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This is very beautiful and clean template ! I like it so much. I could meet ideal template finally. I thank you sincerely for your efforts !

Thanks, friend, make sure you rate it! :)

OK ! I did it. please make sure I rated it ! :)

Ya, looks like you did, thanks! ;)

Hi:) I may happily say that I have finished creating my website with Terra. Working on the project was a very pleasant experience:) However, I have encountered small problem as I haven’t noticed a place to insert Google Analytics code in admin panel. How may I overcome it? May you help me?


Sure, inserting your code is very easy. You can simply paste that code in either the header.php template file or the footer.php depending on where you ultimately want the code to appear in your HTML. :) Glad to hear you liked the theme, make sure you rate it! Cheers!

Hey! Loving the theme! Almost done building out the site :) Can you tell me how to center the images for Meet the Team profile template when you use 1/2 columns instead of 1/4 columns?


Hi there, sorry for the late reply, was out on vacation. Try this in your custom CSS Theme Options box:

.team_block_content > .pic img {
display: inline;
.team_block_content > .pic {
text-align: center;

Hello, i just buy this template, but inside it look like not your example. Can you help me to do it like in exaple

Sure, What element are you trying to reproduce? :) Did you check the documentation, it explains step by step on how to recreate most elements!

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Hey, are you trying to install a plugin or what, this is hardly related to the theme…?

hello. I want to use the type 1 Portfolio Carousel, but is it possible to use the type 2 in a specific page using a shortcode? How? Beautiful template, congratulations! :)

Hi there,

You could modify your shortcode to maybe take in an extra param and thus switch the portfolio carousel type if you feel comfortable coding … :)

Thanks for the compliments, make sure you rate the theme if you want to share the love! :)

Hello! I have some questions. 1)I want contents to be centered with both white spaces on a page without sidebar. I mean that it’s like ‘margin:auto;’ in CSS. I wonder if I can succeed with short code. so I tried by shortcode, 1/4 column + 1/2 column + 1/4 column. but they don’t show what I want. I hope you know good idea. 2) I am working with child theme of Terra. sometimes, custom CSS can’t reflect the code I wrote to childe theme CSS, for example, to change the wrapper border-top width, I wrote ”#wrapper { border-top: 1px solid rgba(0,208, 228, 0.40); }” on child theme CSS . but they don’t change the width. Js or something else overwrite that? How should I do?


1. What exactly are you trying to achieve, you must leave a blank space in the empty 1/4 column in order for it to show sometimes. 2. There’s some custom CSS taking place for the border top of the wrapper, it’s in the functions.php ;)

Hi, thank you! nice support!! ;)

Hello, I would like to do a Gallery portfolio page, but I can’t find any information on the documentation in order to define all the picture I would like to display on the page, I tried to chose the gallery format page but I really don’t know how to do. Following an example of what kind of layout I want:

Thanks for your support, btw great theme ;).


Hi there, you simply upload several images at once when setting your Featured image, then select the Gallery portfolio item type! :)

Hi, thank you, it works ;)

Make sure you rate the theme if you like it, friend! :)

Hello, I would like to replace each menu-item of main menu with a jpeg image which has two lines by English word and another language word. because I need that to build user-friendly site for me . Is it possible?


You may want to check some plugins that replace menu items with images… I am personally not aware of any but I haven’t looked for one like that… Good luck! :)

Oh! I found a suitable plugin “Menu Image”. It works very well with Terra theme. Thanks for your advice :)

Hey! Love the theme and the great support you provide!

I have my logo centered as the header and the menu below. I found how to center the logo using the left margin option, but how can I center my menu?

I don’t see a left margin option for main menu, just a main navigation top menu. Can you help me get my menu centered?



How do I remove the margin? I copy and pasted exactly what you wrote into the CSS box on the General tab of Theme Options.

menu {

margin-left: 20px; }

just remove the margin-left from the declaration i have mentioned above, or overwrite it in the Theme-Options…

.block_header #menu {
margin-left: 20px !important;

Ok thank you. Your first code didn’t have the .block_header or the !important tag and so nothing was happening when I added it to the CSS. Thanks for the update!

I am not able to see the Slider in Full Screen mode. Please send me the updated RevolutionSlider WP Plugin.


I think it’s the shortcode you wrap it in… try this:

[row_container dark="no" rev_slider_holder="yes"][rev_slider slider_full_width][/row_container]


I am having some troubles with the Revolution slider for my homepage. It seems that whatever slider I pick, the slider on the homepage is 1420×450px (approximately) and stretches the slider images I make.


I have tried changing the dimensions on the slider settings but no change. I have imported your slider settings from the .txt file but it seems like the slider is unresponsive to the dimensions I put in there.

Can you help me figure out what I need to do to get the slider to show my slides properly?


And what exactly is the issue?? Please refer to the documentation of the slider for further questions on customizing it… :)

The issue is that the dimensions I set on the backend of the slider (ie 1140×420) is not what is displayed on the homepage (ie 1425×416).

