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This theme is literally perfect… EXCEPT no portfolio! I’m looking forward to seeing this implemented, and soon! :)

we’re on the case!

Cool! One other question – is it possible to have the “arrow” symbol from the submenu dropdowns fade in simultaneously with the container? Right now you get a peek at the whole arrow before it becomes just a carat…

That’s a good point – please drop us a ticket about it!

Tfingi has been updated to Version 1.1 to fix issue with empty paragraphs, Shortcode composer bug and now it has support for multi-language!

Don’t forget to be awesome everyday!

This template looks awesome! Any chance you are going to release a HTML / CSS (non-wodrpress) version of this ?

Maybe in few weeks!

Awesome, I will keep my eye out for it !

Does the theme come with PSD files?

It is all built with CSS, there is no graphics.

If you need a psd for prototyping purpose, please drop us a ticket and we will assist.

This theme looks Awesome, I would get it if you implement the portfolio and add a full width post page with capability to stack images and put full width sections like in your home page… Then I’ll shut up and you can take my money :bigwink:

Very soon!

You can already have full width “out of the box” sections including on Post pages. Portfolio on its way!

WOW, this looks Amazing (AND a Fresh NEW Style! GRT WORK (anyway to see a bit about the backend/how we use, says ‘custom built composer’...?) LUV Looks Of!!


Can i play custom images ( background images ) to section instead of plan colors and patterns ?


On its way!

Theme updated with this option – awaiting approval for release!

This feature is now released as part of Tfingi version 1.2!

Keep getting permission errors when trying to change the options.css permissions to 777 -

Command: SITE CHMOD 777 options.css Response: 550 Could not change perms on options.css: Permission denied

I’m using filezilla and hosting on a hostgator linux server that hosts about 10 other WordPress sites.

Have you tried to change the permissions via cPanel file manager? If not you could try setting the permissions to 755.


One thing that concerns us, regarding the contact form is there a contact form maker or some kind?

Is captcha implemented/supported?

The contact form comes as is, you simply drop it using shortcode. Captcha is currently not implemented with this form.

Would you be willing to provide support on how to copy over the css designs over to contact form 7?

We haven’t tested it with CF7 but obviously willing to assist with styling when needed :)

How can we get the beta version of this theme to test out the WooCommerce integration?

Sorry for the misunderstanding Naspos, I said ..we have not tested it though! If you’re not in a rush, we can give it a try and confirm…

Is it possible for us to try it and get it done? We sort of need this asap.

Naspos, could you please drop us a ticket!

What do you think about adding the shortcode composer in the text editor as well? I like it in the visual editor but I feel like I have more control in the text editor.

Added to our roadmap :)

Excellent Thank You


First off, gorgeous work!

Secondly, what font is used in the live demo?

Thank you! The font used is Open Sans

guys, can I get the mockup data you’ve used for the demo to import on my site initially? thanks a lot!

Hi Mancuso5, please check the FAQs on the Support tab above.

Layer slider 2d and 3d not works on demo page :(

Updating shortly… And a new release in its way with more options!

Beautiful work. I’m trying to change the color of the header but no matter which hexidecimal value I input, the color doesn’t change when I refresh the page. It only works when I select another color theme. Any thoughts?

Nope, just downloaded the theme, installed and tried to change the primary color. I’m using Safari, can this be browser-related?

Replied to your ticket, Bruno!

Yep, excellent support + great theme = FIVE STAR review. Thanks.

Wow good work, buying this one for sure.

Thank you!

Does your theme come with a PSD?

The theme is designed in the browser with no Photoshop graphics. However we have generated a PSD for prototyping purpose. Drop us a ticket for more details.

Hi, this theme looks really awesome… just a couple of questions… - If I purchase now, am I entitled to the updates that roll out later? - The 2D, 3D sliders on the live preview seem to be a bit slow… is there something wrong with my browser? (I’m on Chrome) - How far back on IE is supported?


Yes, you’ll get all updates as they roll out – sign up for updates notification. Layer slider is being adjusted!

Hey, I checked out the fix, you work fast! Awesome! One more question.. you don’t seem to have an open/close box or accordion in your shortcode list… would I have to find a separate plugin for that? If I do, would it clash with your other shortcodes? (like [buttons.. ])

Hello, it is hard to tell really… but I doubt it would create any issue! IF it does, drop us a ticket and we’ll assist!

Sorry, I found the supported browser list. hehe IE8. Got it.

This theme is also available in html / css (no wordpress)?

Hi Crovace, unfortunately it is not available in HTML/CSS at this stage.