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Nice template, GLWS :)

Thanks :)

great job, glws :)

Thank you very much :)

Thank you so much :)

Good job, good luck with sales :)

Thank you so much :)


In your documentation you say “Tetra is a HTML template so there’s no really “installation” required ”. That being the case what do you recommend the best way to edit the files? I was expecting to do this in wordpress, but must have misread something.

Please let me know what tool you would recommend and I’ll give it a try.


Actually I think I might have found where to make changes. I scrolled further down in your documentation :o)

Hi, as100030, thanks for purchasing my template. To edit the index.html file you can use any text editor (I use notepad++). Thanks


This might be a basic question, but I’m new to Themeforest and landing page templates. Can this template be used in conjunction with a theme I already have installed? (I’m using the GeneratePress theme.) So could I just make this landing page the home page and then use the GeneratePress theme for the about/blog/contact pages?

Thank you!

Excuse me I don’t quite get what do you mean. You want to delete navigation menu. If you will delete the navigation menu the template still will work correcly. THanks

Sorry for not being clear enough––I need to rephrase. If I left the navigation menu up, where would the links (about/blog/contact) point to? Since the template can’t be used with any theme, do the links just lead nowhere, or can you hyperlink them to WP pages?

Sure you can delete all hyperlink if you need and also can change the links from this landing page to others pages WP or HTML. You just need replace the local links like #about on global hyperlinks like http://www.your address

Hi, I would like to know if would be possible to install the visual composer plugin and edit the composition of your the with it. I’m interested in a landing page with a very flexible composition options.

Hi, luciavallejo, unfortunately, Tetra is a simple HTML landing page, not a WordPress theme and I think you can’t use the visual composer plugin with HTML template. Thanks


I am just about to buy this theme and I do need installation support, I note that this is not provided under the support, how then do I proceed?

Regards. Brian

Hi, ksing,Tetra is a simple HTML landing page, not a WordPress theme, so there’s no really “installation” required just unzip the main file you’ve downloaded from themeforest and after unziping you have your all template ready to be used. Thanks

How I can add Captcha in subscribe form? In Tetra theme.


Hi, salesians, thanks for purchasing my template.Unfortunately, the subscribe form included in the zip doesn’t have that option. Thanks


Thanks so much for creating this template. I love it and everything works except for the mail function from the form. I have PHP installed and verified that it works on my server. When I fill out the form at the top, it returns “Mail not sent.” I’m not sure why it doesn’t work. There doesn’t seem to be any reason in the javascript either. Any advice?

Hi, 06dixon, thanks for purchasing my template. Can I have a link to see? Thanks

I love this theme—can you tell me please does the links to the photos used come with the theme ?

Hi, Internet-Initiatives, thanks for your interest. Tetra is a simple HTML landing page, not a WordPress theme. Unfortunately, downloaded zip file doesn’t include no images from demo. Thanks

Hi I bought the license and I wanted to install it on a wordpress platform but I tried to no avail. Is this not for this purpose or how should I proceed with this zip file? Please advise thank you.

Hi, twsomusic, you’ve bought the HTML version of the template and can’t use it as WP theme. You can buy WP version here https://themeforest.net/item/tetra-multipurpose-landing-page-wordpress-theme/18241830?s_rank=1 . THanks

Hi is it possible to get refund for the HTML version to buy the wordpress theme instead? Many thanks

Hi, twsomusic, unfortunately it’s inpossible because the WP version created another author. Thanks

Well done! Good job!