries with another plugin as I merely wanted to show photo galleries and not have a whole project page. Is there any way to do this with your set-up?

Example here;

Cheers, Bobby

If adding to the simple page content on a page with sidebar you don’t need the row_container around the slider code… :)

As for the other question, if you mean you want the filter texts displayed like this instead of in a drop-down, ya, you could achieve that easily. Contact me via my profile page, I will help you out tomorrow. :)

Hi, just want to show you what i’ve done with this great theme:

It’s not still finished yet… specially i want to have the Carousel-Item ( ) and the Portfolio-Page ( ) in FOUR columns… any idea ?

Have a nice day, Markus

Hi Markus,

Looking swell, mate, good job! :) You need to edit the shortcode for the portfolio carousel (you will find it in includes/shortcodes.php) and change the items to appear in a “four columns” divs instead of “one-third column” ones… For the portfolio page you need to edit the “portfolio-three-column.php” template and do the same – swap the “one-third column” with “four columns” CSS classes…

thanks for the hint… done !

Hi there again is there any way to have 5 featured icon texts in a row instead of 4?


The full width grid system contains 16 columns – not devisible by 5, so… the spacing won’t be equal as you will have an extra column somewhere.

I’m having trouble seeing the theme correct in IE9. It doesn’t display the logo right top and also there is no background.

Thanks, indeed, please contact me via my profile page (the box to the right/bottom) and I will help you out, are you using the Block Style navigation?

Actually I am looking at your source now and turns out you commented out a bit of the code in your header.php. Make sure you close your comments correctly using only

instead of


thank you will test it on IE9 now, if not working i will contact you via your profile.

How can I change the timer on the testimonials? It moves through too fast, I want to slow it down.

Remove the “auto” param in the JS.

Which JS file?

did you first try with the “auto_scroll” param in the shortcode? Passing “no”. Otherwise… the file is /js/aqua.common.js

This is an awesome theme – I love it, and my viewers love it. Thanks for that! Is there a way for me to hide the menu for the ‘home’ or ‘first page’ of the site, and have it reappear for the ‘second’ page?

Thanks very much again.

All the best, GTC

You can manage fully your Menu under the Appearance->Menu section. Thanks for the compliments. :)

Thanks for the reply! I meant specifically to remove the entire navbar + branding on the first page, and then have it reappear when the viewer scrolls down…does that make sense? Thanks again.

A, I get it, it shows at first though… The rows show as soon as you scroll to the 50% of them, to try to have it show gradually though add this class to the DIV with class “container” that holds the header – “animationStart”, that would be in your header.php

How can i change the interval of the testimonial slider?


Edit your js/common.js and sub this:

auto: (is_auto_scroll ? 6 : 0),

with this for example:

auto: (is_auto_scroll ? 10 : 0),

How would you create another instance of the portfolio? So that some portfolio categories appear on one page and other categories appear on another.

I have followed the instructions on your site to get the license certificate but when I go into the downloads there isn’t anything that says license certificate. Has the location of it been changed?

Don’t worry about the above post. I managed to find it.


Is there any option to put in google analytics code?

bytheway, good theme!


Sure, just paste it in either your header.php or footer.php templates depending on where you want it.

I want to thank you so very much for a real support with slider setting on my website. I really appreciate it:) Thanks:)


I imported the dummy data for the theme and that loaded fine, but I can’t figure out how to install the dummy data for the rev slider.

Where do I find the theme html/php to insert this code: <?php putRevSlider("example1"); ?>

My site:

Also, where do I upload the slider .txt files to?


Hi, please read the documentation that comes with the theme, answers to your questions are there! :)

Ok thank you. Sorry, it took me a while to find that as I missed it the first time.

Can you tell me what code I need to use to add an image to tabbed content as seen in this elements page of the demo?

I see the image is a smaller version of the laptop_image1.png, but the code of the dummy data just has “ ” and has no info for the image.


Right, you just need to put your Image URL in, I have removed the absolute path of my image in the demo, cuz I wouldn’t want everyone pointing to my server to get the image… Hope that makes sense. :)