Discussion on Textron - Industrial WordPress Theme + WooCommerce Shop

Discussion on Textron - Industrial WordPress Theme + WooCommerce Shop

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is there documentation for adding project / portfolio?

Hi, sure, there is documentation here https://enovathemes.com/textron/manual.pdf. And it is as easy as adding regular posts


huykhtn Purchased

How to import product and manage product in this theme. I import but get error: Failed to import product…. Now I testing in localhost. now real server

Gmt what , I am +4


huykhtn Purchased

Yup, I am +7, I ‘m available from 8:00 AM your local time. We can do at that time


jaseena Purchased

We are facing difficulty installing the theme.

The theme installation is incomplete whenever we try to import. We have tried several times but was unsuccessful. Need support from you the sooner possible. please let us know what you need to resolve this


Hi please send the link with logins to enovathemes@gmail.com will help

Hi, we encountered a problem with the display of the navigation bar of one of our sites: wecair.eco

Sometimes it seems to disappear; then entering the administrative area of wordpress it seems that everything goes back to normal.

Is this a known issue? we are unable to give you other technical details mainly because at this moment the site is working correctly, but maybe you from the support team have some more info

Thanks so much! 2+ Consulting

Hi, do u use caching, if so, make separate mobile and desktop cache


I have just purchased your theme as I have taken over management of a website that was built with your theme. I am getting a critical error when I upgrade from PHP 7.4 to PHP 8.0/8.1. I have found that your “Enovathemes add-ons” plugin is causing the critical error because when this plugin is deactivated there is no critical error. I am assuming this means the “Enovathemes add-ons” is not compatible with PHP 8.0 / 8.1. Can you please advise on how to fix this?

Many thanks, Adam Zahler

With 8 version we don’t have issues, but 8.1 is not yet ready by WordPress itself

Thanks for replying, however I still have the same issue with PHP 8.0. If I deactivate the “Enovathemes add-ons” plugin the the site works with php 8.0

Hi, please send the link with logins to enovathemes@gmail.com will help

after install themes and plugins i received this error :

There has been a critical error on this website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions.

after deactivate Enovathemes add-ons plugin issue solved

I don’t see it, please send it again

Three times, we responded to and forwarded the message. However, we are getting a suitable response from your end. You’re having fun on your vacation. Try to find a solution. Otherwise, give the money back.

Hi, i got your email only 3 hour ago, i am already working, so please keep yourself within the bounds of business decency

Hi, will the theme work with Wordpress 6.1.1 if I upgrade. Many thanks

Sure will


teopro Purchased

SVG not showing

Please help with a solution. I’ve read other’s comments about SVG not being displayed, and checked that php_value allow_url_fopen is On. Still the SVG are not displayed and for each SVG item I get 3 error lines like the ones below: file_get_contents(): SSL operation failed with code 1. OpenSSL Error messages:\nerror:14090086:SSL routines:ssl3_get_server_certificate:certificate verify failed in .../plugins/enovathemes-addons/shortcodes/shortcodes.php on line... file_get_contents(): Failed to enable crypto in .../plugins/enovathemes-addons/shortcodes/shortcodes.php on line... file_get_contents(.../themes/textron/images/icons/social/twitter.svg): failed to open stream: operation failed in .../plugins/enovathemes-addons/shortcodes/shortcodes.php on line... Thank you.

Hi, show this message to your host provider, you have issue with SSL


teopro Purchased

I will, thank you


I have a problem, with Yoast Plugin, it does not load in page (back-office) I have this javascript error in back-office page :

et-mobile-tab.js:8Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid regular expression: /([\/\,\!\\\^\$\{\}\[\]\(\)\.\\+\?\|\<\dir-child\-\&])/: Range out of order in character class

Could you help me ?

Thanks. My best. Matt

Hi, send the link with logins to enovathemes@gmail.com will help

Hello, I have been trying to use the function Dashboard >> Appearance >> Theme Settings (Textron Child) >> CSS for responsive but it doesn’t seem to be working.