Your slider is currently responsive, the way I see it on my screen is 1953×570… And the image you have uploaded is simply 1425×416 in its natural size, I can’t seem to quite understand what you expect to happen? :)

Hi there,

I am having an issue with adding social media. When I try it gives me the following error:

Method Not Allowed

The requested method POST is not allowed for the URL /wordpress1/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php. Apache/1.3.27 Server at Port 80 Method Not Allowed

The requested method POST is not allowed for the URL /wordpress1/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php. Apache/1.3.27 Server at Port 80

Any help would be great.

Hi there,

Adding social media where and how? :)

How can I add a own Icon to the Shortcodes that I can call this icon here via this shortcode.

[feat_text title="Sample Title" icon="picture" href="http://www.domain.tld/"]This is a sample Text.[/feat_text]

Hey, you need to further modify your shortcode’s generated HTML in order to add a link to the icon… You could do that in the featured text method in your includes/shortcodes.php

Hi Thank you. But how I must include the link here in the code at the img part?

$content = '<div class="section_featured_texts animationStart"><img src="'.get_template_directory_uri().'/images/icon_big_'.$atts['icon'].'.png" class="icon" /><h3>'.($add_link ? $link : '').$atts['title'].($add_link ? '' : '').'</h3><p>'.do_shortcode($content).'</p></div>';

Can you please help me.

well, wrap an anchor tag (A) around the IMG tag, just like there’s an option to wrap it around the title! ;)

Hey there!

Has the font-awesome script been updated for the latest icons in 3.2 (

I am trying to set them up on this page: and the icons do not show up.

Also, when I try using the Terra themed icons where they are on top of the text, the content does not show up at all and the page is blank.


[row_container dark="no"]

[column width="eight" position="first" ][feat_text title="Personal Lines" icon="hospital" href=""]Featured Text[/feat_text][/column]

[column width="eight" position="last" ][feat_text title="Disability Insurance" icon="ambulance" href=""]Featured Text[/feat_text][/column]


What can I do to get the icons from Font Awesome 3.2 to work for me?


Hi, creating your own icons to use in the Featured Text section is explained in the documentation. :)

Thanks. I thought this theme was set up with Font Awesome. My mistake.

When I have a Page where I use the “Template – Page + Sidebar” and insert there via the following code columns this columns will be full width and not only the contentpart. But I won’t have the columns in the sidebar. How can I fix this?

[row_container dark="no"] [column width="four" position="first" ]Column 1/4 Text[/column] [column width="four" position="" ]Column 1/4 Text[/column] [column width="four" position="" ]Column 1/4 Text[/column] [column width="four" position="last" ]Column 1/4 Text[/column] [/row_container]

Ok how it would be possible that I divide the Contentsection into 4 equal areas?

Would This be ok?

Or is it because of the paddings to much? [row_container dark="no"] [column width="three" position="first" ] Column[/column] [column width="three" position="" ] Column [/column] [column width="three" position="" ] Column[/column] [column width="three" position="last" ]Column[/column] [/row_container]

Yes, this would be ok, if you don’t care for the overlapping of the container row to 100% (it won’t actually be seen). The other way would be to simply remove that extra padding of the sidebar (the width and margin-right in the below):

.blog_list_page .twelve.columns {
width: 690px;
margin-right: 20px;
padding-top: 30px;

And then simply use this:

[column width="three" position="first" ] Column[/column] [column width="three" position="" ] Column [/column] [column width="three" position="" ] Column[/column] [column width="three" position="last" ]Column[/column]


We have use your theme on

Than using sitelock for security. But recently got warning for issue.They tell us to contact developer of theme. Error is ” Cross site scripting vulnerability found in args:,s “

Let me know how to solve this?

Hi again,

Please send me instructions on setting up Sitelock or whatever so I can do some local testing!


You can try local testing on website here.

Hey vishal, send me over whatever you have, I am not planning on purchasing their package. :)

Hi, we use Terra for and we are nearly there! Only two challenges left: • the lense in the search widget is not linked as submit. Can this be changed? • On Home the pics in the category carousel “Karriereangebote” don’t scale to proper size and I can’t find the solution Can you help??

I guess the other one got generated via some cropping… How about you make your logo image sizes uniform with the other images, then simply center the logo, then upload?

fixed it, thanks for your support

Good job! Share the love and rate the theme if you like it! :)

Hi, can this theme be used with Woocommerce?


Not unless you do the templates/css for the plugin yourself… :)

Hi there!

I used the theme options to move my logo 145pt away from the left so it can be centered, but now it is not centered on mobile phones and tablets.

How can I center my logo and keep it centered for all devices?


Thanks so much!!


Hey Kyle,

If using the BLOCK style menu I would simply add this (after removing the margin for the logo) to my stylesheet.css:

.block_header #logo {
text-align: center;

Let me know if that fixes it for you. BTW your / file (no idea what you use it for) overwrites some of your original styles and renders your Responsive menu a bit funny… check it out by resizing your browser, might want to check your other fields… :)

Hey! That worked great. Thank you!! That .css file was from me installing Font Awesome so I could use their icons. It is built on Bootstrap. I removed the Bootstrap line of code though so there shouldn’t be conflict anymore.

Thank you for the heads up!!