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Hi there,

I would love to purchase this theme.

However I am unable to becasue last update is Feb 2019??? Please could you suggest another more updated version for me to purchase.

Thank you

Hi, this is the only available version for now.

Hi! I’m trying to pair down Tersus 08 so it only uses the About, Gallery, and Contact sections. However even though I have deleted the extra areas and moved the desired sections up into place, when I test out the responsiveness of the site, it shifts the sections back down to their original positions leaving large holes/spacing in the webpage. What am I missing?

Thanks in advance for all the help.

You need to edit all breakpoints. Watch this: https://bit.ly/38gWd9F

hi there, i just buy this theme, but inside i do not get pdf instruction .

how to change image background on tersus design 11 ?

Hi instruction can be found in Tersus/~Readme/Documentation/index.html

You can also go to this link: https://bit.ly/2SkPB4d

Hi CJ I’m Riccardo, I bought the beautiful Tersus template, and what I would ask is how I can import a widget (included in the package for the template) that is not included in the template I’m tryng to customize. Thank you, Riccardo

thank you so much! R

Hello again, sorry but I’m trying to change the presentation of template 11 with a video, by the widget I told you before. I pasted the widget, I modified the content, but the video doesn’t appear instead of the presentation. How can I fix it? What did I do wrong?

Hi I’m sorry for the trouble. I have investigated the problem. Once you have pasted, you need to select the widget, right click and choose Clear All Styling from the menu. It should work once you do that.

Hi CJ, i’m Lorenzo and i bought your amazing Template which i like so much. I don’t understand why the sliding home menu overlaps the sections of the website itself..for example when i click on the hambugerg, the sections of the menu overlaps the sections making everything messy and unreadable…could you help me out please?

Thanks in advance for the help

I have reply your email.

Is this template compatible with Muse 2015.2

No. The template is only compatible with version 2018.

I just bought this but no Adobe Muse can be found to download??

From Adobe: https://helpx.adobe.com/muse/kb/adobe-muse-end-of-service.html (Look in Frequently asked questions)

“if you have a current subscription with Creative Cloud all apps, you should be able to locate Muse in the Older Apps section. To access Older Apps section, navigate to Settings in your Creative Cloud desktop application, select Apps, and enable Show Older Apps.”


ronalon Purchased

Hello, Thank you for the beautiful template.

I worked on Tersus 01 but substituted a video background from Tersus 02 (instead of the image background). Now the webpage is very slow to open. could you help please? You can see it here:


thank you very much!

Hi have you fixed the problem? The site opens just fine from my side. In fact I think it’s quite fast which is within seconds.

If the problem persist, clean up your browser’s cached images and files and try to open the site again. Don’t forget to also try opening the site from other computer possibly with different internet connection.


ronalon Purchased

Hello to you and thank you for your response.

The problem is not with Wi-Fi but with cellular service. Most people browse with their phones when they are not in a Wi-Fi environment. I sent it to multiple people to check it out and they all indicated that the site opens really really slowly both in cellular service G4 and G5 And in Wi-Fi.

Can you offer any additional advise please? if the site won’t open quickly, I won’t be able to use it and it would be bad because I put a lot of hours into making it the way it is.

thanks, ron

You may want to consider not using the video widget in smaller breakpoints meant for mobile devices. While yes you can do it, but for mobile devices with limited internet bandwidth it is not recommended.

What you can do is to hide the video widget in smaller breakpoints and change the home content with lighter rectangle filled with an image. In fact I can hardly see any website with autoplay video nowadays. It consumes more processing power and also internet data thus delaying the loading time of website.

You can also optimize all your JPG images better on this site https://www.jpeg.io/. You have to optimize the images after you exported the HTML not before. Look in the images folder and optimize all the JPG files. The optimization is significantly better than what Muse or Photoshop can do in my experience.

If you really want to use the video. The only way to speed up the loading time is to use small size video. So your video need to be compress more and the duration has to be shorter.

Hope this helps.


I tried Installing your font into muse but all of the font files are empty for some reason. Do you know why that might be?

Are you referring to the Font Awesome? If yes make sure you install the older version 4.7.



I just got the (HTML)Tersus Business Portfolio but registered, that I can only work with with Adobe Muse. But that does´nt work anymore. Is there a chance to convert .muse to HTML?

Kind regards Nikolaij

The template can be converted to HTML but it wont be easy to edit and is strongly not recommended. You should only convert it to HTML after you edit the template in Muse.

Read this FAQ to learn how to use Muse after its “end of service”: https://adobe.ly/3e6sCCy

If you still wont be able to use Muse to edit the template, consider submitting a refund request. Please note that refund request is subject to approval.

Regards, CJ

Hi, Does Tersus 11 parallax come with mobile and tablet formats or only desktop? Thanks

Hi. Tersus 11 is a responsive template. Check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ru5_tMxOlq4&t

hello, is there any html version for all design especially DESIGN 11 i want to integrate it in wordpress. thank you

Hi, sorry this template is only available for Muse platform.

Hi…I purchased your website bundle and absolutely love it! The only thing I struggle with is to replace the Tersus logo on top with my logo. And I also can’t edit the menu…what am I doing wrong?

Kind Regards Vickeylee

Hi, you can edit the elements from the Master Page

Thank you sooooo much! Legend!

Hi there,

I’m trying to update to the latest version of this theme but when I upload I’m getting errors that the stylesheet is missing. I’ve looked at the documentation, unzipped the theme download but can’t find the file you talk about (tersus-wordpress/tersus) or any other theme folder with style.css in it’s root.

Can you please let me know what I need to do?

Thanks, Emma

This is not a WordPress theme as stated in the item requirements section.

Thank you for the template Tersus. It’s amazing. Now that I have developed a site in the 1400 break point, I am trying to do trhe other versions. If I select 1200 breakpoint for example on the master page and reformat the menu and top centered text to make it look right it seems to break the formatting on the larger 1400px breakpoint as well. Are these breakpoints all tied together? What direction can you give me as I need to deploy a mobile and tablet version of this site as soon as humanly possible. The production version is running but that is only working for large widescreen 2k/3k/4k displays. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME!

By the way, the comment above is for Tersus 08 template.

Hi, thank you for the purchase.

This is a responsive template and all breakpoints are tied together. You can watch this short video about how to work with Muse responsive template. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ru5_tMxOlq4

If you want the website to look good in all devices, you have to make sure that all breakpoints are edited nicely and accordingly. The template gives you a starting point so that you don’t have to rearrange every elements in every breakpoint. However during the editing process be aware of how changes of an object in one breakpoint can affect the same object in other breakpoint.

When you select a text frame, you can choose the text formatting to affect across breakpoint or only in current breakpoint. See images: https://bit.ly/2MO3U0Y , https://bit.ly/2K7G1Rd

Hope this helps.


Thank you!

Hi I have just purchase this product and relised their is no program to host is as there is no more Muse. Can someone please help me or can i get a refund?

There are some freelancers still providing Adobe Muse related service in UpWork. If you want a refund go to this link: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202821460-Can-I-Get-A-Refund-

Hi There,

I hope this finds you well.

When I “Preview Site in Browser” all of the scroll effects are lost and the pages are static – please help?

Thanks in advance!

Hi make sure the HTML Inserter widget in is there. You can find it inside the Master Page on top left hand side corner. https://bit.ly/3qKex3x

If that doesn’t help. Please send the file to soulmemoria@gmail.com via We Transfer for inspection.


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