Can you please connect with me to take a look at the site and let me know?

Thank you – Carrie

Hi,chat exact styles do you want to use for responsive? Send email to enovathemes@gmail.com

hola la plantilla no me permite guardar ningun tipo de cambio me indica el error 403 access to this resource on the server is denied

Hi, you should check if your Oscar user on server has correct rights


I bought the theme this morning but I just can’t get used to it and really doesn’t fit my project at all. I got 505 errors while trying to upload it, I have to reset all wordpress to get it to work, it’s very hard to customise for me, too many menus, and I just can’t use it. I erased some of the menus that I don’t need and it stopped working and had to reupload everything.

I would like a refund, please.

Hi, would you like first to get help? I can configure and setup everything, just send the link with the logins to enovathemes@gmail.com

I’m sorry but I really don’t. I just need an easy to customise myself theme, for a 5 pages website. This just ain’t it. This is my 5th theme I am buying from themeforest and the hardest to work with. Thank you!

Ok, no problem, just open refund request

Hi There, is there a possibility to have a look at the backend before purchase? Best Andreas

Hi, unfortunatly no, but you purvhase for sure, if it does not fit your project, we will refund at 100%


Can’t load the site after demo import process completed. On local and even on server side.


Checking, seen your prev message


I built a one page website, and I have a problem on mobile version. In the menu, when I click on a item, I can’t see the content because menu doesn’t disappear when it’s clicked.

Is there a way to correct this behaviour ?

Thanks. My best, Mathieu

Hi, i think i can make a modification to hide the mobile menu on click, please send the link with the logins to enovathemes@gmail.com, will help


jav9508 Purchased

Hi Please not we have tried to change the header for Woocomerce shop post page but it simply doesn’t change! Please let uks now what to do to correct this issue

Hi, make sure you change it from theme options / shop


Can’t see pages after importing demo and following your instructions.

Do you have a new updated version or there is something else to do to launch the pages ?


Hi, could you send the link with admin to enovathemes@gmail.com



Dear Mr/Mrs I’m having issues since yesterday with WordPress. I installed WPML plugin in my site but it doesn’t work correctly.In English version the site is Ok but at the Albanian version at the homepage, the slider revolution and footer are missing and also the header and the footer are missing at all the other translated pages.

Hi please send the link with admin access to enovathemes@gmail.com, will inspect


teopro Purchased

Hi guys,

Very nice theme, i like it. I’m trying to embed a self hosted video into a PopUp Banner but no success. Trued both Video and Video Player elements. I also have tried with a youtube but also failed. Can you please give a hint? Thank you very much.

Hi please send the link with admin access to enovathemes@gmail.com, will help


jav9508 Purchased

Hello please note we recently are having visualization issues with your textron them installed in our website (it was installed about almos 3 months ago). Please note that many dots are presented in the headers and footers, also you will note many clickable item on those items simply don’t work and are a randomly disorganized. Please check following images for your record: http://solindustriales.com/wp-content/uploads/textron_footer_dots_error_130622.jpg http://solindustriales.com/wp-content/uploads/textron_megamenu_dots_error_130622.jpg http://solindustriales.com/wp-content/uploads/textron_shop_menu_error_130622.jpg Also you can check our online website http://solindustriales.com and you shall see there is a lot of errors. Please note that 3 month ago when initially installed it worked fine, but about 15-20 days ago it started to fail (We think probably it is related that recently Wordpress was updated to 6.0 version) please help us asap to solve this issue as we need to end as soon as possible our website

Hi, WordPress 6 bug, just go to menus from appearance and add a random item, save menu, remove that item and all be be in place


jav9508 Purchased

Hello please note that we have been trying to change the header for shop page, but whichever header configured in settings section of shop page, it simply don’t get updated! We have also flushed cache from our website, but still remains the same. Please indicate us how to change header, footer and title section for shop page.

Hi, let me inspect, please send the link with the logins to enovathemes@gmail.com


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