Discussion on Textual - A Text-Centric WordPress Blog Theme

Discussion on Textual - A Text-Centric WordPress Blog Theme

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This theme still works great in 2022. Very easy to customize! 10/10

Hi there!

Thanks for letting us know. We’ll push an update to fix it soon.

It might need a day to have it approved by the review team at ThemeForest.

Until then, from the admin dashboard, you can go to ‘Appearance’ > ‘Theme File Editor’ and select the file called ‘default.php’ inside the ‘framework’ folder.

Replace the line 223

case '' :
case 'comment' :

This should temporarily solve the issue :)

Cool, that fixed it! You’re the best!

I just wanted to let you know that the latest update has been approved by the review team and this should resolve the comment display for good while providing a couple of other enhancements ;)

If you’re happy with your purchase, it would mean a lot to us if you could take a minute to leave an honest review of our theme at https://themeforest.net/downloads

Wordpress says download failed for the meanthemes tools plugin. How can I install this?

Thanks for pointing that out! We’ve indeed noticed an SSL error. The issue is now fixed and you should be able to install the plugin properly. Alternatively, you can download it directly from https://update.meanthemes.com/plugin-updates/meanthemes-tools/meanthemes-tools-latest.zip

does this theme still work with latest Wordpress ? demo broke hesitant to buy if not compatible

MeanTheme Tools does not install when I attempt to do so. It says the available version is 2.1.1, but the following error message is given after trying to install it: Download failed. A valid URL was not provided. I’ve found references to a newer version after Google searching. What gives?

good afternoon, is this theme supported?

hello…. I found that “YouTube video” was not inserted in the editor. this : youtu.be/0WOGTZNyD-c This video is not embeded

Hi there,

Unfortunately, we can’t provide custom support in the comments.

If you need help embedding videos, please use our support system at https://www.meanthemes.com/support/ or click the “Support” tab of the ThemeForest item.

Thanks for your understanding :)

hello~~ i have question… http://udogkr.cafe24.com/ look this url. this is my site. look sidebar… The font size of some widgets is small. How can I increase the size of letters like other widgets?

Hi there,

Unfortunately, we can’t provide custom support in the comments. Please use our support system at https://www.meanthemes.com/support/

Thanks for your understanding :)

ok thanks

hello. i have question. How do I set up “last tweet widget, facebook widget and instagram widget” on the demo site?

Hi there,

The demo is currently using these two widgets: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-instagram-widget/ https://wordpress.org/plugins/latest-tweets-widget/

If you need further assistance, simply create a support ticket at https://www.meanthemes.com/support/ ;)

Regards, Joachim from MeanThemes

ok…and facebook widget???

Sorry, I missed the FB one… We are directly using page plugin (https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/page-plugin/) but you can probably use a WP widget as well (https://wordpress.org/plugins/search/facebook+page/).


Hello, is it possible to change the effect ‘Srikethrough”? If so, is it configurable?

Hi there,

Yes, you can edit this behaviour from Appearance > Customize > Font > “Put a line through on link hover” ;)


Joachim from MeanThemes

For those who do not want the idiotic branding in the footer, go to textual/framework/default.php and remove this:

/* #######################################################################

Add Version and Theme Name and link
  1. /
if ( !function_exists('meanthemes_footer_admin') ) {
function meanthemes_footer_admin ()
  $random_statement = array (
    'Don\'t forget to sign up to the MeanThemes Newsletter →',
$random = (count($random_statement)/1);
$nmbr = (rand(0,($random-1)));
$nmbr = $nmbr1;
$footer_text = $random_statement[$nmbr];
$nmbr = $nmbr+1;
echo balanceTags( $footer_text );
} //END function meanthemes_footer_admin ()
add_filter('admin_footer_text', 'meanthemes_footer_admin');
} //END if ( !function_exists('meanthemes_footer_admin') )

Then it’s gone.

For those who wants to have the toggle closed by default, add this to the shortcode: state=”closed”.

Then you don’t have to raise a ticket and wait for several days for a response on something so trivial. It should be included but it is not.

Anyway. Now you know.

Hello, how do you determine whether a toggle is open or closed? Like here: http://textual.mtdemo.meanthemes.com/textual-shortcodes/ Can´t find an option in shortcode. Thank you Lutz

Thanks for your query. You can create a ticket at meanthemes.com/support and our support staff will be able to assist you. Thanks.

will this also work on wp 4.8?

Yes. It will. If you face any issues with the theme once you purchase, you can create a Support ticket at meanthemes.ticksy.com

Thanks MeanThemes Support Team

Hi there, i wanna add featured image but i dont understand how ? Pls help me

Sorry, but you need to have a valid purchase code for support entitlement as per ThemeForest and Envato rules, I suggest getting in contact with your man for the purchase code.

My friend i just asked you how will enable fetured image

I know what you asked, but at the moment you have a copy of a theme without any purchase code. If I cannot validate purchase then I cannot offer support. If you need any further assistance about obtaining your purchase code please contact https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

How can I disable comments on a certain page?

http://www.wpbeginner.com/plugins/how-to-turn-off-or-disable-comments-in-wordpress-pages/ If you need anything else please contact our dedicated support center. We leave these comments for pre sales questions and not support https://meanthemes.ticksy.com

Can you add an image for each post?

Please make sure you read the provided documentation. If you need further help please contact us via our support center https://meanthemes.ticksy.com

I couldn’t find the instagram plugin that’s why I was asking

Since updating my website doesnt work with this theme? any idea why?

Hi, have a problem. goo.gl/hi91y1 (ogulcangulcemal.com) <my blog pls look default.php problem and I saw the same error in another textual theme. (retrieval.it)

wordpress 4.6 problem for this theme

This was solved 3 days ago, please re-download from your Downloads tab and re-upload to your webserver and the issue will be fixed.

I’m using a FB plugin and have comments turned off, thus under the title I’d like to remove “Comments Off on” since it doesn’t apply… How might i do this?

I’d also like to half the total size taken up by the header, on mobile it’s just too much dead space, how can I do this?

For after sales support please use our dedicated support center https://meanthemes.ticksy.com/


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