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This author has no plan to update or introduce new features. So his product life cycle ends soon. Sale is no more.

That’s very kind of you!

How do you set the blog post index page?


You can set the blog post index page under the Reading Settings: http://cl.ly/VVv6

ooh, I was kind of hoping you could have an internal page with excerpts

The theme has only one blog page layout.

?Hi I was hoping to get the exact install of the demo and not have to configure myself, but that seems to not have worked?? ? ?Can you advise.

I have submitted a ticket ? ?Azzam

This has been handled in your ticket ;)

Do you have html version of the this theme? I want to purchase html as i am not good with wp. thanks

Sorry, an HTML version is not available.

When I use the visual composer in the theme does not allow me to do Parallax. What is the solution?.

Yes, Install it separately.

Unfortunately, I am unable to support third party plugins introduced to the theme. Have you checked with the VC author?

No, but thank you very much.

Hello, I am a happy user of your theme. Personally LOVE it. There is a small issue that I was hoping you could help me with. I’m trying to use the plugin Smart Sidebar http://codecanyon.net/item/smart-sidebars-slider/7864196. Unfortunately the plugin only works on Firefox. I spoke to the author of the Plugin, and he suspects it is the theme. Below is the comment from the Plugin author. Please take a look and see if you can help me. The site is Floard.com

“I have no idea why it is not working in Chrome for you. I inspected the DOM of the page, and sidebars are there, all elements included, everything loaded, styled, but it is no visible. It has very high z-index and no other element should have higher z-index from what I can see from page CSS.

Can you consult theme author about this? Theme uses some elements that might be behaving strange with positioning (and it looks that way, considering it is working in Firefox), so it could be causing problem. If theme author can point out what is the problem, I can make a change and improve my plugin to avoid such problems. Sidebars are added at the bottom of the HTML.


Hi Milan,

As you know, we cannot assist you with third party plugin integration.

However, please submit a support ticket with details of the issue you are having and I will have a quick look into it for you – just in case it is a simple matter ;)

In the newest version of WP, the editor doesn’t show p.small on the bottom anymore, you can only see the classes in the ‘Formats’ dropdown. There are now 2 format dropdowns. Any chance that the theme will be updated to better integrate with the new version of WP?

Definitely…. updates on their way!

If I wanted to add a pre-header bar at the top (above the navbar) to contain some social media links, what would be the easiest way to do that with your theme?

Hi, there is no easy/difficult way unfortunately… it is a matter of custom coding it into the theme.

How can I get rid of that white strip at the footer of all of the pages?

white strip? Could you please submit a ticket with a link to your site so I can have a look.

The icons are no longer showing on my website. How can I fix this? Thanks.

Please submit a support ticket so I can see what went wrong with your setup.

Ticket already submitted. Thanks.

Is there a page layout that allows you to have a sub-menu from the main header menu in a sidebar

There is no such option but you can create your side menu using a sidebar widget.


Can I add an icon next to a page option in the header menu? For instance I’d like to add a pink ribbon next to philanthropy

is there a way to add it in the custom css?

Hello, you can add the icons in the menu page title – for example:

<i class="icon icon-clock "> </i> ABOUT US

That worked. Thank you very much!

Will be the theme updated to Wordpress latest version?

We have not experienced any issues with WP4 and Tfingi theme, have you?

Obviously I won´t update wordpress on a site, where the theme is installed, until you confirm it it is safe. I don´t want to have problems and don´t want to restore everything, if it will crash.

where exactly is the documentation?

It is in the files zip you download from Themeforest – you should find a folder labelled “Documentations”.

Hello — I am setting up the static slider on my home page and it is not working as it should. First off, it only appears that the responsive header works when “100% of header width” is selected – is this correct? I select this option, and then uploaded my image — however, there is a large gap of dead space above the slider. When the browser is resized, the gap even gets larger above the image? Please advise. The website is daniellehendrickson.com

Hello, Could you please submit a support ticket with your WP details so we can have a look at it and assist you.

The page editor no longer seems to display .subheader class in the dropdown. Is this a known issue? I’m using Tfingi 1.8.

Please submit a support ticket and we’ll assist you!

Are you no longer selling this there? I was interested in purchasing and wondering about the deom xml, is it included inside the purchase?

Yes, the demo xml is provided.

Hi, I love typography in this theme, but the theme is not updated now? Last update 6 august 2013?


Hello, we have not added any new features to the theme since… but it is in a full working condition.



Will you update theme for newest wp 4.1? I want new wordpress ))

Hello, we are working on this!

When I try to print any pages created using my Tfingi theme on Chrome/mac – they come out blank – both the print preview and PDF version. Why is this?

Please submit a support ticket so we have a look at this for you.