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Not sure why this doesn’t have sales it’s beautiful!! :D Good look with sales! :D

Thank you very much, Ben

very nice theme

Nice first submission! Good luck with sales!

wow, Nice work :D Good Luck with sales ! (Y)

Thank you, sir. :)

Inkreatheme, your beautiful theme makes me want to blog again..


glad to know that… thank you :)

Hi, I bought this theme but I am having trouble installing it. Wordpress says: The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

What do you think is the trouble?


Hi Shellyann, it’s not a Wordpress theme. It’s a tumblr themes. I sell this theme under blogging > tumblr category.


Thanks for responding Inkreatheme. Do you have any wordpress theme with this design though? Perhaps I could do an exchange…

Hi Shellyann, unfortunately no, we only have this tumblr for now, and not planning to code WordPress at this moment. sorry. i’m not sure about the exchange though, perhaps you could contact envato support about this.

This is a beautiful theme, the only thing that bothers me is that the social media images at the top are not working, not even in the live preview. Was wondering if I could get some help with that? Thanks!

I put in all my info, the problem is that none of the images for the theme are showing, not even the ones on the side of each post. All the images are broken, but the links work. Without the images, there are just circles all over the theme, which take away from its beauty. Was wondering what could be done to fix it? I would like the images to show, just as they do in the screenshots. Thank you. :)

oke verelux, just makesure the bugs, can i get your tumblr url to fix it? :)

Yes, thank you very much! My tumblr url is

It’s Perfect!