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On the home page the LayerSlider 2D does not seem to be loading, can you check? Awesome theme by the way.

Hi Mitch, the main homepage of the demo site has a static header. or did you mean on http://www.tfingi.com/features-layer-slider-2d/?

yep, seems to be working fine now. just purchased and busy installing your awesome theme.

Thanks Mitch, shout if you need a hand!

I also bought the theme and I had some problems with the static header, I uploaded a foto and it did not work although I followed the guidelines in the documentation :

Step 8. Navigate to /public_html/wp-content/themes/tfingi/css/ Step 9: Change the permissions of options.css to 777

I noticed that every time you use Appearance – Theme Options – Home Page Slider – Static header settings and you save your input, the file options.css changes permission and you need to set it back to 666 (777 is voor executable and not needed imho).

For the rest, I can confirm that it is easy to reproduce the demo site, all the input is given. It is my first wordpress site :-)

@mitchwood: maybe it relates to your problem

Just replied to your ticket!

Any idea when the portfolio section will be added? Thanks!


could you please expand your demo content with images in the post. As well, how does the wp125 Plugin perform in the sidebar. Thanks. Roby

It’s not about assistents. Before I buy the theme, I would like to see how it looks with those features.

I will get back to you about these!

Hello, I have just tested WP125 on the theme and it performed just right as far as I can see – See screenshot – Please let me know if you need any further info.

Can I use custom icons in the pomobox shortcode?

Hi Mitch, you can use any of the 270+ icons available in the theme but not custom ones.

Gorgeous theme! Is there a portfolio / gallery function?

It is being worked on and should be ready in a week time hopefully!

We’d really appreciate your input into what features you’d like to see in the portfolio section please?

Can you add links to the logo’s on the About-page? Link them to standalone-pages?

Great theme by the way.

Of course you can :)

Hi there,

I’d like to disable the options panel and make my own CSS. How can I do this? The files seem to be quite different than any other I’ve worked with.

Thank you.

Hello, you can add your own CSS in Theme Options > Adcanced Setting > Custom CSS. The files conform to WP codex and ThemeForest guidelines, could you please elaborate?

I would like the opportunity to be able to easily edit the CSS wihout having to add it in a box that overrides the main CSS.

Hello Gedyrivera, could you please open a ticket for this or send us an email for the solution.


From time to time the theme is slow to load, seems to be in relation to accessing themes.googleusercontent.com. Is their anyway of improving this?



Hi Mitch, could you please drop us a ticket with your site URL to check it out. Thanks!

Just a quick update: Tfingi v1.3 is out!

Ooops... we’ve got a ONE STAR rating :confused:

Can we assist with anything?

We work hard to ensure everybody’s getting value for their money – Please drop us a ticket to rectify any issue you might have!

First of all, just wanted to say thanks for keeping your audience informed as you guys develop this theme. You asked for some feedback on the portfolio section, so here’s my two cents:

I would love for the portfolio section to have the following:

- Dynamic category filtration (something like this: http://demo.mattiaviviani.com/inbox/portfolio/themes/)

- A hover state over the portfolio thumbnail stating the title, and maybe the category or tags belonging to the post.

- A detail page that is not just a lightbox. I would love to have a dedicated landing page for a portfolio item with some custom fields like “Date”, “Company”, “Responsibilities”, “Medium”, etc… or as a bonus let us make our own! Also would be nice if the page supported multiple images, either inline with the description or as a gallery of some sort.

Thanks for all your hard work!

Much appreciated – thank you!

Come on guys, it’s your opportunity to be demanding :) – Hope to hear from you all soon.

Hey great theme! Sorry if this has been answered any update on the portfolio / Gallery? Thats the only thing holding me back from a purchase. I’d be happy with a 3 column gallery / showcase. Anyone else wants something else they can wait… hahaha :P

Hello cloud9, yes we are working on it at the moment and we are interested in our users’ input as to what they need or would like to see in the portfolio.

It’s your opportunity to be demanding now :)

Go for it & stay tuned!

Fantastic, is there an ETA? Haha i know the work and effort that goes into a theme of this calibre. There will be no demanding from me, perhaps simple request. I’d love a 3 column showcase, obvious stuff like sortable categories, perhaps a roll over effect. For me less is more. :) nice work again.

Don’t hold it against us… but we are hoping within a week – 10 days :)

Hi, Really like your theme. I’m working on a website that will use mainly tables. Does your theme offer html table shortcodes and different types of tables?

Thanks, Idan

Hi Idan,

The theme does not offer tables as a shortcode but if you insert a normal table in the page, it will be styled just like this screenshot.

<table class="twelve">
      <th>Table Header</th>
      <th>Table Header</th>
      <th>Table Header</th>
      <th>Table Header</th>
      <td>This is longer content</td>
      <td>This is longer content</td>
      <td>This is longer content</td>
      <td>This is longer content</td>


We’ve just come across a tiny error in our documentation – shipped with Tfingi v1.3 – about creating the Mega Menu. Please drop us a line if you are having an issue with it.

Thanks SJ for spotting this :)

Hi. Very interesting looking theme!

A quick response on the portfolio feature request:

1. For me it’s really important to be able to choose easily between:

- linking to an individual, detailed portfolio item - an external url - or both! (without having to alter theme code)

My point (and there are many others) is, sometimes you want to explain/show more, sometimes you just want to send the viewer to another site.

2. The ability to easily change the thumbnail aspect ratios of portfolio index pages. Sometimes I want to display (usually on separate sites or at least separate pages) portfolios of video at 16×9, sometimes images at 4×3, or sometimes square is ideal.

Hope this helps your developing and look forward to using the theme.

Could be fun, though I think that’s what circles tend to convey – more fun, less serious. The square/oblong grid structure tends to feel more weighty. Circles feel as though they belong more in icon world.


I like a curved edge on a rectangle though! That could suit your theme.

Thank you!

It would be interesting to hear what input other users might have too.

Hi guys when will the portfolio be ready? I’m keen to buy this theme but need that functionality. cheers

Don’t hold it against us… but we are hoping within a week/10 days maximum!

We’d love to know your Portfolio requirements and the kind of features/options you’d like to see.

Stay tuned to be notified once the portfolio section is out.

Hi there!

1. I’m wondering if its possible to see the documentations / video walkthrough before purchase so I can figure out if it can do what I have in my head?

2. Would it be possible to have a custom post style.. for example, I am intending to have pages, blog posts (aka news on my company), as well as an additional type of posts just to talk about the projects that my company launches every month?

3. Can videos be placed in the slider?

Awesome theme so far! :)

Of course you can see documentation!

Please drop us a ticket for custom posts and further details.

where can i get the documentations?

Via our Support board or go to the author page and drop us an email.

Is there a way to easily adjust the font size of menus? Currently my main header menu is going down to two rows, when I’d really like to contain it to one.

Sure there is way!

Navigate to Appearance > Theme options >Advanced settings > Custom CSS and insert:

.nav-bar > li > a:first-child {
    font-size: 14px;

Thanks so much, that was fast.

You’re welcome! It’s even faster via our Support Board :)

When messing with the top menu, how can I adjust the spacing between the elements. I’d like to decrease the space between the logo and the menu items, as well as the spacing between the menu items themselves.


To decrease the spacing between the logo and the menu:

Navigate to Appearance > Theme options >Advanced settings > Custom CSS and insert your spacing as follows:

.site-menu-bar .site-identity a {
    margin-right: 50px;

As for the spacing between the menu items, I wouldn’t really recommend it as you will also have to tweak the little drop-down arrows. But if you really want to do that, please drop us a ticket for detailed instructions.